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1. England
Magic Moments At Twilight Time & The Charles - Mick & Chris On Acid… The Album! (C-4005, May 1987)
DVDr-1 Mick Magic & Chris Carter (12) My Acidic Heaven 22:51
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Introduction / Trois / Blitzkrieg! (10:53)
DVDr-2.1 Introduction ("State Of The Art")
DVDr-2.2 Trois
DVDr-2.3 Blitzkrieg!
DVDr-3 Magic Moments At Twilight Time Shona Moments Introduces... 0:03
DVDr-4 The Charles (3) Ides Of March 3:49
DVDr-5 The Charles (3) Amusement Arcade 4:14
DVDr-6 The Charles (3) Red 3:29
Bonus Tracks
DVDr-7 Dirty Planet Tinman
DVDr-8 Dirty Planet Campology
DVDr-9 Dirty Planet Funeral On The Heath
DVDr-10 Dirty Planet Cup Of Tea
DVDr-11 Dirty Planet Erosion
DVDr-12 Dirty Planet Splitting The Atom
DVDr-13 Mick Magic The Electric Age Cometh
2. Germany (East & West)
Lord Litter - Torn Between Temptations (M&E 012, April 1992)
DVDr-14 Lord Litter A Real Groovy Black Night
DVDr-15 Lord Litter Another Love Song
DVDr-16 Lord Litter Lost
DVDr-17 Lord Litter The Return Of The Magnificant Space Captain
DVDr-18 Lord Litter Doogs Boogie
DVDr-19 Lord Litter Klick There It Goes Again
DVDr-20 Lord Litter You Pump Me Up
DVDr-21 Lord Litter Could You Flush Me Down The Toilet
DVDr-22 Lord Litter Leaving Reality Behind Me
DVDr-23 Lord Litter Took A Trip Back In Time
DVDr-24 Lord Litter Jamming With The Dinosaur
DVDr-25 Lord Litter Asskissin
DVDr-26 Lord Litter Roggit
DVDr-27 Lord Litter I'm Evil
DVDr-28 Lord Litter I Once Was A Real Good Chap
Bonus Tracks
DVDr-29 Lord Litter Break Free
DVDr-30 Meta Georgia Early Bird
DVDr-31 Lord Litter Barego
Bonus Album
Das Freie Orchester - M&E 25th Anniversary Collection (Compiled From DFO Archiv 1, 2016)
DVDr-32 Das Freie Orchester KlapperDubCut
DVDr-33 Das Freie Orchester Crawling In Shit
DVDr-34 Das Freie Orchester Notirabtremor
DVDr-35 Das Freie Orchester Sadness
DVDr-36 Das Freie Orchester Scatter-Brained
DVDr-37 Das Freie Orchester Zerdom Zart
DVDr-38 Das Freie Orchester ZoSpiGuLi
DVDr-39 Das Freie Orchester Negermusik
DVDr-40 Das Freie Orchester Shmirtzgurrubbutz
3. France
X Ray Pop - Under My Skirt (M&E 028, April 1992)
DVDr-41 X Ray Pop* Hocus Pocus
DVDr-42 X Ray Pop* The Return Of The Dragon
DVDr-43 X Ray Pop* Electric Rock'N Roll
DVDr-44 X Ray Pop* Femme Fatale
DVDr-45 X Ray Pop* Brazil
DVDr-46 X Ray Pop* Patricia's Soup
DVDr-47 X Ray Pop* Mysteries Of The Earth
DVDr-48 X Ray Pop* The Mysterious Mick Magic Theme
DVDr-49 X Ray Pop* La Verre
DVDr-50 X Ray Pop* Burning Head
DVDr-51 X Ray Pop* Sister Sirloin
DVDr-52 X Ray Pop* Gloomy Kangaroo
DVDr-53 X Ray Pop* I'm A Dragon
DVDr-54 X Ray Pop* A Parakeet In My Pocket
DVDr-55 X Ray Pop* Silver Sketching
DVDr-56 X Ray Pop* Under My Skirt
DVDr-57 X Ray Pop* Jilty Music
DVDr-58 X Ray Pop* Rambo Meets Pam-Pam
DVDr-59 X Ray Pop* Moroccan Pillow
Bonus Track
DVDr-60 X Ray Pop* Y' a Comme Des Mouches
4. Scotland
Glass - Glass Planet (M&E 590, May 2003)
DVDr-61 Glass (24) Animosity
DVDr-62 Glass (24) Another Dimension
DVDr-63 Glass (24) Oxygen
DVDr-64 Glass (24) Glass Planet
DVDr-65 Glass (24) Overkill
DVDr-66 Glass (24) Pull Me Out
DVDr-67 Glass (24) Alive
DVDr-68 Glass (24) Free Ride
DVDr-69 Glass (24) Don't Close Your Mind
Bonus Tracks From Cactus Rose - Untitled CDR (2012)
DVDr-70 Cactus Rose (2) Thought
DVDr-71 Cactus Rose (2) Promises
DVDr-72 Cactus Rose (2) Complicated
