Various ‎– The Magic Of Music • Book Two

Ginn And Company ‎– MM-2, Ginn And Company ‎– 929293
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono
Box Set, Album

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Album MM-2A
A1 I Like To Sing
Music By – Mexican Folk Melody*Words By – Sheila Galvin
A2 March Of The Little Flags
Written By [Adapted By] – H. G. W.Written-By – Olga B. Pohlmann
A3 My Little Red Drum
Written-By – Ena B. Knippel
A4 Slumber Song
Composed By – Schubert*
A5 Dance In A Circle
Music By – Italian Folk Melody*Words By – Katherine S. Bolt*
A6 Ring-ting-tingle
Music By – American Folk Melody*Written By [Words By] – H. F. G.
A7 Moonlight
Music By – French Folk Melody*Words By – Helen Taylor
B1 The Happy River
Music By – French Folk Melody*Words By – L. B. P.*
B2 See The Little Ducklings
Written-By – German Folk Song*
B3 The Escalator (Scale Song)
B4 Morning Bells
Music By – Folk Melody*Words By – Lena Chase
B5 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Written-By – Traditional
B6 Out Among The Fir Trees
Written-By – Czech Folk Song*
B7 Here We Go Skating
Music By – French Folk Melody*Words By – L. B. P.*
C1 Autumn
Music By – Ludwig van BeethovenWords By – L. E. W.*
C2 One, Two, Three
Written-By – Carol Davis (5)
C3 A Rockabye Song
Music By – Uruguayan Folk Melody*Words By – Katherine S. Bolt*
C4 Kind Mister Cobbler
Written-By – Argentine Folk Song*
C5 Moonlight
Music By – French Folk Melody*Words By – Helen Taylor
C6 Go To Sleep
Written-By – Spanish Folk Song*
C7 Slumber Bells
Written-By [Basque Melody] – Traditional
D1 After School
Music By – Chinese Folk Melody*Words By – Grace Boynton
D2 Little Wind
Music By – Ruth StappWords By – Kate Greenaway
D3 The Hunter
Music By – French Folk Song*Words By – Marian Major
D4 Pastoral Symphony From "Messiah"
Composed By – Handel*
D5 Viennese Musical Clock From "Háry János Suite"
Composed By – Kodály*
D6 Autumn Rainbow
Written-By – Ena B. Knippel
D7 Leaf Kites
Music By – R. Ena ButlerWords By – Marguerite Gode
Album MM-2B
E1 Have You Heard The Wind?
Written-By – Will Earhart
E2 Clouds
Music By – George K. SeilerWords By – Marguerite Gode
E3 Little Sir Echo
Arranged By [Revised Arrangement By] – Adele Girard, Joe MarsalaWritten-By [Original Version] – J. S. Fearis*, Laura R. Smith*
E4 Lights
Music By – Franz Joseph Haydn*Words By – Hope Ann Rhodes
E5 Andante From "Surprise" Symphony
Composed By – Haydn*
E6 Stars
Music By – Mary Duncan*Words By – Dorothy Aldis
E7 Clair De Lune
Composed By – Debussy*
F1 Snowflakes
Written-By – Ruth-Esther Hillila
F2 The Wind
Written-By – Ardith Shelley
F3 An April Day
Written-By – E. B. Kay
F4 Spring Magic
Music By – Kay Stratton (2)Words By – Mabel Watts
F5 Balloons
Music By – Mary Scott KingWords By – Myra Cohn Livingston
F6 The Nightingale
Music By – French-Canadian Folk Melody*Words By – F. B.*
F7 Bye'm Bye
Written-By – American Folk Song*
F8 Little Man In The Wood (From Hansel And Gretel)
Composed By – Engelbert Humperdinck (2)
Bambi (Song Story)
Written-By [Based On Original Story By] – Felix Salten
G1a Spring Song
Music By – Frank ChurchillWords By – Larry Morey
G1b I'll Call Him Bambi
Written-By – Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
G1c If You Can't Say Something Nice
Written-By – Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
G1d Through The Forest
Music By – Frank ChurchillWords By – Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
G1e Little April Shower
Music By – Frank ChurchillWords By – Larry Morey
G1f It's So Nice On The Ice
Written-By – Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman
G1g Spring Song
Music By – Frank ChurchillWords By – Larry Morey
G2 Stand Up!
Written-By – Alice Ricky
G3 Happy Birthday To You!
Written-By – Mildred J. Hill
G4 Birthday Parade
G5 Hurray For Halloween!
Written-By – Elizabeth E. Rogers
G6 Pick A Pumpkin
Written-By – Naomi Caldwell
H1 Pumpkin Face
Music By – Ruth StappWords By – Georgia Deal
H2 Danse Macabre
Composed By – Saint-Saëns*
H3 Thanksgiving
Written-By – Edith Krohner
H4 Thanksgiving Day
Music By – Olga TockWords By – Mildred Adair
H5 Thank You
Music By – Franz SchubertWords By – Unknown Artist
H6 Candles Burning
Written-By – Judith M. Berman*
H7 Hanukkah Time
Written-By – Nathan Saxon
Album MM-2C
I1 O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)
Written-By [German Carol] – Traditional
I2 Now It Is Yule (Nu Är Det Jul)
Written-By – Irma Attermark
I3 Merry Christmas! (¡Feliz Navidad!)
Written-By – Maria Mendoza
I4 Christmas Cradle Song
Written-By – Eleanor M. Edwards
