Various ‎– Thee Anal Probe Archives 10th Anniversary Retro

2 × Cassette, Compilation


1 Enhänta Bödlar Antichrist He Telleth
2 Final I Am Pt 2
3 La Otra Cara De Un Jardin Funeral Homes
4 Nocturnal Emissions Rabbits Dont Cry
5 Vox Populi! White Man In Africa
6 Human Trapped Rhythms Park Of The Same
7 Berlinerluft Point 1
8 Family Patrol Group Cronus
9 Cause For Concern The Occasional Me And You
10 Nurse With Wound The Strange LIfe Of August Strindberg
11 Final Belief
12 La Otra Cara De Un Jardin* Untitled
13 Psychological Warfare Branch S.A
14 Ferial Confine Barriere
15 Asepesis The Presence
16 Con-Dom Extract Live Assault 4
17 Opera For Infantry Operation Wipe Out
18 Ramleh Phenol (Original 82 Version)
19 Kosa Watt Tem
20 The Waking Room Longtooth And Sunless
21 ESP Kinetic HInterland
22 Kallous Boys Sovereign
23 Vox Populi! Mind
24 Kosa Pole Sud
25 Nun Extract From " The Disaster Area"
26 Human Trapped Rhythms Suck Mud
27 Kallous Boys Elizabethen
28 Opera For Infantry Live Aktion Extract


A 10 year anniversary retrospective of the label Anal Probe.

Cassette artwork also feature the label Transformer.