Various ‎– The Angel Inn Movie Original Soundtrack

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1 Scott Normandy It's Not Easy
2 Scott Gossen Angel Inn Theme
3 Starlit Lounge You Got Rhythm
4 Scott Normandy No Regrets
5 Scott Normandy Things Do Change
6 Owlsly Daydreams
7 Owlsly The One
8 Soul Jam Open Up Your Heart
9 Gail Poulsen Celtic Cheers
10 Scott Normandy Are You Listening
11 Low Animal Herds
12 Low Animal Cut 'Em Down
13 Scott Normandy Moody
14 Paul Reddick Whiskey Is The Life Of a Man
15 Paul Reddick 1000 Years
16 Scott Normandy , With Gail Poulsen It's Not Easy - Violin
17 Scott Normandy To Be With You
18 Owlsly Overseas
19 Owlsly Zoe
20 Owlsly Brand New
21 Paul Reddick Photograph
22 Owlsly , With Stacie Primeau It's Okay



The Angel Inn (2013), a low budget independent film, written and directed by Kirk Schriefer, adopts the narrative tool of pitching reluctant characters into a reunion. In Schriefer's film, the story is the thing...carried by three friends who attend a memorial service for a former friend. Confronted with the shocking news, Janet (Carla Albi), Pete (Daniel Kelly) and Stan (Matthew Gonzales) are stalled in a picturesque small town when they co-inherit their friend's pub.