Various ‎– The Sounds Of Time: A Dramatisation In Sound Of The Years 1934-1949

CBS ‎– BPG 62888
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue


Side 1: The Wasted Years
A1 In Washington President Truman Hails The North Atlantic Pact
A2 Flashback To H.G. Wells Prophecy In 1934: "The World Is Drifting Towards Catastrophe"
A3 Prime Ministers Ramsey Macdonald And Stanley Baldwin In Pursuit Of Peace
A4 The Italian Dictator, Benito Mussolini, Glorifying War
A5 King George V. Broadcasts An Historic Prayer From Britain's Parliament
A6 The Voice Of Amelia Ehrhart, Martyr To Aviation
A7 The Giant Airship Hindenburg Bursts Into Flames At Lakehurst, New Jersey, May 6th, 1937
Side 2: Prelude To War
A1 Kind Edward VIII. Abdicates For "The Woman I Love"
A2 Austria Is Annexed By Hitler, - Speech And Acclamation
A3 Returning From Munich, Neville Chamberlain, Brings An Assurance Of Peace With Germany
A4 "Liberating" Nazis March Into The Sudetenland
A5 September 1st, 1939 -Poland Invaded By Germany- Neville Chamberlain's Broadcast Of September 3rd, 1939 ("... And That Consequently, This Country Is At War With Germany"
A6 London Hears Its First Air Raid Alarm
Side 3: Britain Stands Alone
A1 Gas-Mask Training For School-Children During The "Phoney War"
A2 Low Countries Invaded, May 10th, 1940
A3 Singing Tommies Cross Belgium Frontier To Meet Wehrmacht
A4 Three Weeks Later, J.B. Priestley, Broadcasts His Famous Postscript To The Epic Of Dunkirk (The Good Ship "Gracie Fields")
A5 Enslaved Europe Hear The Voices Of Her Leaders In London: President Benes, Queen Wilhelmina, King Haakon, King Peter, General Sikorski, General De Gaulle
A6 Winston Churchill ralies The Nation (Let Us Therefore Brace Ourselves To Our Duty)
Side 4: The Lion Has Wings
A1 R.A.F. Spitfires And Hurricanes Fight And Win The Battle Of Britain
A2 Luftwaffe's Night "Blitz" On London
A3 Spirit Of The Cockney Expressed By Cab-Driver Harry Anderson
A4 Two Americans Ben Lyons And Bebe Daniels And The Well-Loved Tommy Handley Bring Good Cheer To Embattled London Through The "Hi Gang" And "Itma" Radio Programme
A5 The Voice Of Colonel Britten Is Heard By The Resistance Movement In Underground Europe ("The Night Is Your Friend. The V Is Your Sign.")
Side 5: New World Rallies To The Old
A1 Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbour Brings America Into War And Franklin D. Roosevelt Declares His Faith In Victory
A2 general Douglas Mac Arthur At Melbourne, March 21st, 1942
A3 British War Workers Sing At The Production Front
A4 Nightingale In A Surrey Wood Matches Its Voice Against The Drone Of A Thousand Bombers Striking At Germany
A5 Intercom, Conversation By Bomber Crew Over Berlin
A6 General Montgomery's Private Speech At Eighth Army Officers Before El Alamein ("Here We Will Stand And Fight"), August 13th, 1942
Side 6: The Long Night Ends
A1 Eighth Army's Artillery Barrage Opens The Battle Of El Alamein
A2 From Britain, General "Ike" Eisenhower Announces The D-Day Invasion Of France, June 6th, 1944
A3 Actuality Recording By Stanley Maxted Made Under Fire With The Airborne Division At Arnhem
A4 Joyous Paris Crowds Greet The Army Of Liberation
A5 Britain's Final Ordeal By Pilotless Planes And Rockets
A6 Crossing The Rhine In A "Buffalo" In Pursuit Of The Wehrmacht
A7 Liberated Victim Of A Nazi Concentration Camp Meets His Mother
Side 7: We Shall Remember Them
A1 Victory Celebration In Whitehall On V-E Day: Winston Churchill Greets The Singing Crowds. ("This Is Your Victory, The Victory Of The Cause Of Freedom In Every Land")
A2 Genral "Ike" Eisenhower Becomes A Freeman Of The City Of London And Adresses Fellow-Citizens From The Mansion House Steps
A3 Memorial Service At St. Paul's Cathedral To Franklin D. Roosevelt, April 17th, 1945. The Great Bells Of St. Paul's Ring Out A Tribute To Britain's Staunch Friend.
Side 8: The Reckoning
A1 Clement Attlee Britain's New Prime Minister, Announces The Japanese Surrender And The End Of The War
A2 General Election Exchanges Between Churchill And Attlee Over The B.B.C.
A3 Trials Of Nazi War Criminals At Nuremberg: Hermann Goering And Rudolf Hess Enter Ples Of "Not Guilty"
A4 The Nuremberg Judgement Is Pronounced.
A5 Eye-witness Sergeant-Major E. Austin reports Heinrich Himmler's Suicide
A6 William ("Lord Haw-Haw") Joyce Propaganda Puppet Of Goebbels Is Sentenced To Death In London
Side 9: Tapestry Of Empire
A1 Britain's Royal Family Tours The Union The Union Of South Africa And The Rhodesias.
A2 King George Vi. Speaks Of His Anxiety About Britain's Economic Plight.
A3 Princess Eliabeth Comes Of Age: Her Solemn Dedication To The Service Of The Empire
A4 Jawaharlal Nehru On transfer Of Power To India
A5 Swearing-In Of Lord Louis Mountbatten As First Governor-General Of India
A6 Archbishop Of Canterbury Conducts Royal Wedding Of Princess Elizabeth And Duke Of Edinburgh At Westminster Abbey. ("For As Much As Philip And Elizabeth...")
Side 10: Men Can Sing Together
A1 Duke Of Edinburgh Adresses Mansion House Audience On Return From Paris
A2 Dr. Chaim Weizmann Speaks With Pride Of The New State Of Israel.
A3 A Remedy For Sick And Infected Europe Is Prescribed By U.S. Secretary Of State George Marshall At Harvard University.
A4 The "Air-Lift" Over The Soviet Blockade Of Berlin.
A5 Ernest Bevin At Washington, On The Meaning Of The North Atlantic Pact. ("At Last, DemocracyIs No Longer A Series Of Isolated Units...")
A6 Olympic Hymn Sung By Massed Choirs At Olympic Games, London, 1948

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