Various ‎– The My Org Mixtape

Narmer Records ‎– NSW-BJTJ 001
Cassette, Compilation, Mixed, Stereo


A1 Blag Dahlia, DJ Johnny G, Dynamite Adam White Blag the Ripper Speaks (Intro)
A2 DJ Johnny G, Dynamite Adam White Punknews Comes to Do Battle (Intro)
A3 Dwarves Gentleman Blag
A4 Crazy & The Brains Ice Cream
A5 The Bruce Lee Band, Jesse Michaels Generations
A6 The World / Inferno Friendship Society Don't Get Me Started, Don't Get Me Wrong
A7 The Muffs Take A Take A Take Me
A8 Kicker (2) Crusty Island
A9 Pears (2) Sycophant
A10 Ghosts in the Graveyard White Love
A11 Bad Canoes D'arcy's Boots
A12 Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine Mid East Peace Process
A13 The Shaggs Radio Jingle
A14 Swingin' Utters I'm Not Coming Home
A15 Pushin' It 2 the Limit Pushin' It 2 the Limit Saves the Fish
A16 Night Birds New Cults
A17 Integrity (2) Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix)
A18 Amebix Largactyl
A19 Kepi Ghoulie* Hey Kepi, Let's Go!
A20 The Dirty Nil Nicotine
A21 Gnarboots Give it Up
A22 Morning Glory O' Where in the World is Alice Baldwin
A23 Ghoul (2) Spill Your Guts
A24 Vermapyre Dungeon of Eternal Night
B1 Gnarboots, DJ Johnny G, Dynamite Adam White Eat a Sandwich (Intro)
B2 DJ Johnny G, Dynamite Adam White Get Up! (I Feel Like A) Punk Machine (Intro)
B3 Mischief Brew Progress
B4 Rats In The Wall Your World
B5 Downtown Boys (2) Slumlord Sal (CD Version)
B6 Masked Intruder Crime Spree
B7 ACxDC Filicide
B8 Boboso, Morgan Herrell Grown Ass Man
B9 Franz Nicolay To Us, the Beautiful
B10 Pup Back Against the Wall
B11 The Dead Milkmen Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog
B12 Hard Girls Sign of the Dune
B13 Classics Of Love Pick Your Classics
B14 Meatmen Men O' Meat
B15 Yacht Club (2) Cold Wind From Fools
B16 The Disconnects California Screamin'
B17 Arnocorps Pumping Iron
B18 KRS-One I Do This For You
B19 Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs Calgary Hill
B20 Andrew W.K. Can You Dance With Me?
B21 The Podcast Jerks Masturbation
B22 DJ Johnny G, Dynamite Adam White DJ Johnny G Speaks With His Hands
B23 Lee Perry Rastafari On Wall Street



Released by under license from the respective bands and labels. Mixed like a Hip Hop mixtape with intros, outros, interludes, and shout outs.