Various ‎– The Fear Of Nothing Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

Rigid Records ‎– 001
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Pandemonium (3) Fool Proof (Live)
A2 Pandemonium (3) No Place For Me (Live)
A3 Pandemonium (3) Amok (Live)
A4 Declared Ungovernable Fuck You
A5 Declared Ungovernable Don't Believe
A6 Declared Ungovernable Escape
A7 Anarchus Massive Strike
A8 Anarchus Vomit In The Church
A9 Anarchus Demental Lust
A10 Rövsvett Jehovas Vitten
A11 Rövsvett Nazzesuin
A12 Rövsvett Makt
A13 Nuclear Catfish Bible Thumper
A14 Nuclear Catfish Narcissist
A15 Pink Lincolns I've Got My Tie On (Live)
A16 Pink Lincolns Age (Live)
A17 Kiima Luovu Paskasta
A18 Kiima Kevat
A19 Kiima Sanjo Ja Tekoja
A20 The Uprising (9) Slavery
A21 The Uprising (9) The Killing Game
A22 Youthquake American Escalation (Live)
A23 Youthquake Tables Turn (Live)
A24 Negative Youth (2) Ill Bred (Live)
A25 Negative Youth (2) Bam Bam (Live)
A26 Autodefensa Todo Por Mi Bien (Live)
A27 Autodefensa Autoengaño (Live)
B1 Pestilence (2) Abuse
B2 Pestilence (2) All I Want
B3 Pestilence (2) Stagnet
B4 Atavistic Standardized And Compromized
B5 Atavistic Cog In The Machine
B6 Atavistic Manipulation
B7 A Child's Trust In God Horse Of A Different Color
B8 A Child's Trust In God 66sex
B9 Complete Political Disorder No Politician (Live)
B10 Complete Politicial Disorder C.P.D. (Live)
B11 Complete Political Disorder Padvinders (Live)
B12 Desecration (3) It's Just Begun
B13 Desecration (3) Bureaucratic Nonsense
B14 Khadafy Youth Kill The Pigs
B15 Khadafy Youth Scene Death III
B16 Khadafy Youth New Wave Assholes
B17 Protes Bengt Kul I Hjul
B18 Protes Bengt Satsa
B19 Protes Bengt Hjalp Snuten
B20 Protes Bengt Vingmutter
B21 Protes Bengt Agg Kopp
B22 Dead Horse Army Surplus
B23 Dead Horse Born Believing
B24 Dead Horse Scottish Hell
B25 Dead Horse Subhumanity
B26 Electro Hippies Run Ronald (Live)
B27 Electro Hippies Wings Of Death (Live)
B28 Electro Hippies Vivisection Song (Live)
B29 Core Of Resistance Initials (Live)
B30 Core Of Resistance Condemned To A Life (Live)


21 band International compilation 90-minute cassette that features: Pandemonium (Holland). Declared Ungovernable (Florida). Anarchus (Mexico). Rovsvett (Sweden). Nuclear Catfish (California). Pink Lincolns (Florida). Kiima (Finland). The Uprising (England). Youthquake (Pennsylvania). Negative Youth (Holland). Autodefensa (Spain). Pestilence (Australia). Atavistic (England). A Child's Trust In God (Illinois). Complete Political Disorder (Belgium). Desecration (Arizona). Khadafy Youth (Maryland). Protes Bengt (Sweden). Dead Horse (Texas). Electro Hippies (England). Core Of Resistance (Florida).