Various ‎– The Swindon Shuffle 2012

2 × CDr, Limited Edition, Numbered

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The Beehive
The Misadventures In Media Stage
The Out In The Sticks Stage
The Frisko Stage
The Acme-Live Stage
1-01 Mammoth And The Drum Such A Glorious Day
1-02 The Nomarks Desperado
1-03 Bateleurs Wasting Time
1-04 Anna Page If You Don't Love Me
1-05 The Shudders (2) We Are But Fools
1-06 Emily Drake Jeliza Rose
1-07 Mike Bezzer Princess
1-08 Mr Love And Justice The Shilling Folk
1-09 Kill Murray Laser
1-10 Buswell Time
1-11 Old Colours Morning After
1-12 Charlie Bath The Good Fall
1-13 Peasant's King Promised Land
1-14 Burnthru
1-15 Black Sheep Apprentice Thrown Away
1-16 White Knuckle Bride One Night Only
1-17 Tides Of Change Why Is Spain?!
1-18 Run From Robots This Bus Is Damned
1-19 Mortdelamer Searching For Safety
1-20 The Porn Issue Space Beyond Space
1-21 Roads To Nowhere Jakiller
The Green Man Stage(s)
The Gig Monkey Stage
The Culture Corner
The Sheer Music Stage
2-00 1000 Planets Take What's Mine
Remix – The MonkeyBoy*
2-01 Alice Offley Save Me
2-02 Matilda (15) Roots
2-03 Salute The Magpie Conversation M1
2-04 The Light Grenades Circles
2-05 Nudybronque Bottled Blonde
2-06 Russian Blue (2) Inactivist
2-07 SkyBurnsRed Monochrome
2-08 The Me! Me! Me's? 1 Boy 1 Girl
2-09 Browfort The Decline of British Manufacturing
2-10 The Blowbacks The Few And Far Between
2-11 Mantrasphere Shine
2-12 Antonio Lulic Hey, It's Okay (Acoustic)
2-13 The Street Orphans The Underdog (Please Beware)
2-14 Super Squarecloud Lolly Moon
2-15 Starlight City Dancing To Midnight
2-16 Black Hats (2) Death By Record
2-17 The Racket (2) Fall To Pieces
2-18 The Starkers Not The Same
2-19 Good Things Happen In Bad Towns Pocket Full Of Stones
2-20 Billy Jon* This World Will Burn
2-21 Mr Hello And His Honesty Club feat. Kid Jamaica* Kid Jamaica Talks War
2-22 Chip Daddy Cheese On Your Crumpets
2-23 2 Sick Monkeys Last Orders


  • Compiled By, Compiled By [Mixed], Compiled By [Sequenced], Mastered ByDJ Dust (3)


160 copies pressed, all individually numbered. Released to showcase the artists playing at The Swindon Shuffle 2012.

CD2 has an exclusive hidden track before track 1 that's unlisted on back cover.

