Various ‎– The 60 Greatest Old Time Radio Shows Of The 20th Century Selected By Walter Cronkite

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1-A1 Audio Foreword 1999
Performer – Walter CronkiteWritten-By – Walter Cronkite
1-A2 The Mercury Theater On The Air 10-30-38: "War Of The Worlds"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio] – Howard Koch, John Houseman, Paul Stewart (15)Effects [Sound Effects] – Ora NicholsFeaturing [Starring As Professor Pierson] – Orson WellesMC [Announcer] – Dan Seymour (2)Music By – Bernard HerrmannProducer, Directed By – Orson WellesVoice Actor [Announcer #3, Stranger] – Carl FrankVoice Actor [Captain Lansing, Secretary Of The Interior, Operator #1] – Kenny DelmarVoice Actor [Carl Phillips, Operator 2X2L] – Frank ReadickVoice Actor [Gunner] – William AllandVoice Actor [Observer] – Stefan SchnabelVoice Actor [Officer, Operator #2, Voice Of Newark] – Richard Wilson (15)Voice Actor [Operator #3] – William HerzVoice Actor [Weather Announcer, General Smith, Announcer #4] – Paul Stewart (15)Voice Actor [Wilmuth, Harry McDonald, Rooftop Announcer] – Ray Collins (2)Written-By – H. G. Wells*
1-B1 The Mercury Theater On The Air 10-30-38: "War Of The Worlds" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Orson Welles
1-B2 The Abbott And Costello Show 04-17-45 "Who's On First?"
Effects [Sound Effects] – Bert CordonEngineer – John PawlikFeaturing [Starring] – Bud Abbott, Lou CostelloMC [Announcer] – Michael Roy (3)Music By – Skinnay Ennis And His OrchestraProducer, Directed By – Nat WolfeVocals [Vocalist] – Marilyn MaxwellVoice Actor [Mrs. Wetwash] – Elvia AllmanVoice Actor [Sports Salesman] – John Brown (6)
2-A1 The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 06-17-47 "Red Wind"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio] – Milton GeigerFeaturing [Starring As Philip MArlowe] – Van HeflinMC [Announcer] – Wendall NilesMusic By – Lyn MurrayProducer, Directed By – James FondaVoice Actor [Bartender] – Harry BartellVoice Actor [Drunk] – William ConradVoice Actor [Lieutenant Ybarra] – Bill JohnstoneVoice Actor [Lola Barsaly] – Lurene TuttleWritten-By – Raymond Chandler
2-A2 The Chase & Sanborn Hour 10-30-38
Featuring [Starring] – Charlie McCarthy (2), Edgar BergenGuest – Annie Canova, Judy Canova, Madeleine Carroll, Zeke CanovaHosted By – Don AmecheMusic By – Robert Armbruster And His OrchestraVocals [Vocalist] – Dorothy Lamour, Nelson Eddy
2-B1 The Chase & Sanborn Hour 10-30-38 (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Charlie McCarthy (2), Edgar Bergen
3-A1 The Six Shooter 12-20-53 "Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol"
Featuring [Starring As Britt Ponset] – James Stewart (4)MC [Announcer] – Hal GibneyMusic By – Basil AdlamProducer, Directed By – Jack JohnstoneVoice Actor – Tyler McVeyVoice Actor [Aunt Millie] – Eleanor AudleyVoice Actor [Ebon Scrooge] – Howard McNearVoice Actor [Jake] – Will Wright (3)Voice Actor [Johnny] – Dick Beals (2)Written-By – Frank Burt
3-A2 The Baby Snooks Show 05-01-51 "Report Card Blues"
Featuring [Starring As Baby Snooks] – Fanny BriceMC [Announcer] – Don WIlson (4)Producer – Arthur StanderVoice Actor ["Daddy" Lancelot Higgins] – Hanley StaffordVoice Actor ["Mummy" Vera Higgins] – Arlene HarrisVoice Actor [Cunkle] – Frank NelsonVoice Actor [Martha Weemish] – Elvia AllmanVoice Actor [Miss Teasdale] – Vivi JanissVoice Actor [Mr. Weemish] – Ken ChristyWritten-By – Arthur Stander, Sid Dorfman
3-B1 The Baby Snooks Show 05-01-51 "Report Card Blues" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Fanny Brice
