Various ‎– The Sun Country Box

Bear Family Records ‎– BCD 17311 FK
Box Set, Compilation, Deluxe Edition
6 × CD


Memphis Bounce
1-1 Slim Rhodes The Slim Rhodes Show (WMC Radio Extracts)
1-2 Slim Rhodes Skunk Hollow Boogie
1-3 Slim Rhodes Save A Little Love For Me
1-4 Slim Rhodes Memphis Bounce
1-5 Slim Rhodes Sixty Days
1-6 Slim Rhodes Hotfoot Rag
1-7 Slim Rhodes Time Marches On
1-8 Slim Rhodes Ozark Boogie
1-9 Slim Rhodes Red, White And Blue
1-10 Slim Rhodes Don't Believe
1-11 Slim Rhodes Uncertain Love
1-12 Slim Rhodes House Of Sin
1-13 Slim Rhodes Are You Ashamed Of Me
1-14 Slim Rhodes Bad Girl
1-15 Slim Rhodes Gonna Romp And Stomp
1-16 Slim Rhodes Take And Give
1-17 Slim Rhodes Do What I Do
1-18 Slim Rhodes I've Never Been So Blue
1-19 Harmonica Frank Floyd Swamp Root
1-20 Harmonica Frank Floyd Goin' Away Walkin'
1-21 Harmonica Frank Floyd Step It Up And Go
1-22 Harmonica Frank Floyd Howlin' Tomcat 1
1-23 Harmonica Frank Floyd She Done Moved
1-24 Harmonica Frank Floyd Howlin' Tomcat 2
1-25 Harmonica Frank Floyd The Great Medical Menagerist
1-26 Harmonica Frank Floyd Rockin' Chair Daddy
1-27 Bob Price (8) How Can It Be
1-28 Bob Price (8) Sticks And Stones
1-29 Red Hadley Tennessee Drag
1-30 Red Hadley If I Had As Much Money (As I Had Time)
1-31 Red Hadley Boogie Ramble
1-32 Ripley Cotton Choppers Blues Waltz
1-33 Ripley Cotton Choppers Silver Bel
1-34 Ripley Cotton Choppers Roses And Sunshine
Boogie Blues
2-1 Earl Peterson In The Dark
2-2 Earl Peterson Boogie Blues
2-3 Earl Peterson Nothing To Lose But My Heart
2-4 Earl Peterson I'm Leaving My Heart Up To You
2-5 Howard Seratt Make Room In The Lifeboat For Me
2-6 Howard Seratt Jesus Means All To Me
2-7 Howard Seratt Troublesome Waters
2-8 Howard Seratt I Must Be Saved
2-9 Doug Poindexter Now She Cares No More For Me
2-10 Doug Poindexter My Kind Of Carryin' On
2-11 Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley How Do You Think I Feel
2-12 Carl Perkins Instrumental Medley
2-13 Carl Perkins Honky Tonk Babe
2-14 Carl Perkins Gone Gone Gone
2-15 Carl Perkins Dixie Bop
2-16 Carl Perkins Sure To Fall
2-17 Carl Perkins Tennessee
2-18 Carl Perkins Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby
2-19 Carl Perkins Forever Yours
2-20 Carl Perkins The Way You're Living Is Breakin' My Heart
2-21 Carl Perkins Try My Heart Out
2-22 Malcolm Yelvington Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee
2-23 Malcolm Yelvington Just Rollin' Along
2-24 Bill Taylor (5) Lonely Sweetheart
2-25 Bill Taylor (5), Smokey Joe (5) Split Personality
2-26 Smokey Joe (5) Hula Bop
2-27 Smokey Joe (5) She's A Woman
2-28 Smokey Joe (5) The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere
2-29 Smokey Joe (5) Listen To Me
2-30 Smokey Joe (5) The Signifying Monkey
2-31 Stan Kesler We're Getting Closer To Being Apart
Defrost Your Heart
3-1 Johnny Bernero Red Hair And Green Eyes
3-2 Malcolm Yelvington Yakety Yak
