Various ‎– The Complete Homocrime Singles Club

Everard ‎– Everard 00
3 × CDr, Compilation

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1-1 The Battys We Are ...
1-2 The Battys Hullo Song
1-3 The Battys I Can't Believe I Did The Whole Team
1-4 The Battys Querelle
1-5 The Battys Yorkie's Bar
1-6 The Battys Man Train!
1-7 The Battys Quiero Comerte
1-8 The Battys Speed Dating
1-9 The Battys I Like
1-10 Firmturds Oh Well Noel
1-11 Ethical World View Do They Know It's Christmas?
1-12 The Blue Minkies Christmas Means Nothing Without Presents
1-13 The Mince Pies Mince Pies
1-14 The Cowgirl Christmas Choir Jolene
Written By – Dolly Parton
1-15 Gelb-Orange Inviting Punk
1-16 The Mince Pies No Mince Pies
1-17 Truly Kaput Downtown
Written By – Tony Hatch
1-18 The Mince Pies Roast Chestnuts
1-19 Simon Murphy (2) Stereogtr No.1
1-20 Jon Bonjingles Last Christmas
1-21 The Cowgirl Christmas Choir We Wish You A Merry Christmas
1-22 Linus (7) Tangy
1-23 Linus (7) Untitled
1-24 Linus (7) Concrete Kite Flier
2-1 Firmturds Horny Tattooed Cycle Courier Boy
2-2 Firmturds Na Na Hey
2-3 Firmturds Gloves
2-4 Firmturds Ray's Records
2-5 Firmturds Amateur Cops
Written By – Coping Saw
2-6 The 123s View From Gay Head
Written By – Lavender Jane
2-7 Lesbo Pig Tokyo
2-8 Ghost Mice Sing Out
Written By – Cat Stevens
2-9 Humousexual Manc Wag
2-10 Frànçois Il Stragniero
2-11 Winston Echo Pets
2-12 Little Miss Cocky Far From Home
2-13 I Know I Have No Collar I Know I Have No Collar
2-14 Winston Echo Country And Winston
2-15 Winston Echo Winchester Cathedral Choir
2-16 Winston Echo Sir David
2-17 Winston Echo Waples (Never Again)
2-18 Winston Echo Seahound
Written By – Lesbo Pig
2-19 Winston Echo Doing Time In The Borough
2-20 Winston Echo Cookin'
2-21 Winston Echo Sink + Razor
2-22 Winston Echo June
2-23 Winston Echo Shake
2-24 Winston Echo Weak At The Knees
2-25 Winston Echo Sam
2-26 Truly Kaput Twenty One
2-27 Truly Kaput Perv Medley
2-28 Truly Kaput You Did Me
2-29 Truly Kaput I'm In Pain (I'm Brave)
2-30 Truly Kaput The Prince Nelly
2-31 Truly Kaput Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy
Written By – Donray & Gluck
3-1 Sleeping States New Year's Revolutions
3-2 Sleeping States Swallows And Swifts
3-3 Sleeping States "Oh, Happier Times"
3-4 Sleeping States Singing In The Summertime
3-5 Sleeping States A Trip To NYC
3-6 Sleeping States Equinox
3-7 Sleeping States Leaves In The Hallway
3-8 Sleeping States ... All In All It Was A Good Year
3-9 Sleeping States December
Written By – Unwound
3-10 The Max Levine Ensemble Pink
3-11 The Max Levine Ensemble Bicycle As Insurance Plan
3-12 The Max Levine Ensemble Another Song About The Rain
3-13 The Max Levine Ensemble The Kids Are Fucking Brilliant
3-14 Operation: Cliff Clavin Punk Rock Is Not Just Something You Listen To
3-15 Operation: Cliff Clavin Punk Rock Is Not Just Something You Buy And Sell
3-16 Operation: Cliff Clavin Punk Rock Is Not Just For Kids
3-17 Drunk Granny Leotard
3-18 Jean Genet (2) 69 Positions
3-19 Dempster Dumpmaster Balz Came And Went
Written By – Rough Bunnies
3-20 Husbands The Party Catches
3-21 Truly Kaput Hair
3-22 Bare Knees People Like Us
3-23 Winston Echo Get On Yr Bike
Written By – Humousexual
3-24 Vase (2) Drenched In Gel
3-25 The 123s O Lucky Man!
Written By – Alan Price


An anthology of all ten Homocrime Singles Club releases.
Edition of 100 copies. Silkscreened foldover sleeve and mini-zine.

1-1 to 1-7, 9: Exhibit A -
1-8 originally appeared in edited form on Exhibit G - Amateurs Do It For Love
1-10 to 1-21: Exhibit C - Ho-Ho-Homocrime
1-22 to 1-24: Exhibit E

2-1 to 2-5: Exhibit F
2-6 to 2-13: Exhibit G - Amateurs Do It For Love
2-14 to 2-25: Exhibit H
2-26 to 2-31: Exhibit I

3-1 to 3-9: Exhibit J
3-10 to 3-16: Exhibit K
3-17 to 3-25: Exhibit L - Nomocrime

All Exhibits except Exhibit K were originally on 3" CDr and came in stickered and stamped brown wage slip envelopes.

Exhibits B and D were to be 3" VCDr releases but never materialised.