3-B2 Escape 01-14-48 "Leinengen Vs. The Ants"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio] – Robert RyfDirected By – Norman MacdonnellFeaturing [Starring As Leinengen, Voice Of Escape] – William ConradMusic By – Cy FeuerProducer – William N. RobsonVoice Actor [Aide, Worker] – Don DiamondVoice Actor [Commissioner] – Lou MerrillVoice Actor [Foreman] – Lou KrugmanWritten-By – Carl Stephenson (2)
4-A1 Fibber McGee And Molly 12-09-41 "I Can Get It For You Wholesale"
Featuring [Starring] – Jim And Marian Jordan*MC [Announcer] – Harlow Wilcox (2)Music By – The Billy Mills OrchestraVocals [Vocalist] – Martha TiltonVocals [Vocalists] – The Kingsmen (6)Voice Actor [Mayor La Trivia] – Gale GordonVoice Actor [Wallace Wimple] – Bill Thompson (4)Written-By – Don Quinn
4-A2 On A Note Of Triumph 05-13-45
Composed By [Composer] – Bernard HerrmannConductor – Lud Gluskin*Featuring – Alex Hartford, Bob Bruce (3), Dick Nelson, Elliott Lewis, Eula Beal, Fred Essler, George Sorel, Harry Bartell, Irene Tedrow, Jim Nusser*, Joan Loring, Joe Worthy, Johnny Bond, June Foray, Lucille Meredith, Ludwig Donath, Lurene Tuttle, Merton Kopkin, Norbert Muller, Pat McGeehan, Peggy Rae, Peter Witt (2), Ramsey Hill, Raymond Lawrence, Regina WallaceFeaturing [Starring], Narrator – Martin GabelWritten-By, Producer, Directed By – Norman Corwin
4-B1 On A Note Of Triumph 05-13-45 (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Martin Gabel, Norman Corwin
5-A1 The CBS Radio Workshop 01-27-56 "Brave New World" Pt. 1
Adapted By (Text), Producer, Directed By – William FrougLeader [Musical Director] – Bernard HerrmannMC [Announcer] – Hugh Douglas, William ConradNarrator – Aldous HuxleyVoice Actor [Bernard Marx] – Jack KruschenVoice Actor [Director Of Hatcheries] – Joseph KearnsVoice Actor [Fanny] – Charlotte LawrenceVoice Actor [Helmholtz Watson] – William ConradVoice Actor [Henry Foster] – Byron Kane (2)Voice Actor [John The Savage] – Vic PerrinVoice Actor [Lanina] – Gloria HenryVoice Actor [Linda] – Lurene TuttleVoice Actor [Nurse] – Doris SingletonVoice Actor [Resident Controller] – Herb ButterfieldVoice Actor [Soma Distributor] – Parley BaerVoice Actor [Student #1] – Bill IdlesonVoice Actor [Student #2] – Sam Edwards (2)Written-By – Aldous Huxley
5-B1 The CBS Radio Workshop 01-27-56 "Brave New World" Pt. 2
5-B2 The Burns & Allen Show 01-08-48
Effects [Sound Effects] – Virgil ReimerFeaturing [Starring] – George Burns & Gracie Allen*Guest – Jack BennyMC [Announcer] – Bill Goodwin (2), Toby ReedMusic By – Meredith Willson And His OrchestraVoice Actor [Mr. Judson] – Gale GordonVoice Actor [Professor LeBlanc, Reporter] – Mel Blanc
6-A1 The Jack Benny Program 03-02-52
Featuring [Starring] – Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Phil HarrisGuest – Danny Kaye (2), Frank Sinatra, George Burns, Groucho MarxLeader [Musical Director] – Mahlon MerrickMC [Announcer] – Don Wilson (4)Producer – Hilliard MarksVocals [Vocalist] – Dennis DayVoice Actor [Indian] – Benny RubinVoice Actor [Mr. Kitzel] – Artie AuerbachVoice Actor [Phone Stranger] – Mel BlancVoice Actor [Rochester] – Eddie Anderson (3)Written-By – George Balzer, John Tackaberry, Milt Josefsberg, Sam Perrin
6-A2 The Lux Radio Theatre 06-02-47 "The Jazz Singer"
Directed By – Fred MacKayeFeaturing [Starring As Jack Robin, Jake Rabinowitz] – Al JolsonHosted By – William KeighleyMC [Announcer] – John Milton KennedyMusic By – Louis Silver*Voice Actor [Cantor Rabinowitz] – Ludwig DonathVoice Actor [Commercials] – June WhitleyVoice Actor [Doctor] – Charles SealeVoice Actor [Jimmy] – Eddie MarrVoice Actor [Mary] – Gail PatrickVoice Actor [Mr. Stephens] – Carlton KadellVoice Actor [Mrs. Robbinowitz] – Tamara ShayneVoice Actor [Sammy] – Bobby EllisVoice Actor [Yudelson] – Bill JohnstoneWritten-By – Samson Raphaelson
6-B1 The Lux Radio Theatre 06-02-47 "The Jazz Singer" (Cont.)