DVDr-73 Cactus Rose (2) Out Of Phase
DVDr-74 Cactus Rose (2) Fear
DVDr-75 Cactus Rose (2) Spaced Out
DVDr-76 Cactus Rose (2) Stalker
DVDr-77 Cactus Rose (2) Paint It Black
5. United States Of America
L.G. Mair Jr. - Drön (M&E 395, May 1997)
DVDr-78 L.G. Mair Jr.* Drōn (Final Mix) 43:55
DVDr-79 L.G. Mair Jr.* Drōn (Minimal Megamix) 44:12
6. Belgium
Galactic Lilah Et L’Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques - Volume 1: Anima Spiralia (M&E 105, December 1992)
DVDr-80 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques La Spiralie (1)
DVDr-81 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques La Spiralie (2)
DVDr-82 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques La Spiralie (3)
DVDr-83 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Lever D'Astre
DVDr-84 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques L'Ailleurs
DVDr-85 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Livid Dream
DVDr-86 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques D'Encre Et De Souffle
DVDr-87 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Danse Pres D'Une Cascade
DVDr-88 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Short Piano For The Lemon Man
DVDr-89 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Bloody Times (Variation II)
DVDr-90 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Air De Pierre (Variation III)
DVDr-91 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Jeux De Gargouille
DVDr-92 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Coupe Transversale Du Rêve A La Gargouille
DVDr-93 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Ride On The Turtle’s Back With Wind In The Weed (1)
DVDr-94 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Ride On The Turtle’s Back With Wind In The Weed (2)
DVDr-95 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Salle D’Attente (In “Le Colimateur”)
DVDr-96 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Jumping Heart (Variation II)
DVDr-97 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Escalier Vers La Chambre Aux Trois Visions (From “Le Théâtre Du Bourdon” : Figure II)
DVDr-98 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Dolor Compacta Con Frutti (From “Le Théâtre Du Bourdon" : Figure III)
DVDr-99 Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme Essais Somnanbuliques Untitled (Uncredited Piece That Continued Until The Tape Ran Out)
Bonus Track
DVDr-100 We Never Met We Should Have Danced
7. Wales
Sons Of Selina - M&E 25th Anniversary Special Collection
From “Now Give Me Back My Cake” (M&E 321, September 1995)
Sons Of Selina Live At Conwy Civic Hall, 1995 (42:27)
DVDr-101.1 As Clear As Mud
DVDr-101.2 Climb
DVDr-101.3 Life Is But
DVDr-101.4 Of The First Water
DVDr-101.5 Anxiety
DVDr-101.6 Terminus
DVDr-101.7 For Want Of A Better Name
DVDr-101.8 On A Promise
From “Ambition” (M&E 054, July 1992)
DVDr-102 Sons Of Selina Creatures Of The Night
DVDr-103 Sons Of Selina Shadows In The Dust
DVDr-104 Sons Of Selina Dust In The Shadows
DVDr-105 Sons Of Selina Judging Books
DVDr-106 Sons Of Selina Skyfall
DVDr-107 Sons Of Selina Dreamshadow
DVDr-108 Sons Of Selina Relapse
DVDr-109 Sons Of Selina Once Every So Often
From “Paradise Mile” (M&E 250, January 1994)
DVDr-110 Sons Of Selina Kalgan
DVDr-111 Sons Of Selina Existing Services
DVDr-112 Sons Of Selina Jam Tomorrow
DVDr-113 Sons Of Selina D.S.L.
