Various ‎– The Future Is Over

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1 John Magill And We Gotta Bring Our Own Tin Cans
2 2014 Drive i, Ding-A-Ling
3 Bee Spit Sphaleron
4 Somnaphon Pictures Of Walking Flowers, Pictures Of Talking Houses
5 Cog Null* Distorted Frequencies
6 Portcullis Eight Bitter
7 Discipline Jar Another Holden Caulfield Reference
8 Integrated Circuit (2) Circular Logic
9 Foot Klan Addockerockensloperapperdackenshiz
10 Jliat m_18_01_2012_09_17_59track000001
11 Deer Soaked
12 Meat Glue Cacophonous Music Of The Living Sphere
13 Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge Lies Wide Shut
14 Molly Ringworm Tanned Cheeks Of Steel
15 NYX (2) Rivers Due
16 Pulsating Cyst The Interstellar Mission
17 Rumble Pack (2) Mega Drive Mammoth
18 RVA* Untitled
19 Betty (6) Her Thrill
20 Black Matter Phantasm Etude Pour Le 27 C
21 Val Violence Databent Turkey Bones
22 Munk Fonk Fluxus Bullshit Swagger
23 The Smudge Real Event Noise Wall Blues
Featuring – KILLR
24 Dragon Symposium Sexual Chrome And Bolts
25 Slack Heather Solar Michael Club Space Head
26 Grow Tie Beyond Armor
27 Golden (20) Flex Us
28 Wreckless Breakfast 180 Grams
29 Food World No Amulets To Hide Behind
30 Eraritjaritjaka Madman's Lullaby



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