Featuring [With] – Al Jolson
7-A1 Suspense 08-21-43 "Sorry, Wrong Number"
Composed By [Composer] – Lucien MoraweckConductor – Lud Gluskin*Directed By – Ted BlissEffects [Sound Effects] – Berne SurreyFeaturing [Starring As Mrs. Elbert Stevenson] – Agnes MooreheadProducer – William SpierVoice Actor [George] – Hans ConreidVoice Actor [Man In Black] – Jim BannonVoice Actor [Operator] – Cathy LewisWritten-By – Lucille Fletcher
7-A2 Grand Central Station 12-24-49 "Miracle For Christmas"
Directed By – Ira AshleyFeaturing [Starring As Mac] – Mason AdamsMC [Announcer] – Gaylen Drake*Music By – Burly Mills, Lou WhiteNarrator – Ken Roberts (7)Producer – Martin HorrellVoice Actor [Baby] – Madeleine PearceVoice Actor [Dr. Garrett] – Walter GreazaVoice Actor [Dr. Mason] – Ralph PlattenVoice Actor [Young Father] – Gilbert MackWritten-By – Jay Bennett (4)
7-B1 Grand Central Station 12-24-49 "Miracle For Christmas" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Mason Adams
7-B2 Philco Radio Time 01-29-47 "The Road To Hollywood"
Guest – Bob Hope, Dorothy LamourHosted By – Bing CrosbyMC [Announcer] – Ken Carpenter (2)Music By – John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraPiano – Skitch HendersonVocals [Vocalists] – The Charioteers
8-A1 The Saint 08-06-50 "The Corpse Said Ouch"
Directed By – Helen Mack (2)Featuring [Starring As SImon Templar] – Vincent Price (2)MC [Announcer] – Don StanleyMusic By – Vaughn DexterProducer – James L. SaphierVoice Actor [Barker] – Tony BarrettVoice Actor [Frances Blake] – Shirley MitchellVoice Actor [Jake, Undertaker] – Jack MoyleVoice Actor [Louie] – Larry Dobkin*Voice Actor [Maxon] – Lou MerrillVoice Actor [Olga] – Veola VonnWritten-By – Louis Vittes
8-A2 Have Gun, Will Travel 11-27-60 "From Here To Boston"
Concept By [Created By] – Herb Meadow, Sam RolfeEffects [Sound Effects] – Ray Kemper, Tom Hanley (3)Featuring [Starring As Paladin] – John DehnerMC [Announcer] – Hugh DouglasMusic By – Bernard HerrmannVoice Actor [Driver] – John James (16)Voice Actor [Hetboy] – Ben Wright (6)Voice Actor [Lavinia Todhunter] – Lynn Allen (3)Voice Actor [Miles Todhunter] – Vic PerrinVoice Actor [Waiter] – Bartlett RobinsonWritten-By, Producer, Directed By – Frank Paris
8-B1 Have Gun, Will Travel 11-27-60 "From Here To Boston" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – John Dehner
8-B2 Vic And Sade 09-06-44 "Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes"
Directed By – Caldwell ClineFeaturing [Starring As Sade] – Bernadine FlynnFeaturing [Starring As Victor Gook] – Art Van HarveyOrgan [Organist] – Lou WebbWritten-By – Paul Rhymer
8-B3 The Lum And Abner Show 12-19-48 "Traditional Christmas Show"
Featuring [Starring As Abner Peabody, Doc Miller] – Norris GoffFeaturing [Starring As Lum Edwards, Grandpappy Spears] – Chester LauckMC [Announcer] – Wendell NilesMusic By – Felix Mills And His OrchestraVocals [Vocalists] – Mitchell Boy Choir*Voice Actor [Ben Withers] – Clarence Hartzel
9-A1 We Hold These Truths 12-15-41
Conductor [National Anthem] – Leopold StokowskiFeaturing [Starring As Citizen] – Corporal James Stewart*Featuring [With] – Norman CorwinLeader [Musical Director] – Bernard HerrmannNarrator – Orson WellesOrchestra [National Anthem] – The New York Philharmonic OrchestraVoice – President Franklin D. Roosevelt*Voice Actor – Elliott Lewis, Lionel BarrymoreVoice Actor [Farmer] – Bob BurnsVoice Actor [Friend] – Walter BrennanVoice Actor [Orator, Bricklayer] – Edward Arnold*Voice Actor [Prisoner] – Edward G. RobinsonVoice Actor [Sam] – Dane Clark (3)Voice Actor [Singer] – Rudy ValleeVoice Actor [Smith] – Walter HustonVoice Actor [Widow] – Marjorie MainWritten-By, Producer, Directed By – Norman Corwin
9-B1 We Hold These Truths 12-15-41 (Cont.)
