Various ‎– The Music Of Primitive Man

Horizon (4) ‎– P 11857
Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A1 Ainu (4) Ainu Folk Song
A2 Pygmies Pygmy Song
A3 Unknown Artist Guanavidi Chant
A4 Unknown Artist Duson Xylophone Duet
A5 Unknown Artist Tonga Nose Flute Trio
A6 Guaharibo Guaharibo Chief's Song
A7 Unknown Artist Fiji Islands Dance
A8 Unknown Artist New Guinea Jew's-Harp Solo
A9 Sami (10) Finnish Lapland Joik
A10 Unknown Artist New Guinea Bamboo Flutes
A11 Eskimo* Eskimo Traveling Song
A12 Eskimo* Eskimo Dance
A13 Unknown Artist South American Indians
A14 Motilon* Motilon Indians, South America
A15 Abelam Abelam Warning
A16 Abelam Yam* Abelam Yam Display Song
A17 Akawai Akawai Cassava Grating Song
A18 Akawai Akawai Tribe, Guyana
A19 Cuna Cuna Shaman's Chant
A20 Cuna Cuna Puberty Fiesta
A21 Motilon* Motilon Indians, South America
A22 Unknown Artist Duson Gongs
A23 Kalahari* Kalahari Love Song
B1 Bajau* Bajau Laut Dance
B2 Bajau* Bajau Laut Song
B3 Makuna Makuna Chant
B4 Unknown Artist Tonga Chorus
B5 Dyak* Dyak Gambus Duet
B6 Dyak* Dyak Men's Dance
B7 Ainu (4) Ainu Prayer Song
B8 Unknown Artist Tatuya War Dance
B9 Unknown Artist Walbiri Blooding Ceremony
B10 Kalahari* Kalahari Musical Bow Solo
B11 Cuna Cuna Puberty Celebration
B12 Unknown Artist Fiji Islands Dance
B13 Unknown Artist Duson Bamboo Stick Orchestra
B14 Jebero* Jebero Panpipes And Drums
B15 Kogi Kogi Flutes And Maracas
B16 Noanama* Noanama Song
B17 Semelai Semelai Tribe, Malaya
B18 Unknown Artist Duson Nose Flute Solo
B19 Unknown Artist Duson Sundatang Solo
B12 Unknown Artist Manteri Magic Ceremony
B21 Unknown Artist Fiji Islands Dance And Chant

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Produced by arrangement with the British Broadcasting Corporation for Horizon
© 1973 American Heritage Publishing Company, Inc.
℗ The British Broadcasting Corporation