Various ‎– The Ultimate Sample Collection

Future Music Magazine ‎– FM/57/06/97 B
CD, Sample Library


Essential Beats
1.1a Itchy 128bpm: Beat
1.1b Itchy 128bpm: + Extra Perc.
1.1c Itchy 128bpm: + Loop
1.1d Itchy 128bpm: Kick
1.2a Scratchy 127bpm: Beat.
1.2b Scratchy 127bpm: + Extra Perc.
1.2c Scratchy 127bpm: + Cymb
1.2d Scratchy 127bpm: + Loop
1.2e Scratchy 127bpm: + Tom
2.1a Repedative Nature 142bpm: Kick And H/H
2.1b Repedative Nature 142bpm: Big Drum
2.1c Repedative Nature 142bpm: Beat
2.1d Repedative Nature 142bpm: Beat And Big Drum
2.2a Psycho 140bpm: Beat
2.2b Psycho 140bpm: Beat And Siren
2.2c Psycho 140bpm: Siren
2.3a Crowded 140bpm: Crowd
2.3b Crowded 140bpm: + Beat
2.3c Crowded 140bpm: - Crowd
3a Bite Size Beats: 129bpm
3b Bite Size Beats: 127bpm
3c Bite Size Beats: 140bpm
3d Bite Size Beats: 140bpm
3e Bite Size Beats: 150bpm
3f Bite Size Beats: 138bpm
4.1a Urbania 169bpm: Beat
4.1b Urbania 169bpm: + Cym + FX
4.1c Urbania 169bpm: Cym + FX
4.2a War-Torn UK 154bpm: Beat
4.2b War-Torn UK 154bpm: Variation
4.3a Phase Doubt 161bpm: Beat
4.3b Phase Doubt 161bpm: Variation
4.3c Phase Doubt 161bpm: Variation
4.3d Phase Doubt 161bpm: Variation
5.1a Quantum Tunnels 183bpm: + FX
5.1b Quantum Tunnels 183bpm: - FX
5.2a Daft Name 119bpm: Beat
5.2b Daft Name 119bpm: Variation
5.2c Daft Name 119bpm: Break
5.3a Disco Neckt 124bpm: - Kick
5.3b Disco Neckt 124bpm: + Kick
5.3c Disco Neckt 124bpm: Break
5.3d Disco Neckt 124bpm: Break 2
6a Bite Size Beats: 152bpm
6b Bite Size Beats: 152bpm
6c Bite Size Beats: 152bpm
6d Bite Size Beats: 152bpm
7.1a Deadbeat 114bpm: + Kick
7.1b Deadbeat 114bpm: - Kick
7.2a Lo-Fi 114bpm: + Kick
7.2b Lo-Fi 114bpm: - Kick
7.3a Drum Garten 1 148bpm: Sub Kick
7.3b Drum Garten 1 148bpm: Beat
7.3c Drum Garten 1 148bpm: Beat 2
7.3d Drum Garten 1 148bpm: Kicks
7.4a Drum Garten 2 168bpm: Beat
7.4b Drum Garten 2 168bpm: Variation
7.4c Drum Garten 2 168bpm: Variation
8.1a Monastery Of Sound 138bpm: Beat
8.1b Monastery Of Sound 138bpm: Beat And Break
8.1c Monastery Of Sound 138bpm: + End Break
8.1d Monastery Of Sound 138bpm: Breakdown
8.2a Fudge 127bpm: Beat
8.2b Fudge 127bpm: Sample Loop
8.2c Fudge 127bpm: + Break
8.3a Terraformer 147bpm: Beat
8.3b Terraformer 147bpm: Kick
8.3c Terraformer 147bpm: Cym And Kick
8.3d Terraformer 147bpm: Beat And Break
9.1a Mondo Basso 1: Beat
9.1b Mondo Basso 1: + Bass
9.1c Mondo Basso 1: Breakdown
9.1d Mondo Basso 1: + FX
9.1e Mondo Basso 1: + FX
9.1f Mondo Basso 1: + FX
9.2a Mondo Basso 2: Beat
9.2b Mondo Basso 2: + Break 1
9.2c Mondo Basso 2: + FX
9.2d Mondo Basso 2: + FX
9.2e Mondo Basso 2: Break 2
10 Bite Size Beats: Seven Loops
11.1a Higher Sauce 1 147bpm: Beat
11.2a Higher Sauce 2 147bpm: Kick And Perc
11.3a Higher Sauce 3 147bpm: Perc
11.3b Higher Sauce 3 147bpm: Perc And Loop
Synth Samples
12a Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Filtered Bass C 130bpm
12b Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Filtered Bass C 130bpm
13a Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Arpeggio Up C
13b Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Arpeggio Down C
13c Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Eraser Bass C 130 bpm
14a Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Filtered Drum Loop 1
14b Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Filtered Drum Loop 2
15a Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Atmos Pad Up C
15b Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Atmos Pad Down C
15c Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Dribble Loop C