Featuring [With] – James Stewart (4), Norman Corwin
9-B2 The Arthur Godfrey Show 10-21-53
Featuring [Starring], Hosted By – Arthur GodfreyMC [Announcer] – Tony MarvinVocals [Vocalists] – The McGuire Sisters*
9-B3 Walter Winchell Show 03-27-49
Engineer – Henry ZeitlingerMC [Announcer] – Cy HarriceNarrator – Walter WinchellProducer, Directed By – Theo Gannon
10-A1 X-Minus One 12-07-55 "Nightfall"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio] – Ernest KinoyDirected By – Daniel SutterFeaturing [Starring As Dr. Aton] – Wendell Holmes (4)MC [Announcer] – Fred Collins (2)Narrator – Floyd Mack (2)Producer – William WelchVoice Actor [Dr. Sharon] – Mercer McLeodVoice Actor [High Priest Tzor] – Santos OrtegaVoice Actor [Latimer] – Alan Collins (2)Voice Actor [Old Man] – Roy FantVoice Actor [Pallock] – Bob HastingsVoice Actor [Theramin] – John Larkin (2)Written-By – Isaac Asimov
10-A2 The Adventures Of Superman 09-25-45 "The Meteor From Krypton"
Effects [Sound Effects] – Bill Hoffman (5)Engineer – Mac BenoitExecutive Producer – Robert AndJessica MaxwellFeaturing [Starring As Clark Kent] – Clayton CollyerMC [Announcer] – Dan McCulloughNarrator – Jackson BeckProducer, Directed By – Allen "Duke" DucovnyVoice Actor [Lois Lane, Lara] – Joan AlexanderVoice Actor [Perry White] – Julian NoaVoice Actor [Rozan] – Ed JeromeWritten-By – Ben Peter Freeman, George Lowther
10-A3 The Mercury Summer Theater 06-21-46 "The Hitchhiker"
Featuring [Starring As Ronald Adams] – Orson WellesMC [Announcer] – Ken Roberts (7)Music By – Bernard HerrmannProducer, Directed By – Orson WellesVoice Actor [Female Hitchhiker, Mrs. Adams] – Alice FrostWritten-By – Lucille Fletcher
10-B1 The Mercury Summer Theater 06-21-46 "The Hitchhiker" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Orson Welles
10-B2 Big Town "Death Rides The Highway" 1940
Directed By – William N. RobsonFeaturing [Starring As Steve Wilson] – Edward G. RobinsonMC [Announcer] – John Conte (4)Music By – Leith StevensVoice Actor [Judge Dudley Martin] – Ted Osborne (2)Voice Actor [Lorelei Kilbourne] – Ona MunsonVoice Actor [Mrs. Martin] – Paula WinsloweVoice Actor [Policeman, Doorman] – Howard DuffWritten-By – Jerry McGill (2)
11-A1 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter" Pts. 1-3 1956
Featuring [Starring As Johnny Dollar] – Bob Bailey (4)MC [Announcer] – Roy RowanMusic By – Amerigo MarinoProducer, Directed By – Jack JohnstoneVoice Actor [Ethyl Stromburg] – Vivi Janniss*Voice Actor [Gloria Tierney] – Barbara FullerVoice Actor [Melba Charles, Phone Operator] – Shirley MitchellVoice Actor [Orin Vance, Don Fried, Dr. Kane, Bill Powers] – Lawrence DobkinVoice Actor [Sergeant Dan Maapes, Father Dearling] – Frank GerstleVoice Actor [William Charles, Waiter] – Marvin MillerWritten-By – John Dawson (9)
11-B1 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter" Pts. 4 & 5 1956
Featuring [With] – Bob Bailey (4)
12-A1 Columbia Presents Corwin 07-17-45 "The Undecided Molecule"
Composed By [Composer] – Carmen DragonConductor – Lud Gluskin*Featuring [Starring As Judge] – Groucho MarxProducer, Directed By – Norman CorwinVoice Actor – Elliott LewisVoice Actor [Council For The Defense, Spokesman For Vegetable And Mineral Kingdoms] – Keenan WynnVoice Actor [Interpreter For The Molecule] – Robert BenchleyVoice Actor [Officail Clerk] – Norman LloydVoice Actor [Prosecutor] – Vincent Price (2)Voice Actor [Spokesman For Animal Kingdom] – Sylvia SidneyWritten-By – Norman Corwin
