Various ‎– The Choice Is Mine 2

Cassette, Compilation, C90


A1 iD (15) iD
A2 iD (15) Prezedadescla
A3 B.G.T. (2) 恐れを知らぬ大馬鹿者
A4 B.G.T. (2) Nutter Children Skate To Hell
A5 B.G.T. (2) 電気の馬鹿
A6 B.G.T. (2) Hey Hey We're Brothers Of No Mercy
A7 Afflict Can't Reach Me
A8 Griffin FZ Fell Bad
A9 Griffin FZ Duck Fight
A10 Griffin FZ N
A11 Griffin FZ Ben Jhonson
A12 Griffin FZ Samba
A13 M.O.T.H. 3 Times Baby
A14 M.O.T.H. Street Trash
A15 M.O.T.H. Kill Your Children
A16 Slaver Give A Groan
A17 Slaver Wild Savage
A18 Slaver Sling Shot
A19 The Disturbed Behind Enemy Lines
A20 The Disturbed This Is The End
A21 The Disturbed Apathy
B1 Grinning Kids Warten Auf....
B2 Grinning Kids Meine Hand
B3 Grinning Kids I Don't Know
B4 Nightmare (6) Bleak Life
B5 Nightmare (6) Never
B6 Nightmare (6) Positive Fact
B7 Nightmare (6) Fun To Death
B8 Obligatory Intro
B9 Obligatory Boredom
B10 Obligatory Injected
B11 Obligatory Nozambique
B12 Final Jason Why ?
B13 Final Jason Beyond Control
B14 Final Jason Cop
B15 Dissent (2) Society
B16 Dissent (2) Abe Lincoln
B17 Dissent (2) Shut My Eyes
B18 3 Under Bad Choice No Face
B19 Hans A. + Die Leberschäden* Volksheld
B20 Hans A. + Die Leberschäden* Gotterfunken
B21 Hans A. + Die Leberschäden* Kowelenzer Schangelche (Recorded Live Version)


International HC punk comp tape put out by Izumi Kubo (of XPX and Profane Existence Far East).

Sleeve color variations - Green, yellow or pink

iD (Poland) / B.G.T. (Japan) / Afflict (Holland) / Griffin FZ (Japan) / M.O.T.H. (UK) / Slaver (Japan) / The Disturbed (UK) / Grinning Kids (Germany) / Nightmare (Japan) / Obligatory (UK) / Final Jason (Japan), Dissent (USA), 3 Under Bad Choice (Japan) / Hans A. Und Die Leberschäden (Germany)

* Nightmare song "Fun To Death" is completely unreleased elsewehere.