16a Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Filtered Lead Arp 1
16b Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Filtered Lead Arp 1
16c Yamaha CS1x Filtered Riffs: Bass Wobble
17a Korg Prophecy Samples: Lead 1
17b Korg Prophecy Samples: Lead 2
17c Korg Prophecy Samples: Lead 3
17d Korg Prophecy Samples: Filtered Drums
18a Korg Prophecy Samples: Bass
18b Korg Prophecy Samples: Lead
18c Korg Prophecy Samples: Lead Arp
18d Korg Prophecy Samples: Drum Arp
19a Korg Prophecy Samples: Lead Octave
19b Korg Prophecy Samples: Robot Lead
19c Korg Prophecy Samples: Electro Drum
19d Korg Prophecy Samples: Talking Arp
20 Korg Prophecy Samples: Eight Sound FX Hits
Anaolgue Sounds
21a Saw Wave Octaves C
21b Square Wave Octaves C
21c Pulse Wave Octaves C
21d Sub Bass
22a Squelchy Bass
22b Square Bass
22c Deep Bass
22d Saw Sweep
22e Thick Bass
23a Lead
23b Blank
23c Banger
23d Belter
Techno Sounds
24a Bright
24b Pop Lead
24c Killer
24d Mad Synth
25a Drifter
25b Open Filter
25c Open Square
25d Brass
26a OBX-ish
26b Brass Squelch
26c Poly Six
26d Techno 1
26e Techno 2
26f Techno 3
Bass Synths
27a Swept And Squelchy
27b Reedy
27c Picky
27d Deep
27e Mini-Moog
28a Euro-cheese
28b Filtered Wave
28c Fat
28d Acoustic
28e Hard
29a Middle
29b Deeper
29c Micro-Moog 1
29d Micro-Moog 2
29e Micro-Moog 3
30a Moog 1
30b Moog 2
30c Moog 3
30d Reef
30e Scope
30f Warm
808-Style Hits
31a Kick
31b Snare 1
31c Snare 2
31d Tom
31e Rim
31f Clap
31g Closed Hat
31h Open Hat
31i Tamb
31j Cowbell
909-Style Hits
32a Kick
32b Tom
32c Kick 2
32d Snare
32e Rim
32f Freq
32g Analogue Up
32h Analogue Down
32i Bleep 1
32j Bleep 2
32k Tom 2
32l Kick 3
32m Dance Kick
Big Basses
33a Resonant
33b Sample + Hold
33c Low
33d Sweep
33e Filter
34a Finger
34b Short
34c Roller
34d Dub
35a Hard
35b Synth
35c House
Synth Assortment
36 Four Synth Samples...
37 ...And Four More
38a Resonant C2
38b Rattler Riff
38c Rattler C1, 2, 3
38d Juno Clone Riff
38e Juno Clone C1, 2, 3
38f 303 Clone Riff
39a 303 Clone C1
39b Euro Chime Riff
39c Euro Chime C1, 2, 3
39d DX Bass Riff
39e DX Bass C1, 2, 3
39f Huge C1, 2, 3
Guitar Textures
40 Looped Drones & Pads 1
41 Looped Drones & Pads 2
42 Non-Looped Drones & Pads
43 Looped FX
44 Non-Looped FX
45 Rhthmic Loops
46 E-Bow Multi Samples
47 Ambient Textures 1
48 Ambient Textures 2
Bass Guitar Loops
49a Mellow Twang E 89bpm
49b Flange Pick E 100bpm
49c Mid Funk A 116bpm
49d Wah Funk E 98bpm
49e Flange Fuzz A 130bpm
50a Dirty Brother A 108bpm
50b Fuzz Funk D 110bpm
50c Fuzz Run A 94bpm
50d Fuzz Wah E 96bpm
50e Fuzz Groove E 87bpm
51a Clean Roller F# 125bpm
51b Thin Box B 121bpm
51c Fuzz Rock A 100bpm
51d Wah Funk G 130bpm
51e Trem Pick A 104bpm
52a Wah Groove D 122bpm
52b Sweep Slide A 100bpm
52c Flange Note A 96bpm
52d Delay Bass E 118bpm
52e Jazz Vibe A 123bpm
53 Eight Vocal Snippets
54 ... And A Further Eight
55 Nine Phrases...
56 ... And Nine More
57 Six Vocal Lines
58 Spoken Numbers 1-10
59 Robo-Vox 20 Phrases

Companies, etc.



Subtitled: "600 samples - 60 minutes of breakbeat, analogue, vocal & guitar samples".

For details see FM 57, page 6.
Made in England.

Issue 57 also included this as a bonus sample CD, with the standard CD FM CD 57 June 1997 Essential Listening For All Musicians (FM/57/06/97 A).

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Mirrored): DISCTRONICS S FM/57/06/97 B 01
  • Mastering SID Code (Mirrored): IFPI L501
  • Mould SID Code (Variant 1): IFPI 8706
  • Mould SID Code (Variant 2): IFPI 8712