1-01. Music and lyrics by Sean Hodgson. Produced by Sean Hodgson @ Studio B, Faringdon Radio (2011). Mastered by Neil Dwerryhouse.
1-02. Music by R. Cameron, lyrics by C. Humphrey. Recorded live and produced by Andy Rowland @ Gatehouse recording studios Swindon (March 2012).
1-03. Written by D. Ball. Produced By Ed Hanfrey & Bateleurs @ Rising Sun Studios (April 2012). From the album "All In The Past"
1-04. Written by Anna Page. Recorded at Mooncalf studios, engineered by Nick Beere, produced by Anna Page and Richard Davies (August 2010). Anna Page: vocals & guitar / Richard Davies: guitar / John O Sullivan: bass + backing vocals / Dan Tilbury: drums.
1-05. Written by The Shudders. Recorded by Nick Beere @ Mooncalf Music ( Produced by Nick Beere & The Shudders (2009).
1-06. Written by Emily Drake. Recorded by Jon Buckett @ Earthworm. Produced by Jon Buckett and Colin Moulding @ Warneage Wood (February 2011)
1-07. Written by Michael Berry. Produced and engineered by Will Miller. Recorded at LIPA (February 2012).
1-08. Music & Lyrics by Steve Cox. Recorded @ Homeground Studio Swindon and Accord Music, Barnet, England. Produced and mixed by Steve Cox and Marcus De Freitas. Mastered by David Celia and Andy Magoffin @ The House of Miracles, Ontario, Canada. From the album "Watchword".
1-09. Written by Kill Murray. Engineered and produced by Jamie Morris. Recorded @ SAE Institute, Oxford. Mastered by Aaron Delgado (December 2011).
1-10. Written by Shaun Buswell. Recorded @ Secret Ingredient Studios, Skara, Sweden. Mixed/engineered by Erik Nyberg & Shaun Buswell (2012). Vocals/Bass/Harp/Strings: Shaun Buswell / Vocals: Zoe Mead / Guitar: Erik Nyberg / Rhodes: Teresa Kelly / Drums: James Adkin
1-11. Written by Zoe Mead & Daniel June. Produced by Samuel Bates @ The Cellar Studio. Mastered by Stu Rowe @ Lighterthief Productions.
1-12. Written by Charlie Bath. Produced, arranged and mixed by Simon Law and Charlie Bath. Recorded by Simon Law @ Wintersfield Studio, Gloucestershire (2012). Mastered by Mandy Parnell (Brian Eno/Bjork/Feist) at Black Saloon Studios.
1-13. Written by Daniel Evans & Lewys Mann. Produced by Todd Campbell @ Skwad HQ, Pontypridd (January 2012).
1-14. Written by Burnthru. Produced and engineered by Andy Rowland, recorded @ Gatehouse Studios, Swindon (May 2012).
1-15. Written by Skidmore / Jellings / Franklin. Produced by Black Sheep Apprentice. Engineered by Sam Bates @ The Cellar Studio (October 2011).
1-16. Written by White Knuckle Bride. Engineered and recorded by Nick Beere @ Mooncalf Studios, Marlborough (February 2010).
1-17. Written by Tides Of Change. Produced and engineered by Claire Sutton of CLS Productions (May 2012).
1-18. Music by Run From Robots, lyrics by Tom Yeo. Produced, mixed and mastered by Matt O'Grady (June 2012).
1-19. Written and performed by Mortdelamer. Recorded @ Bandit Studios. Engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Johnny Renshaw (April 2012).
1-20. Written by Daz Gossage / Matt Nugent / Lee Epplestone. Recorded by Phil Legend @ Coda Studios (2009). Produced, remixed and remastered by Ade Truelove @ Eartunes Radio (2012).
1-21. Music by Jake Reid, James Spiller, Joe Grimes & Lee Butler, lyrics by Lauren Todd. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Louis Sellers @ Anton Road Studio, Andover (June 2012).
2-00. Music and lyrics by Jim Cannell. Recorded @ Rob's and produced by 1000 Planets. Remixed by The MonkeyBoy @ Dust Studios, Swindon.
2-01. Written and produced by Alice Offley (May 2012).
2-02. Written by Rebecca Bates / Polly Strange / Emily Sykes / Amy Hedges. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Bates at the Cellar Studio (December 2009).
2-03. Written by Tom England. Produced by Neil Kennedy & Jim Harding @ The Ranch Production House (July 2012).
2-04. Music by The Light Grenades (Alice Long / Steve Curtis / Andrew Bingham / Tomas Beran), lyrics by Andrew Bingham. Recorded @ Amber Studio and BingMan studio. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew Bingham (2012).
2-05. Written by Nudybronque. Produced by Jamie Dodd @ The Animal Farm (December 2011).
2-06. Music by Russian Blue, lyrics by Alex Share. Engineered by Adam Metcalfe and Jack Cross @ UWE Studios, produced by Adam Metcalfe, Jack Cross and Russian Blue, mixed by Paddy Henchman.
2-07. Music by SkyBurnsRed, lyrics by Jason Johnson. Produced by SkyBurnsRed with the help of Chris D'Adda @ Vale Studios, Worcestershire.
2-08. Written by The Me! Me! Me's? Recorded Summer 2011.
2-09. Music & lyrics by Browfort. Produced and engineered by Browfort. Recorded @ Beeching Cuts Studio, Devizes (2011)
2-10. Written and produced by The Blowbacks. Recorded and mixed @ Dundas Court (May 2012). Dedicated to S & R.
2-11. Written and performed by Hugh Carroll. Engineered and produced by Barry Andrews ( @ Create Studios, Swindon (2010). Mastered by Stu Rowe @ Lighterthief Productions.
2-12. Written and performed by Antonio Lulic, backing vocals by Kal Lavelle. Recorded @ Musicborn Studios. Mastered by Gary Scully @Aquarius.
2-13. Music and Lyrics by Matt Jopling. Produced by The Street Orphans. Engineered and recorded by Nick Beere @ Mooncalf Studios, Marlborough (December 2011).
2-14. Written by Super Squarecloud. Recorded @ The Conservatory (July 2012).
2-15. Written by Starlight City. Recorded @ Gatehouse studios. Produced and engineered by Andy Rowland (June 2012).
2-16. Music by N. Breakspear / I. Budd, lyrics by N. Breakspear. Recorded and Produced by Sam Williams @ Templesound Studios.
2-17. Written by Plummie, performed by The Racket. Produced by Dan Carter (May 2012)
2-18. Music and lyrics by The Starkers. Produced by Toryn Hockham (February 2012).
2-19. Written by David Corrigan. Produced & Engineered by Jon Buckett & Colin Moulding @ Earthworm & Warneage Wood (2012). Performed by Jon Buckett, David Corrigan & Emily Sykes.
2-20. Written by Billy Jon. Recorded live @ The Head Room Studios, engineered by Ben Morris (November 2009).
2-21. Written by Mr Hello and his Honesty Club. Recorded @ Bentham Studio by Dug Wolfsohn (June 2011).
2-22. Written by Jamie Cotterill. Recorded @ Broadleas Studios, Devizes (January 2012).
2-23. Written by 2 Sick Monkeys. Recorded and mixed by Stu McKay @ Studio 6, Wootton Bassett (Winter 2011).