Various ‎– The Times Of Our Lives (Twentieth Century Actualities Which Shaped History)

Telmak ‎– TMAK 137
Vinyl, LP, Gatefold


A1 Thomas Alva Edison EDISON AND THE PHONOGRAPH (The first words spoken by Thomas Alva Edicon into his phonograph in 1877, recreated in 1927) 0:20
A2 Guglielmo Marconi MARCONI - THE FATHER OF RADIO (Gugliermo Marconi began sending/receiving wireless messages in 1895. His beams reached Australia in 1918, as he explains) 1:46
A3 Woodrow Wilson (2) THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 (American President Woodrow Wilson announces the end of World War I and makes a chillingly accurate prediction) 0:58
A4 Charles Kingsford Smith CHARLES KINGSFORD SMITH - AVIATION PIONEER (Description of the arrival of the 'Southern Cross' from England at Mascot, 1932) 0:40
A5 Franklin D. Roosevelt THE GREAT DEPRESSION (American President Franklin D. Roosevelt's inaugural "... nothing to fear but fear itself" speech, March 4 1933) 0:28
A6 H.M. King Edward VIII* THE ABDICATION OF KING EDWARD VIII (The King's speech to his people, London December 11 1936) 1:10
A7 No Artist THE EXPLOSION OF THE HINDENBURG (Dramatic description of the airship Von Hindenburg crashing into flames, Wakehurst New Jersey May 6 1937) 2:42
A8 Orson Welles And The Mercury Theater On The Air WAR OF THE WORLDS SCARE (An extract from the October 30 1938 radio broadcast by Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre which spread panic over America on an unprecedented level) 3:10
A9 No Artist WORLD WAR II 1939-45 11:10
A9 (1) Adolf Hitler ADOLF HITLER addresses more than a million followers at a Nazi Party Congress in Nuremburg, 1935
A9 (2) Neville Chamberlain PRIME MINISTER NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN • reports on Munich Conference, September 30 1938; • declares war on Germany, September 3 1939
A9 (3) Robert Menzies (2) PRIME MINISTER ROBERT MENZIES commits Australia to WW2, September 3 1939
A9 (4) Winston Churchill PRIME MINISTER WINSTON CHURCHILL • "This was their finest hour" speech May 1940; • reading Roosevelt's "Ship of State" message, October 30 1940
A9 (5) Franklin D. Roosevelt PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT aska Congress to declare war on Japan, December 8 1941
A9 (6) John Curtin (3) PRIME MINISTER JOHN CURTIN commits Australia to war with Japan, December 8 1941
A9 (7) Dwight David Eisenhower GENERAL DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER announces Allied D-Day landing, June 6 1944
A9 (8) The Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill* PRIME MINISTER WINSTON CHURCHILL announces victory in Europe, May 8 1945
A9 (9) Harry S. Truman PRESIDENT HARRY S. TRUMAN announces A-Bomb attack on Hiroshima, August 6 1945
A9 (10) C. R. Attlee PRIME MINISTER CLEMENT R. ATTLEE announces the conclusion of WW2, August 14 1945
A9 (11) General Douglas MacArthur GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR accepts formal Japanese surrender aboard battleship Missouri, September 2 1945
A10 No Artist THE NUREMBURG WAR CRIMES TRIALS (Nazi war criminals face justice 1946/46) 1:12
A11 Winston Churchill THE IRON CURTAIN CLOSES (Winston Churchill's speech in Fulton Missouri March 5 1946 which coined the term "iron curtain" and set the stage for the Cold War) 0:50
A12 Jawaharlal Nehru THE ASSASSINATION OF MAHATMA GANDHI (Announced by Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharal Nehru, New Delhi, January 30 1948) 0:27
A13 H.M. Queen Elizabeth II* HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II (• Marriage to Prince Phillip, Westmnister Abbey London November 20 1947; • Coronation as Queen, Westmnister Abbey London June 2 1953; • Firsts speech on Australian soil, Sydney February 3 1954) 2:00
B1 President J.F. Kennedy* THE INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY ("Ask not what your country can do for you..." Washington DC January 20 1961) 3:03
B2 Dr Martin Luther King* MARTIN LUTHER KING - MARCH ON WASHINGTON ("I have a dream..." August 28 1963) 3:25
B3 No Artist THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY (• Description of shooting in Dallas Texas; • Lee Harvey Oswald denial; • description of Jack Ruby murder; • funeral eulogy by Cardinal Cushing, November 22-25 1963) 3:18
B4 The Beatles THE BEATLES IN AUSTRALIA (First words on Australian soil [Darwin] and legendary Adelaide balcony appearance, June 11/12 1964) 2:37
B5 Arthur Caldwell, Lyndon B. Johnson, Ngyuen Cao Ky THE VIETNAM WAR (Comments from Australian Opposition Leader Arthur Caldwell, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, and South Vietnam Premier Ngyuen Cao Ky, 1966) 0:50
B6 Neil Armstrong (2) THE MOON LANDING (Neil Armstrong's "One small step for man...", July 21 1969) 1:15
B7 Howard Robard Hughes Jr. HOWARD HUGHES SPEAKS (The billionaire recluse commenting [by phone] on Clifford Irving autobiography hoax, Nassau January 7 1972) 3:58
B8 President R. Nixon* PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON QUITS (Announcement to the American people, Washington DC August 9 1974) 0:44
B9 The Hon. E.G. Whitlam* PRIME MINISTER GOUGH WHITLAM SACKED ("... as Kerr's cur", steps of Parliament House, Canberra, November 11 1975) 1:20
B10 No Artist THE DEATH OF ELVIS PRESLEY (News report from Baptist Hospital Memphis, on the demise of the King of Rock'n'Roll, August 16 1977) 1:24
B11 Rev. Robert Runcie THE ROYAL WEDDING - CHARLES & DIANA (Performed by The Most Reverend Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury, at St. Paul's Cathedral, London, July 29 1981) 6:17
B12 Steve Blanda THE AMERICA'S CUP (Dramatic description, by Steve Blanda, of Australia's win of the deciding race, Newport, Rhode Island, September 26 1983) 2:05



Album conceived, researched, compiled and annotated by Glenn A. Baker.
This entire work is copyright 1985 by Glenn A. Baker and issued under exclusive arrangement by Telmak Teleproducts (Australia ) P/L.

Dedicated to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, whose dreams can still come true.