12-A2 Dimension X 08-18-50 "The Martian Chronicles"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio] – Ernest Kinoy, George LeffertsDirected By – Jack KuneyEngineer – Bill Chambers (4)Featuring [With] – Roger DeKoven*Hosted By – Norman RoseMC [Announcer] – Robert Warren*Music By – Albert BermanProducer – Van WoodwardVoice Actor [Father] – Donald BukaVoice Actor [Major, Voice Of Automated House] – Roger DeKoven*Voice Actor [Mother] – Inga AdamsVoice Actor [Sam Peters] – Ian Martin (6)Voice Actor [Ylla] – Jan MinerWritten-By – Ray Bradbury
12-B1 Dimension X 08-18-50 "The Martian Chronicles" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Roger DeKoven*Written-By – Ray Bradbury
12-B2 The Eddie Cantor Show 06-09-46
Featuring [With] – Eddie CantorGuest – George Burns, Gracie Allen, Groucho Marx, Jack BennyGuest [The Mad Russian] – Bert GordonMC [Announcer] – Harry Von ZellMusic By – Cookie Fairchild's OrchestraPerformer [Vocal Group] – The AmbassadorsVocals [Vocalist] – Dinah Shore
13-A1 Escape 03-17-50 "Three Skeleton Key"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio] – James PoeEffects [Sound Effects] – Cliff Thorsness, Gus Bayz, Jack SixsmithEngineer – Harry EssmanFeaturing [Starring As Jean] – Vincent Price (2)Music By – Del Castillo (2)Producer, Directed By – William N. RobsonVoice Actor [Auguste] – Harry BartellVoice Actor [Louis] – Jeff Corey (2)Voice Actor [Voice Of Escape] – Paul FreesWritten-By – George G. Toudouze
13-A2 The Chase And Sanborn Hour 12-12-37 "The Garden Of Eden"
Featuring [Starring] – Charlie McCarthy (2), Edgar BergenGuest [Special Guest As Eve] – Mae WestMC [Announcer] – Wendell NilesMusic By – Robert Armbruster And His OrchestraVocals [Vocalist] – Dorothy LamourVoice Actor [Host, Adam] – Don AmecheVoice Actor [Serpent] – Ted Osborne (2)Written-By – Arch Oboler
13-B1 The Chase And Sanborn Hour 12-12-37 "The Garden Of Eden" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Charlie McCarthy (2), Edgar BergenGuest [Special Guest] – Mae West
14-A1 The Cavalcade Of America 09-22-41 "Native Land" Pt. 1
Adapted By – Carl SandburgComposed By [Composer] – Ardan CornwallConductor – Don Voorhees*Featuring [Starring, Narrator] – Burgess MeredithFeaturing [Starring] – Carl SandburgMC [Announcer] – Clayton CollyerVoice Actor [Father Sandburg, Gas Station Attendant] – Carl Swenson*Voice Actor [Housewife, Martha] – Jeanette NolanVoice Actor [Mr. Gould, Shortage Man] – Everett SloaneVoice Actor [Mr. Jenkins, Lieutenant Wade] – Bill JohnstoneVoice Actor [Oldtimer] – John McIntire (2)Voice Actor [Young Carl] – Arthur Kennedy (2)
14-B1 The Cavalcade Of America 09-29-41 "Native Land-The Women" Pt. 2
Composed By [Composer] – Ardan CornwallConductor – Don Voorhees*Featuring [Starring, Narrator] – Burgess MeredithMC [Announcer] – Clayton CollyerVoice Actor – Ed JeromeVoice Actor [Arthur] – Kenny DelmarVoice Actor [Moira, Ezra's Wife] – Judith AndersonVoice Actor [Mr. Simmons, Patrick] – John McIntire (2)Voice Actor [Mrs. Brady, Eastport Mother] – Jeanette NolanVoice Actor [Singer, Gary, Indiana Woman, Arthur's Wife] – Agnes MooreheadWritten-By – Robert Tallman*, Robert L. Richards
14-B2 The Fred Allen Show 05-26-46 W/ Guest, Jack Benny
