Various ‎– The Belgian Campaign For Musical Destruction Continues! - Volume II: The Tape



A1 Acoustic Grinder Can't Ignore This Fucking War
A2 Acoustic Grinder John Holmes (Hiatus Cover)
A3 Acoustic Grinder Instruments Of Death
A4 Acoustic Grinder Braindistorting
A5 Acoustic Grinder It's A Fascist World
A6 Acoustic Grinder What About My Life?
A7 Acoustic Grinder Society Decay
A8 Acoustic Grinder This Victory Is Not Ours
A9 Acoustic Grinder If You Feel Right You Have To Do It: Suicide
A10 Acoustic Grinder Splattered Brains II
A11 Acoustic Grinder Pseudo-Underground
A12 Acoustic Grinder Catch The Fishhook
A13 Acoustic Grinder Consuming Endoderme Pus
A14 Hiatus (2) Disastrous Luxury Results
A15 Hiatus (2) Victims Of Life
A16 Hiatus (2) Nuclear Worlds
A17 Hiatus (2) Superman Bastard
A18 Hiatus (2) Police Crimes
A19 Hiatus (2) No Answers To Lead Me
B1 Agathocles The Truth
B2 Agathocles Mutilated Regurgitator
B3 Agathocles What A Nerve
B4 Agathocles Kill Your Idols
B5 Agathocles Teachers
B6 Private Jesus Detector Commercials
B7 Private Jesus Detector Paralyse Power
B8 Private Jesus Detector Battlefields Of Decay
B9 Private Jesus Detector Whose Error?
B10 Private Jesus Detector Fear (Discard Cover)
B11 Private Jesus Detector Prejudice
B12 Private Jesus Detector Silent Is Consent
B13 Private Jesus Detector Take Over
B14 Private Jesus Detector A Symbol Of...


As in the cover appear the bands' addresses contacts all four bands are from Belgium.
<b>Acoustic Grinder</b>:
- Songs 1 to 4 recorded live in Wittenberg, East-Germany on July 14th 1991.
- Songs 5 to 13 recorded live in Leipzig, East-Germany on July 12nd 1991.
<b>Hiatus (2)</b>:
- Song 1 recorded live in Lede, Belgium on March 23rd 1991.
- Song 2 recorded live in Terneuzen, Holland on April 20th 1991.
- Songs 3 to 6 recorded live in Dayton, Ohio (USA) on August 25th 1991.
- All Songs recorded live in Leipzig, East-Germany on July 12nd 1991.
<b>Private Jesus Detector</b>:
- All Songs recorded live in Liège, Belgium on June 2nd 1991.