Bonus Track
DVDr-114 Sons Of Selina vs. Head In The Shed Fire In The Hole (Remixed Remashed Remix)
8. Italy
Mana Erg - Another (Self Released CDr, 1999)
DVDr-115 Mana Erg Schoolbreak
DVDr-116 Mana Erg Inaders
DVDr-117 Mana Erg Another
DVDr-118 Mana Erg Tote Blumen
DVDr-119 Mana Erg Gizmo
DVDr-120 Mana Erg Soleil D'Argent
DVDr-121 Mana Erg Touch / Piccolino
DVDr-122 Mana Erg Mezzo Fatto
DVDr-123 Mana Erg Chewollop
DVDr-124 Mana Erg Venus Genetrix
DVDr-125 Mana Erg Leaves
DVDr-126 Mana Erg Pickle
DVDr-127 Mana Erg Sumiye
Bonus Track
DVDr-128 Mana Erg Wasps
Featuring, Loops – Artemiy Artemiev
9. Greece
The Flowers Of Romance - The Story So Far… And Further! (M&E 088, M&E 25th Anniversary Special Edition)
DVDr-129 Flowers Of Romance Introduction
DVDr-130 Flowers Of Romance Revolutionary Army (Demo)
DVDr-131 Flowers Of Romance The Killer (Demo)
DVDr-132 Flowers Of Romance The Spooky Valley Of The Dolls (Demo)
DVDr-133 Flowers Of Romance Isn't It A Shame To Be White (Demo)
DVDr-134 Flowers Of Romance There Is Nothing We Can't Solve Together (Live)
DVDr-135 Flowers Of Romance Street Fighter (Live)
DVDr-136 Flowers Of Romance Bordel
DVDr-137 Flowers Of Romance It's Survival
DVDr-138 Flowers Of Romance Five To One (Rehearsal)
DVDr-139 Flowers Of Romance Dead Amigos (Rehearsal)
DVDr-140 Flowers Of Romance Burning In Hell (Demo)
DVDr-141 Flowers Of Romance Christmas In A Cunthouse
DVDr-142 Flowers Of Romance 1.000 Dying Words
DVDr-143 Flowers Of Romance Kashmir
DVDr-144 Flowers Of Romance Paint It Black
DVDr-145 Flowers Of Romance Amaradina
DVDr-146 Flowers Of Romance Island In The Moon
DVDr-147 Nexus (4) She's The Elixir
DVDr-148 Nexus (4) Master Of The Game
DVDr-149 Nexus (4) Drop The Luv Bomb
DVDr-150 Nexus (4) Happiness Is A Lonely Place
New Zero God
DVDr-151 New Zero God Pen Like A Knife (Centurion Mix)
DVDr-152 New Zero God Tarot Card Reader (The Black Venus Mix)
Bonus Track
DVDr-153 New Zero God Winter Waltz
Featuring – Irene Tiniakou
10. Austria
Karg - Kira (M&E 116, December 1992)
DVDr-154 Karg Vögel
DVDr-155 Karg Dammbruch
DVDr-156 Karg VIE - JFK
DVDr-157 Karg Richi
DVDr-158 Karg Djihad
DVDr-159 Karg Himmel
DVDr-160 Karg Kinderzoo
11. Finland
Pornorphans - Seasoned With Love (M&E 448, July 1998)
DVDr-161 Pornorphans Mucafung
DVDr-162 Pornorphans Geisha
DVDr-163 Pornorphans Innocent
DVDr-164 Pornorphans All Of My Time
DVDr-165 Pornorphans Worthless
DVDr-166 Pornorphans Cyclone (Parts 1 & 2)
12. Canada
Jaws Of The Flying Carpet - Live At The Whipping Post (M&E 402, October 1997)
DVDr-167 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Bhat A Bhat
DVDr-168 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet The Silk Road Whispers
DVDr-169 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Disjointed Waltz
DVDr-170 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Mekhong River Song
DVDr-171 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Mojave Sunset
DVDr-172 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Wah Lucille
DVDr-173 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Tabula Rasa
DVDr-174 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Hflat
DVDr-175 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Ornette Coleman’s Dinner Party
DVDr-176 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Baby Politicians With Cigars
Bonus Tracks
DVDr-177 Agent Yggdrasil Nascar 500 Chicken Rally
DVDr-178 Ooöl Fjölkunnîgr* & Pentatonic Noise Wonderslut
13. Thailand