Directed By – Howard Riley (2)Engineer – Joe Silva (4)Featuring [Starring] – Fred Allen (2), Portland HoffaGuest [Special Guest] – Jack BennyMusic By – Al Goodman And His OrchestraProducer – Joe BigelowVocals [Vocalists] – The Demarco Sisters*Voice Actor [Alex Cassidy] – Peter Donald (2)Voice Actor [Mrs. Nussbaum] – Minerva PiousVoice Actor [Myron Proudfoot] – Jack BennyVoice Actor [Senator Claghorn, Announcer] – Kenny DelmarVoice Actor [Titus Moody, Abner Flogg] – Parker FennellyVoice Actor [Tour Guide] – Alan ReedWritten-By – Bob Weiskopf, Fred Allen (2), Nat Hiken
15-A1 Lights Out 04-06-38 "Cat Wife"
Featuring [Starring As Mr. Taylor] – Boris KarloffProducer, Directed By, Hosted By – Arch ObolerWritten-By – Arch Oboler
15-A2 The Jack Benny Program 03-28-48 "Money Or Your Life"
Featuring [Starring] – Eddie "Rochester" Anderson*, Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Phil HarrisGuest – Benita Colman, Ronald ColmanLeader [Musical Director] – Mahlon MerrickMC [Announcer] – Don Wilson (4)Performer [Quartet] – The SportsmenProducer – Hilliard MarksVocals [Vocalist] – Dennis DayVoice Actor [Burlar] – Eddie MarrVoice Actor [Lucky Strike Announcer] – Basil Ryesdale*Written-By – George Balzer, John Tackaberry, Milt Josefsberg, Sam Perrin
15-B1 The Jack Benny Program 03-28-48 "Money Or Your Life" (Con't)
Featuring [Starring] – Jack Benny
15-B2 The Jack Benny Program 04-04-48 After "Money Or Your Life"
Featuring [Starring] – Eddie "Rochester" Anderson*, Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Phil HarrisGuest – Bing CrosbyLeader [Musical Director] – Mahlon MerrickMC [Announcer] – Don Wilson (4)Performer [Quartet] – The Ink SpotsProducer – Hilliard MarksVocals [Vocalist] – Dennis DayVoice Actor [Burlar] – Eddie Marr, Mel BlancWritten-By – George Balzer, John Tackaberry, Milt Josefsberg, Sam Perrin
16-A1 Command Performance 02-15-45 "Dick Tracy in B-Flat"
Directed By – Glenn WheatonFeaturing [As Flat Top] – Bob HopeFeaturing [As Shaky] – Frank SinatraFeaturing [As The Mole] – Jimmy DuranteFeaturing [Starring As Dick Tracy] – Bing CrosbyProducer – Vick KnightVoice Actor [April] – Patty AndrewsVoice Actor [Chief Of Police] – Jerry ColonnaVoice Actor [Gravel Gertie] – Cass DaleyVoice Actor [June] – LaVerne AndrewsVoice Actor [May] – Maxene AndrewsVoice Actor [Old Judge Hooper, Announcer] – Harry Von ZellVoice Actor [Snowflake] – Judy GarlandVoice Actor [Tess Trueheart] – Dinah ShoreVoice Actor [Vitamin Flintheart] – Frank Morgan (2)
16-B1 Command Performance 02-15-45 "Dick Tracy in B-Flat" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante
16-B2 Columbia Presents Corwin 08-14-45 "Fourteen August"
Featuring [Starring] – Orson WellesWritten-By, Producer, Directed By – Norman Corwin
16-B3 Dragnet 12-22-49 ".22 Rifle For Christmas"
Directed By – Bill Rousseau (2)Effects [Sound Effects] – Bud Tollefson, Wayne KenworthyFeaturing [Starring As Sergeant Joe Friday] – Jack WebbMC [Announcer] – Hal GibneyMusic By – Walter SchumannVoice Actor [Lieutenant Lee Jones] – Herb ButterfieldVoice Actor [Mr. Morheim] – Bill JohnstoneVoice Actor [Mrs. Morheim, Operator] – Peggy WebberVoice Actor [Sergeant Ben Romero] – Barton Yarborough
17-A1 The Shadow "White God" 5/1938
Featuring [Starring As Lamont Cranston, The Shadow] – Orson WellesMC [Announcer] – Ken Roberts (7)Organ [Organist] – Rosa RioProducer, Directed By – Bourne RuthrauffVoice Actor [Admiral Champion, Lloyd Carlon] – Alan DevittVoice Actor [Margot Lane] – Margot StevensonVoice Actor [Rudolph Hoyt, Shipowner #3] – Arthur VintonVoice Actor [Shipowner #1, Pilot, Closing Announcer] – Bill JohnstoneVoice Actor [Shipowner #2] – Dwight WeistWritten-By [Opeing And Closing Signatures] – Frank Readick