3-3 Malcolm Yelvington Way Down Blues
3-4 Malcolm Yelvington Rockin' With My Baby
3-5 Malcolm Yelvington It's Me Baby
3-6 Malcolm Yelvington Goodbye Marie
3-7 Malcolm Yelvington Mr. Blues
3-8 Malcolm Yelvington First And Last Love
3-9 Malcolm Yelvington Did I Ask You To Stay
3-10 Malcolm Yelvington Trumpet
3-11 Malcolm Yelvington Ocean (Going To The Sea)
3-12 Charlie Feathers Runnin' Around
3-13 Charlie Feathers I've Been Deceived 1
3-14 Charlie Feathers Peepin' Eyes
3-15 Charlie Feathers I've Been Deceived 2
3-16 Charlie Feathers We're Getting Closer To Being Apart
3-17 Charlie Feathers Defrost Your Heart
3-18 Charlie Feathers Wedding Gown Of White
3-19 Charlie Feathers Bottle To The Baby
3-20 Charlie Feathers Man In Love
3-21 Maggie Sue Wimberly How Long
3-22 Maggie Sue Wimberly Daydreams Come True
3-23 Jimmy Haggett No More
3-24 Jimmy Haggett They Call Our Love A Sin
3-25 Maggie Sue Wimberly They Who Condemn
3-26 Maggie Sue Wimberly Call Me Anything
3-27 Maggie Sue Wimberly Rock And Roll 'Simmon Tree
3-28 Jimmy Haggett How Come You Do Me
3-29 Jimmy Haggett Rhythm Called Rock And Roll
3-30 Jimmy Haggett Rock Me Baby
3-31 Jimmy Haggett Rabbit Action
3-32 Miller Sisters Someday You Will Pay
3-33 Miller Sisters You Didn't Think I Would
3-34 Miller Sisters Look What You've Done
3-35 Miller Sisters I Know I Can't Forget You
3-36 Miller Sisters There's No Right Way
So Long, I'm Gone
4-1 Miller Sisters You Can Tell Me
4-2 Miller Sisters Woody
4-3 Miller Sisters Finders Keepers
4-4 Miller Sisters My Isle Of Golden Dreams
4-5 Miller Sisters Ten Cats Down
4-6 Miller Sisters It Only Hurts For A Little While
4-7 Miller Sisters Got You On My Mind
4-8 Miller Sisters Chains Of Love
4-9 Miller Sisters, Cast King I Can't Find Time To Pray
4-10 Cast King When You Stop Loving Me
4-11 Cast King Like A Weed In A Garden
4-12 Cast King Satisfied With Me
4-13 Cast King Please Believe Me
4-14 Cast King Round And Round
4-15 Cast King Destiny
4-16 Cast King Baby Doll
4-17 Warren Smith (3) Rock 'N' Roll Ruby
4-18 Warren Smith (3) I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry
4-19 Warren Smith (3) Black Jack David
4-20 Warren Smith (3) Ubangi Stomp
4-21 Warren Smith (3) Tonight Will Be The Last Night
4-22 Warren Smith (3) Tell Me Who
4-23 Warren Smith (3) I Couldn't Take The Chance
4-24 Warren Smith (3) I Had A Dream
4-25 Warren Smith (3) So Long I'm Gone 1
4-26 Warren Smith (3) So Long I'm Gone 2
4-27 Warren Smith (3) So Long I'm Gone 3
4-28 Warren Smith (3) Who Took My Baby
4-29 Warren Smith (3) Miss Froggie
4-30 Warren Smith (3) Stop The World
4-31 Warren Smith (3) Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
4-32 Warren Smith (3) Got Love If You Want It
4-33 Warren Smith (3) I Fell In Love
4-34 Warren Smith (3) Hank Snow Medley
4-35 Warren Smith (3) Do I Love You
4-36 Warren Smith (3) I Like Your Kinda Love
Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox
5-1 Warren Smith (3) Uranium Rock