Rotton Kidz - Reen Asia (M&E 235, October 1993)
DVDr-179 Rotton Kidz The Last Jungle
DVDr-180 Rotton Kidz Vietnam
DVDr-181 Rotton Kidz Bamboo Dinosaurs Of Java
DVDr-182 Rotton Kidz Zootrap Fly
DVDr-183 Rotton Kidz Flight Of The Kinarea
DVDr-184 Rotton Kidz Manoh-Ra Jawa
DVDr-185 Rotton Kidz Yak Attack
DVDr-186 Rotton Kidz The Historical Song
DVDr-187 Rotton Kidz Lava Hot Peppers (Java)
DVDr-188 Rotton Kidz Untitled (Uncredited Piece)
DVDr-189 Rotton Kidz Baby Kraisak
DVDr-190 Rotton Kidz Undersea Beings Of The Gulf Of SIAM
DVDr-191 Rotton Kidz Southeast Asia Peace Circle Dance
DVDr-192 Rotton Kidz An Afternoon In The Market
DVDr-193 Rotton Kidz Plang Dek (Kid’s Song)
DVDr-194 Rotton Kidz Dang Dadang Vanishes Into The Night
DVDr-195 Rotton Kidz Child Of The North
Bonus Track
DVDr-196 Ooöl Fjölkunnîgr* A Morning At The Market
14. Belarus
ЗАРТИПО / Zartipo - Live (M&E 302, May 1995)
DVDr-197 Zartipo Side A 21:54
DVDr-198 Zartipo Side B 21:38
Bonus Tracks
DVDr-199 Zartipo Sound Object 170ASPv1
DVDr-200 Zartipo Sound Object 130ARRv1
15. Lithuania
Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu - Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu (M&E 091, December 1992)
DVDr-201 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Mokykla
DVDr-202 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Margis
DVDr-203 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Paradas
DVDr-204 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Suns Ispazintis
DVDr-205 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Sunparkis
DVDr-206 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Kinija
DVDr-207 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Kamasutra
DVDr-208 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Cha
DVDr-209 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Ispanija
DVDr-210 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Jouka Menki
Bonus Tracks
DVDr-211 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Dienos Paradas
DVDr-212 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu* Kinija (Live)
16. Poland
The Witches - Witchcraft (M&E 25th Anniversary Special Edition)
DVDr-213 The Witches Welcome All
DVDr-214 The Witches Power Is Mine
DVDr-215 The Witches Chat To The Sky”
DVDr-216 The Witches Just A Love Song
DVDr-217 The Witches Time To Let Go
DVDr-218 The Witches Dragon’s Born Tonight
DVDr-219 The Witches Saturday Night
DVDr-220 The Witches After We Die”
DVDr-221 The Witches Rock The Night
DVDr-222 The Witches Bliss
DVDr-223 The Witches Lost In Time
DVDr-224 The Witches Road
DVDr-225 The Witches Solstice Sabbath
DVDr-226 The Witches Natura
DVDr-227 The Witches Make My Day
DVDr-228 The Witches Confusion
DVDr-229 The Witches Haunted House
DVDr-230 The Witches Lla Emoclew
17. Ukraine
ЕЛЪЗА (Elza) Monsters Movie / World Of Elza (M&E 248, January 1994)
DVDr-231 Elza Soundtrack* Runn
DVDr-232 Elza Soundtrack* On The Island Island
DVDr-233 Elza Soundtrack* And The End
DVDr-234 Elza (11) Man Like A Smoke
DVDr-235 Elza (11) Horseman Of True Travelin
DVDr-236 Elza (11) Marijuana
DVDr-237 Elza (11) Love In The Bathroom
DVDr-238 Elza (11) Touch To You
DVDr-239 Elza (11) Polka
DVDr-240 Elza (11) Road To Nowhere
DVDr-241 Elza (11) Jam
DVDr-242 Elza (11) Playing With Daughter
Bonus Track
DVDr-243 Elza (11) 2 Razz
18. Netherlands
Trespassers W - Buzz (K-Sept FÜR Fans #2, 1990-1993) (M&E 260, April 1994)
DVDr-244 Trespassers W Spits & Koot: Maar Wat Voor Soort Muziek Is Dat?