I5 The Elves' Christmas Eve
Translated By – Ruth-Esther HillilaWritten-By – Wilhelm Sefve*
I6 Christmastime
Written-By – Ethel Crowninshield
I7 O Come, Little Children
Composed By – J. A. P. Schulz*
J1 O Come, All Ye Faithful
Music By [Old Latin] – TraditionalWords By – F. Oakeley*
J2 Away In A Manger
Written-By – Traditional
J3 O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Music By – Lewis H. Redner*Words By – Phillips Brooks
J4 Silent Night
Music By – Franz Grüber*Words By – Joseph Mohr
J5 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Written-By [Cornish Carol] – Traditional
J6 A Jolly Party
Written-By – Agnes Bell
J7 A Special Valentine
Written-By – Ena B. Knippel
K1 Beautiful Bells At Easter Time
Written-By – Naomi Caldwell
K2 At Easter Time
Music By – Ethel AnthonyWords By – Laura E. Richards
K3 America, The Beautiful
Music By – Samuel A. Ward*Words By – Katherine Lee Bates
K4 America
Music By – TraditionalWords By – Samuel Francis Smith
K5 The Star-Spangled Banner
Music By – John Stafford SmithWords By – Francis Scott Key
K6 Yankee Doodle
Written-By – Traditional
K7 Our Flag
Written-By – Norma VanZee
L1 Daddy's Lullaby
Written-By – Dennis Krohn
L2 Sleep, Baby, Sleep! (Schlaf, Kindchen, Schlaf!)
Written-By [German Cradle Song] – Traditional
L3 Dearest Child (Niño Querido)
Written-By – Spanish Folk Song*
L4 My Mother
Music By – Carlton BeckWords By – Barbara Young (3)
L5 The Slumber Boat
Written-By – Jessie L. Gaynor
L6 Indian Lullaby
Music By – Walter H. AikenWords By – Henry W. Longfellow*
L7 Little Bird On My Window
Music By – German Folk Melody*Words By – Edith Krohner
Album MM-2D
M1 My Wish
Music By – German Folk Melody*Words By – Georgia Deal
M2 The Wake-Up Clock
Written-By – Graham Haswell
M3 Tommy
Music By – Duncan Ross (3)Words By – Georgia Deal
M4 My Donkey
Music By – Portuguese Folk Melody*Written By [Words By] – E. M. E.
M5 Little Chick
Music By – Dolores Batres G.Words By – Alice Ricky
M6 Hideaway Bunny
Music By – Francis J. PyleWords By – Barbara Heath
M7 The Hen Who Quacked
Written-By – Naomi Caldwell
M8 Six Little Ducks
Written-By – Folk Song*
M9 The House Of The Mouse
Music By – Barbara HeathWords By – Lucy Sprague Mitchell
N1 It's Music Time Again
Written-By – Marian Major
N2 The Puppet Show
Music By [Old Dutch Melody] – TraditionalWords By – Katherine S. Bolt*
N3 I Know Amelia
Music By – Portuguese Folk Song*Words By – Katherine S. Bolt*
N4 Dance, Indian Man
Written-By – Steve Corcoran
N5 Riddle Song
Written-By – Agnes Bell
N6 Westminster Chimes • Norfolk Chimes
Written-By – Traditional
N7 Musette
Composed By – Bach*
N8 Très Jolie Waltz
Composed By – Waldteufel*
N9 Debka Hora
Written-By – Palestinian Folk Dance*
N10 Magic Bell Song (From The Magic Flute)
Composed By – Mozart*
O1 How Do You Do Today?
Music By – Italian Folk Melody*Words By – Carol Davis (5)
O2 Dance, My Top!
Written By [Adapted By] – E. M. E.Written-By – French-Canadian Folk Song
O3 Skip To My Lou
Written-By – Traditional
O4 The Bus
Written-By [Play Song] – Traditional
O5 Jingle At The Windows
Written-By – Traditional Singing Game*
O6 Bake A Cherry Pie
Music By – French Folk Melody*Words By – Katherine S. Bolt*
O7 On The Bridge Of Avignon (Sur Le Pont D'Avignon)
Written-By – French Folk Song*
O8 To Paree (A Paris)
Written-By – French Folk Song*
P1 Seesaw
Written-By – Judith M. Berman*
P2 The Allee Allee O
Written-By – Folk Song From Massachusetts*
P3 Little Old Tugboat
Written-By – Joseph Gerard
P4 Chiapanecas
Written-By – Mexican Folk-Dance Song*
P5 Rain-Dance Song
Written By [Words By] – M. M.Written-By – Zuñi Indian*
P6 Big Drum And Little Drum
Written-By – Dorothy Scott (3)
P7 The Drum Major
Music By – Barbara HeathWords By – Jane Tinsley


The Magic of Music - Book Two

Individual selections are separated by locked grooves. The stylus will stay in the groove until moved manually.

No specific performance artists are listed; there are only generic credits for instrument or voice-types.

Records are listed numerically starting with the beginning of the series in Kindergarten moving through 6th grade.
Album 1 of this set consists of Record 17 & 18. Album 2 consists of Record 19 & 20. Album 3 consists of Record 21 & 22. Album 4 consists of Record 23 & 24.

Track A4 is also available in The Magic of Music, Book One.
Track G4 is also available in The Magic of Music, Kindergarten book.

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  • Matrix / Runout (Side O): TR3M-5257 2 I
  • Matrix / Runout (Side P): TR3M-5258 2 I
  • Other (Library of Congress Catalog Card Number): 65-1603