17-A2 The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective 06-20-48 "The Death Bed Caper"
Effects [Sound Effects] – Berne SurreyFeaturing [Starring As Sam Spade] – Howard DuffMC [Announcer] – Dick JoyMusic By – Lud Gluskin*Producer, Directed By – William SpierVoice Actor [Dan Starbuck] – Elliott LewisVoice Actor [Del Casino, Doctor] – William ConradVoice Actor [Effie Perrine] – Lurene TuttleVoice Actor [Gordon Starbuck, Bartender] – Wally MaherVoice Actor [Maggie Starbuck] – Cathy LewisWritten-By – Bob Tallman, Gil Doud
17-B1 The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective 06-20-48 "The Death Bed Caper" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Howard Duff
17-B2 The Bickersons 03-16-47
Featuring [Starring As Blanche Bickerson] – Frances LangfordFeaturing [Starring As John BickersonWith] – Don AmecheFeaturing [Starring] – Danny Thomas (4)Producer – Carlton AllsopWritten-By – Phil Rapp*
18-A1 Inner Sanctum Mysteries 10-02-45 "The Shadow Of Death"
Effects [Sound Effects] – John AmahrineFeaturing [Starring As Howard] – Richard WidmarkHosted By – Paul McGrath (6)Producer, Directed By – Himan BrownVoice Actor [Doctor Girard, Gas Station Attendant] – Santos OrtegaVoice Actor [Dr. Fresbey, Sgt. Dunn] – Luis Van RootenVoice Actor [Lipton Tea Spokeswoman] – Mary Bennett (2)Written-By – Robert Sloane
18-A2 The Great Gildersleeve 12-21-41 "McGee's Christmas Gifts"
Featuring [Starring As P. Gildersleeve] – Hal PearyVoice Actor [Birdie Lee Coggins] – Lillian RandolphVoice Actor [Judge Horace Hooker] – Earle RossVoice Actor [Leroy Forrester] – Walter TetleyVoice Actor [Llewellyn] – Arthur Q. BryanVoice Actor [Marjorie Forrester] – Lurene TuttleWritten-By – Leonard L. Levinson
18-B1 The Great Gildersleeve 12-21-41 "McGee's Christmas Gifts" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Hal Peary
18-B2 I Love Lucy 02-26-52
Featuring [Starring As Lucy Ricardo] – Lucille BallFeaturing [Starring As Ricky Ricardo] – Desi ArnazLeader [Musical Direction] – Wilbur HatchMC [Announcer] – Bob LemondProducer, Directed By – Bob Carroll, Jr., Madelyn PughVoice Actor [Ethyl Mertz] – Vivian Vance (2)Voice Actor [Fred Mertz] – William FrawleyWritten-By – Jess Oppenheimer
19-A1 Arch Oboler's Plays 03-09-40 "Johnny Got His Gun"
Featuring [Starring As Joe Bonham] – James CagneyMusic By – Gordon JenkinsProducer, Directed By – Arch ObolerVoice Actor [Mother Bonham] – Verna FeltonWritten-By – Dalton Trumbo
19-A2 Suspense 02-03-49 "Backseat Driver"
Composed By – Lucien MoraweckConductor – Lud Gluskin*Featuring [With] – Jim And Marian Jordan*MC [Announcer] – Harlow Wilcox (2)Producer, Directed By – Anton M. LeaderVoice Actor [Ellie] – Marian JordanVoice Actor [Hap, Bill] – Bill JohnstoneVoice Actor [Joe] – Jim Jordan (2)Voice Actor [Mattrick] – Glenn AndersVoice Actor [Voice Of Suspense] – Paul FreesWritten-By – Sally Thorson
19-B1 Suspense 02-03-49 "Backseat Driver" (Con't)
Featuring [With] – Jim And Marian Jordan*
19-B2 The Lone Ranger 06-30-48 "The Origin The Lone Ranger"
Directed By – Charles D. LivingstonEffects [Sound Effects] – Bill Hengstebeck, Bob Harbison, Dewey Cole (2), Jim Hengstebeck, Tony CaminitaFeaturing [Starring; The Lone Ranger, Reid] – Brace BeemerMC [Announcer] – Harry GolderProducer – George TrundleVoice Actor [Butch Cavendish] – Paul Sutton (3)Voice Actor [Captain Dan Reid] – Jack McCarthy (3)Voice Actor [Collins] – Jack PetruzziVoice Actor [Jim] – Paul Hughes (7)Voice Actor [Tonto] – John Todd (2)Written-By – Fran Striker