DVDr-245 Trespassers W Greek Bodybeat
DVDr-246 Trespassers W Apache
DVDr-247 Trespassers W Ik Heb Een Droom
DVDr-248 Trespassers W Zwarte Panter
DVDr-249 Trespassers W Koning Van Crooswijk
DVDr-250 Trespassers W Per Platou & Cor Gout On Radio Nova, Oslo, Norway, 24.1.92
DVDr-251 Trespassers W The King And I
DVDr-252 Trespassers W White Russians
DVDr-253 Trespassers W TV-World
DVDr-254 Trespassers W The Park
DVDr-255 Trespassers W Elisa Cope
DVDr-256 Trespassers W Erik Lindner announces Trespassers W
DVDr-257 Trespassers W Portobello Road
DVDr-258 Trespassers W Chinese Candyman
DVDr-259 Trespassers W Chinese Candyman II
DVDr-260 Trespassers W Mobilized
DVDr-261 Trespassers W Draai Je Kont In ’T Rond (Shake, Rattle And Roll)
DVDr-262 Trespassers W Kleine Scheet (Venus)
DVDr-263 Trespassers W Bodega Slavia (English Version)
DVDr-264 Trespassers W Announcement “Tourbillon de la Vie” By Marc Dumont In Le Top, BBC Radio 5, 25.9.92
DVDr-265 Trespassers W Whirlwind Of Life
DVDr-266 Trespassers W Virtual World War III
DVDr-267 Trespassers W Salò
DVDr-268 Trespassers W We Know Where Paul Ricketts Lives
Bonus Track
DVDr-269 Trespassers W Loneliness
19. Japan
Toshiyuki Hiraoka - T (M&E 554, April 2000)
DVDr-270 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 1
DVDr-271 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 2
DVDr-272 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 3
DVDr-273 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 4
DVDr-274 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 5
DVDr-275 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 6
DVDr-276 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 7
DVDr-277 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 8
DVDr-278 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 9
DVDr-279 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 10
DVDr-280 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 11
DVDr-281 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 12
DVDr-282 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 13
DVDr-283 Toshiyuki Hiraoka Untitled 14
Bonus Track
DVDr-284 Toka Lügenvater Du Bist
20. Australia
Eye / Aya - … (M&E 427, M&E 25th Anniversary Special Edition)
DVDr-285 Eye (3) Aktifinit
DVDr-286 Eye (3) Blind Progress Through Blind Faith
DVDr-287 Eye (3) The Vivisector
DVDr-288 Eye (3) The Key (Mutant Mix)
DVDr-289 Eye (3) Herd Under Social Hypnosis
DVDr-290 Eye (3) Action =’s Life
DVDr-291 Eye (3) Primal
DVDr-292 Eye (3) Kadoish (x’s 3) Adonai Tseyboth
DVDr-293 Aya (2) The Bions
Bonus Track
DVDr-294 Eye (3) Music Is (Here To Protect You)
21. Switzerland
Religious Overdose - Flatus Flow Rate (M&E 312, September 1995)
DVDr-295 Religious Overdose (2) Pictures & Colours
DVDr-296 Religious Overdose (2) Tryptych
DVDr-297 Religious Overdose (2) Most / Chomutov / Teplice
DVDr-298 Religious Overdose (2) Mismeasuring Of Men
DVDr-299 Religious Overdose (2) The Walking Remains
DVDr-300 Religious Overdose (2) Fisherghost
DVDr-301 Religious Overdose (2) Incest Dummies
22. Norway
Sister Sinister - Sister Sinister (M&E 559, April 2000)
DVDr-302 Sister Sinister (2) Forever Blind
DVDr-303 Sister Sinister (2) Gazer”
DVDr-304 Sister Sinister (2) No Cure
DVDr-305 Sister Sinister (2) Medical Solution
DVDr-306 Sister Sinister (2) Push That Rock
DVDr-307 Pulphead No Turks In Turkey
DVDr-308 Pulphead Untitled (Uncredited Piece)
23. Sweden