5-2 Warren Smith (3) Goodbye Mr. Love (1)
5-3 Warren Smith (3) Sweet Sweet Girl
5-4 Warren Smith (3) Dear John
5-5 Warren Smith (3) Goodbye Mr. Love (2)
5-6 Ernie Chaffin Feelin' Low
5-7 Ernie Chaffin Lonesome For My Baby
5-8 Ernie Chaffin I'm Lonesome
5-9 Ernie Chaffin Laughin' And Jokin'
5-10 Ernie Chaffin Linda
5-11 Ernie Chaffin Heart Of Me
5-12 Ernie Chaffin I'll Walk Alone
5-13 Ernie Chaffin Be Faithful To Me
5-14 Ernie Chaffin Got You On My Mind
5-15 Ernie Chaffin Born To Lose
5-16 Ernie Chaffin (Nothing Can Change) My Love For You
5-17 Ernie Chaffin Miracle Of You
5-18 Ernie Chaffin Please Don't Ever Leave Me
5-19 Mack Self Easy To Love
5-20 Mack Self Goin' Crazy
5-21 Mack Self Everyday
5-22 Mack Self Easy To Love (2)
5-23 Mack Self Mad At You
5-24 Mack Self Vibrate
5-25 Mack Self Little One
5-26 Mack Self Lovin' Memories
5-27 Mack Self Willie Brown
5-28 Jerry Lee Lewis I'm Feelin' Sorry (1)
5-29 Jerry Lee Lewis I'm Feelin' Sorry (2)
5-30 Jerry Lee Lewis I'm The Guilty One
5-31 Onie Wheeler Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox (1)
5-32 Onie Wheeler Walkin' Shoes
5-33 Onie Wheeler That's All
5-34 Onie Wheeler Tell 'Em Off
5-35 Onie Wheeler Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox (2)
5-36 Onie Wheeler Bonaparte's Retreat
I Was There When It Happened
6-1 Johnny Cash Train Of Love
6-2 Johnny Cash Home Of The Blues
6-3 Tommy Blake Ballad Of A Broken Heart
6-4 Johnny Cash Story Of A Broken Heart
6-5 Jack Clement Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
6-6 Johnny Cash Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
6-7 Jack Clement Quench My Thirst
6-8 Jack Clement Ten Years
6-9 Jack Clement Your Lover Boy
6-10 Jack Clement The Black Haired Man
6-11 Jack Clement Wrong
6-12 Joe Manuel (2) Alimony Blues
6-13 Joe Manuel (2) Daisy Bread Boogie
6-14 Mississippi Slim Try Doin' Right
6-15 Hardrock Gunter Fallen Angel
6-16 Hardrock Gunter Gonna Dance All Night
6-17 Rhythm Rockers (2) Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby
6-18 Rhythm Rockers (2) Fiddle Bop
6-19 Wanda Ballman Honky Tonk Girl
6-20 Dixieland Drifters* I'm Gonna Find Her
6-21 Dixieland Drifters* Maybe Tomorrow
6-22 Carl Perkins Honky Tonk Gal
6-23 Carl Perkins Perkins Wiggle
6-24 Carl Perkins Y.O.U.
6-25 Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues
6-26 Johnny Cash If The Good Lord's Willing
6-27 Johnny Cash I Was There When It Happened
6-28 Jerry Lee Lewis Goodnight Irene
6-29 Jerry Lee Lewis Ole Pal Of Yesterday
6-30 Jerry Lee Lewis Fools Like Me
6-31 Jerry Lee Lewis I'll Sail My Ship Alone
6-32 Jerry Lee Lewis Settin' The Woods On Fire
6-33 Charlie Feathers So Ashamed
6-34 Charlie Feathers Honky Tonk Kind
6-35 Charlie Feathers Frankie And Johnny

Companies, etc.


6-CD Album Boxset (LP-size) with 148-page bound book. Made in Germany.
℗ 2012 & © 2012 Bear Family Records.

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