Various ‎– The Ear Irritateing Volume II

Brutal Bird Prod. ‎– B.B.P. 004
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Anal Getaway Fuck Ass Meat
A2 Anal Getaway Anus Of Love
A3 Caganha Revolution Stagnation
A4 Caganha Esclave
A5 Caganha Donner Sa Uberté
A6 Caganha En Beauty
A7 Caganha Absence Sonore
A8 Radical Mentaly Inner Emptyness
A9 Radical Mentaly Curse
A10 Radical Mentaly Grr Indeoendent
A11 Decomposing Serenity Masturbate On The Defleshed Corpse
A12 Decomposing Serenity Blood Drawn
A13 Decomposing Serenity Enthral The Eternal Fungus
A14 Twisted Truth Retired Alcoholic Disorder
A15 Twisted Truth Attack Of Aversion
A16 Twisted Truth Deformation Future (Live)
A17 Twisted Truth Wait For End
B1 Cabal* Thought The Mill Of Penoscrotal Revelation
B2 Cabal* Ornaments Of Decrosed Flesh Strip
B3 Cabal* Time´s Over
B4 Escatofagia Cosmic Stupidity
B5 Escatofagia Explain Me
B6 Escatofagia World Peace, Dying Mother
B7 Porno Club For Whores In Bohemia No Titles + Cover Michal David
B8 Midget Fetish Society Fot Cutting Up Men
B9 Midget Fetish Pound For Pound
B10 Onanizer Schoking Of The Misophile Dreams
B11 Onanizer Russia
B12 Groinchurn Alien
B13 Groinchurn What You Want And What You Get
B14 Groinchurn Old