20-A1 Gunsmoke 05-06-56 "The Photographer"
Effects [Sound Patterns] – Bill James (6), Ray KemperFeaturing [Starring; Matt Dillon] – William ConradMC [Announcer] – George Fenneman, George WalshMusic By – Rex KouryProducer, Directed By – John MestonVoice Actor [Chester Proudfoot] – Parley BaerVoice Actor [Doc Adams] – Howard McNearVoice Actor [Kitty Russell] – Georgia EllisVoice Actor [Man In Street] – Harry BartellVoice Actor [Old Toad, Grub] – James NusserVoice Actor [Professor Jacoby] – Larry Dobkin*Written-By – John Dunkel
20-A2 Let's Pretend 08-23-47 "Mell-A-Lot"
Adapted By [For Radio], Producer, Directed By – Nila MackFeaturing [Starring] – Gwen DaviesMC [Announcer] – Ted JewittMusic By – Maurice Brown (4)Voice Actor [Fairy] – Betty Jane Tyler, Jaon Laser, Julius Loxon, Sybil TrentVoice Actor [Madame Hatrod] – Miriam WolfeVoice Actor [Mell-A-Lot] – Marilyn ErskineVoice Actor [Scrudge] – Jack GrimesVoice Actor [Splash] – Albert AlleyVoice Actor [Uncle Bill] – Bill Adams (5)Voice Actor [Wart] – Kingsley Colton
20-B1 Bold Venture "Deadly Merchandise" 1950's
Directed By – Henry HaywardMusic By – David RoseVoice Actor [Etienne] – Tony BarrettVoice Actor [King Moses] – Jester HairstonVoice Actor [Mario Pavana] – Jay NovelloVoice Actor [Sailor Duval] – Lauren BacallVoice Actor [Slate Shannon] – Humphrey BogartWritten-By – David Friedkin, Morton Fine
20-B2 Quiet, Please 08-09-48 "The Thing On The Fourble Board"
Effects [Sound Effects] – Albert AprilMusic By – Albert BermanVoice Actor [Billy Gruenwald] – Dan Sutter (2)Voice Actor [Mike] – Cecil RoyVoice Actor [Porky, Announcer] – Ernest ChappellVoice Actor [Ted] – Pat O'MalleyWritten-By, Producer, Directed By – Wyllis Cooper

Companies, etc.


  • Design [Graphic Designer]Christine Birkett
  • Engineer [Audio Restoration]Chris Lembesis
  • Engineer [Audio Restoration], Mastered By [Mastering Engineer]Roger Wolski
  • Executive-ProducerCarl Amari
  • Graphics [Graphic Production And Photo Enhancement]Adrienne Roy
  • Liner NotesAnthony Tollin
  • Other [Cast Identification] – Anthony Tollin, Dick Beals, John Gassman, William Nadel
  • Other [Editorial Consultant] – William Nadel
  • Other [Licensing Director] – Dennis Levin
  • Other [Project Manager] – Christina Vrba
  • Other [Proofreader] – Carl Gaffford
  • Other [Technical Support/Equipment Maintenance] – Jerry Burling
  • Producer [Assistant]Vince Amari


60 programs - 30 hours
Includes a 64-page booklet and an audio & written foreword by Walter Cronkite.

Track 1-B2 list a typo for Skinnay Ellis And His Orchestra, which should be Ennis.
Track 2-A2 credits Judy Zeke; Annie Canova, but research indicates it should have been Judy , Zeke and Annie Canova who performed together.
Track 4-A1 lists the vocalist as Martha Tilden instead of Tilton, which is correct.
Track 9-B2, is listed as "Arthur Godfrey Time" on the cassette and box.
Track 10-A2, listed as "Origin Retold" on the box and cassette and was based on characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
Track 14-A1, was adapted from "The People, Yes."
Track 14-B1 incorporates "Riders To The Sea" by John Millington Synge.
Track 16-A1/B1, Command Performance 02-15-45 "Dick Tracy in B-Flat" was also titled "For Goodness Sake, Isn't He Ever Going To Marry Tess Trueheart?"

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 7 48754 44114 3
  • Barcode: 55998
  • Barcode: 9 781570 192432
  • Other (ISBN): 1-57019-243-X