Dark Side Cowboys - Review (M&E 366, Specially Remastered For M&E’S 25th Anniversary)
DVDr-309 Dark Side Cowboys The Hall Of Pain (Brick By Brick)
DVDr-310 Dark Side Cowboys Pain
DVDr-311 Dark Side Cowboys Chinese
DVDr-312 Dark Side Cowboys The New World
DVDr-313 Dark Side Cowboys All…
DVDr-314 Dark Side Cowboys Freezing Flies
DVDr-315 Dark Side Cowboys Dust (Chicken Mix)
DVDr-316 Dark Side Cowboys Disharmony
DVDr-317 Dark Side Cowboys Story Of Stories”
DVDr-318 Dark Side Cowboys Missing
DVDr-319 Dark Side Cowboys Red Day (Gingeraled)
DVDr-320 Dark Side Cowboys Circles
DVDr-321 Dark Side Cowboys Equals
Bonus Tracks
DVDr-322 Dark Side Cowboys Stories Heard
DVDr-323 Dark Side Cowboys One Moment In Time
DVDr-324 Dark Side Cowboys Premonitions
24. Spain
Anima Mundi - En Directo (M&E 379, May 1997)
DVDr-325 Anima Mundi (8) Flor De Venus
DVDr-326 Anima Mundi (8) Hija Del Sol
DVDr-327 Anima Mundi (8) Pobre Manuel
DVDr-328 Anima Mundi (8) Samsara
DVDr-329 Anima Mundi (8) Marte
DVDr-330 Anima Mundi (8) Un Segundo Eterno
DVDr-331 Anima Mundi (8) Utopía
DVDr-332 Anima Mundi (8) Duerme Duerme
DVDr-333 Anima Mundi (8) Ecos De Liberación
25. Bulgaria
The Legendary Poptones & M. Nomized - The Story Of An Acoustic Dream (M&E 397, May 1997)
DVDr-334 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* At Nightfall (Introduction)
DVDr-335 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* Dimness
DVDr-336 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* Haiku 1
DVDr-337 The Legendary Poptones*, M. Nomized* Small Construction On The Wall
DVDr-338 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* Haiku 2
DVDr-339 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* Melon In My Head
DVDr-340 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* Some Problems
DVDr-341 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* Haiku 3”
DVDr-342 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* At The Top Of Spade
DVDr-343 The Legendary Poptones* & M. Nomized* Standstill (Final)
Bonus Tracks
DVDr-344 The Legendary Poptones* Sunny Day In Sofia
DVDr-345 The Legendary Poptones* Contemporary Fable
DVDr-346 M. Nomized* L.F.7 Rebirth
26. Croatia
Space Invaders - Planet Blue (M&E 413, October 1997)
DVDr-347 Space Invaders (11) Die Landung
DVDr-348 Space Invaders (11) Vlak
DVDr-349 Space Invaders (11) Kolaž
DVDr-350 Space Invaders (11) Planet Blue
DVDr-351 Space Invaders (11) One Woman
DVDr-352 Space Invaders (11) Tropfen
DVDr-353 Space Invaders (11) Lepa Vida
DVDr-354 Space Invaders (11) Odlazim
DVDr-355 Space Invaders (11) Gole Žene
DVDr-356 Space Invaders (11) Paradise On Earth
DVDr-357 Space Invaders (11) Sunce, Sol I More
DVDr-358 Space Invaders (11) Human Nature
DVDr-359 Space Invaders (11) Niti Sam Ja Seljanka
27. Portugal
Ras.Al.Ghul - Ras.Al.Ghul (M&E 428, January 1998)
DVDr-360 Ras.Al.Ghul D.Vine B.Earth
DVDr-361 Ras.Al.Ghul He.Art Of D.Zire
DVDr-362 Ras.Al.Ghul Be.Ing In.Side
DVDr-363 Ras.Al.Ghul Eve.Il
DVDr-364 Ras.Al.Ghul Eter.Nal D.Light
DVDr-365 Ras.Al.Ghul B.Loved
DVDr-366 Ras.Al.Ghul Hidden Xplendor
DVDr-367 Ras.Al.Ghul Evolve
Bonus Mini Album
Rasalasad - This Next Nature (M&E 25th Anniversary Exclusive)
DVDr-368 Rasalasad* Heretik
DVDr-369 Rasalasad* Past Perfect
DVDr-370 Rasalasad* Random Data
DVDr-371 Rasalasad* Haunting Past
DVDr-372 Rasalasad* Spectral Dreams
28. Russia
Artemiy Artemiev - Electroshocking Works (M&E 475, January 1999)
DVDr-373 Artemiy Artemiev Waiting For The Winter
DVDr-374 Artemiy Artemiev A Polar Night
DVDr-375 Artemiy Artemiev Cold
DVDr-376 Artemiy Artemiev Mirage
DVDr-377 Artemiy Artemiev Down By The Footsteps Leading To The Abyss
DVDr-378 Artemiy Artemiev Journey Under The Great China Wall
DVDr-379 Artemiy Artemiev One Night On The Kangay Mountain
29. Romania
Levente - Turning Pages (M&E 596, May 2003)
DVDr-380 Levente (2) Turning Pages I (Opening)
DVDr-381 Levente (2) Boccaccio - Decamerone
DVDr-382 Levente (2) Dante - La Divina Comedia (Hell / Heaven / Purgatory)
DVDr-383 Levente (2) The Tea Ceremony
DVDr-384 Levente (2) Sun Tzu - The Art Of War (In Memoriam Akira Kurosawa)
DVDr-385 Levente (2) Monks Of High Mountains
DVDr-386 Levente (2) Metropolis Of The Orient
DVDr-387 Levente (2) The Lonely Bard
DVDr-388 Levente (2) Forgotten Battlefields (Fearless / The Field / Battle / Aftermath)
DVDr-389 Levente (2) Heart Of Orion
DVDr-390 Levente (2) Village Dance
DVDr-391 Levente (2) Turning Pages IV (Closing)
Bonus Track
DVDr-392 Levente (2) Under Revolving Skies (San Galgano Ruins)
30. South Africa
Sphinx - The Secret Of… (M&E 065, M&E 25th Anniversary Special Edition)
DVDr-393 Sphinx (7) Atma
DVDr-394 Sphinx (7) Augas
DVDr-395 Sphinx (7) Ming
DVDr-396 Sphinx (7) Land Of Swe-lah
DVDr-397 Sphinx (7) Yang”
DVDr-398 Sphinx (7) Ishwar
DVDr-399 Sphinx (7) Hsing
DVDr-400 Sphinx (7) Jiva
DVDr-401 Sphinx (7) Vule-woo
DVDr-402 Sphinx (7) Psyche
DVDr-403 Sphinx (7) Manas
Album Extras
DVDr-404 Sphinx (7) “Tao
DVDr-405 Sphinx (7) Yin
DVDr-406 Sphinx (7) Yang-kwang
Bonus Track
DVDr-407 Amoraim Amazing Beauty
Bonus CD
Various ‎Artists – United World Underground - (M&E ‎MMATT CD 2, 2001)
CD-1 Into The Abyss Lunar Drive
CD-2 Dark Star (4) Masterplace
CD-3 Eye (3) Perspective
CD-4 Earth (8) Schlaflos
CD-5 Grass Harp Vertigo
CD-6 Ras.Al.Ghul Qual
CD-7 Idiom (3) Joch McGregor
CD-8 Blacklight Braille Bottle Green Waters
CD-9 Lord Litter Love Freak
CD-10 The Stinking Badger Of Java Pissing Diamonds
CD-11 NEO (36) Master And Slave
CD-12 T.M.R. (2) Sister Jodi
CD-13 Cosmic Dance Society Guardian Angel
CD-14 Love In A Plague Freak
CD-15 Steve Andrews (2) & Ned Zero Real Love And Communication

Companies, etc.



"Music & Elsewhere are proud to present a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of their first release, way back in 1992. This special collection, presented in a double Amaray clear case, contains some of the best, most original and interesting music (and elsewhere) we ever had the honour to release, featuring 30 bands / artistes from 30 countries, spanning the 5 continents of our United World Underground."

Includes a detailed and illustrated 64 pg. PDF info booklet about all of the featured artists and a bonus CD (without extra cover or artwork) of the 2001 Compilation United World Underground.

Non-music extras:
Folder 'England' includes as bonus an e-book 'The Second World Chronicles' by Sati Varg (244 pp) and two booklets from Mick Magic's band, Magic Moments At Twilight Time.
Folder 'Netherlands' includes "Three Short Stories" by Cor Gout of Trespassers W (12pp).
Folder 'Romania' includes “Ears” by Lehel Vandor ( e-book, 2nd edition, 138pp) all in PDF format.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (DVDr): [Hewlett Packard logo] x3 [LightScribe logo] x3
  • Matrix / Runout (CD): D9560 MMATTCD2/SOUNDS GOOD LTD 04 0:1
  • Mastering SID Code (CD): IFPI 122
  • Mould SID Code (CD): ifpi 2311