Various ‎– Thee Book

Graf Haufen Tapes ‎– GHT-34 / GHT-35
2 × Cassette, Limited Edition, Compilation, C90

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Chapter: Movements
A1 Smersh That's Armageddon
A2 Gerechtigkeits-Liga* Absalom
Music By – Thomas Furch, Till Brüggemann
A3 Bande Berne Crematoire Jeddah
A4 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe From The Diaries Of A Syringe
A5 The Horse He's Sick Abomination
A6 A.I.Z Endstation (To The Death Camps)
A7 Bogart, Massen-TransPort* Untitled
A8 Disturbed Life In Trance
A9 Abnorme Wahrnehmungsstrukturen Eb. C Prellball
A10 Louis Pasteur Wir Lesen Vor
A11 Minamata Genji
A12 Arthur Berkhoff Le Createur D'Oryctologie Moderne
A13 Klang Cyberiad
A14 Artless Time Talk-Book-Beat
Chapter: Crimes
B1 Non Toxique Lost Fragile
B2 L'Akstremauncio* V.I.V.O
B3 Chazev Untitled
B4 MTVS What's Real? Never Trust Pictures
B5 Unit 6 Huub 9ad
B6 Mauthausen Orchestra Fuck Mastery
B7 Bruno Cossano Le Grande Supplice
B8 Ästhetik Der Gewalt Praise The Lord
B9 Le Syndicat Le Statent Du Lepreux
B10 Linea Tactica Ambient Music For Empty Rooms
B11 Kapotte Muziek Boekverbranding
B12 The Peculiarity Of Everyday Motion Der Dritte (Geschaendet; Sich Freuend)
B13 Ritus Ein Toter Indianer Ist Ein Guter Indianer!
B14 Skjit-Lars* Den Siste Viking
B15 Naufragio Klmmir
B16 Les Trois Phallus* Le Pavillon Des Cancereux
Chapter: Rituals
C1 P16.D4 Vacuum Head
C2 Mario Marzidovsek Lager
C3 A.O.T.*, 418 The Crucifiction
C4 Vox Nihil Untitled
C5 Eligio's Hallucinogenetic Plans Double
C6 Friends In Low Places Darkness Visible
C7 Pacific 231 (2) Drums Of Hell
C8 Hessel*, Nick Nicole (2) & Alvin* In Biberach
C9 No Unauthorized Not Bible
C10 FâLX çèrêbRi Liber Al
C11 Club Moral Dedicated To:
C12 Guerra Pagan Agape
Chapter: Difficulties
D1 The Haters Firash
D2 Het Zweet The Ice
D3 Der 7. Versuch Beruf Aktuell
D4 Der Akteur In Heaven Der Papst Is Laughing
D5 S.B.O.T.H.I. Fal Irin Gom Bosh OK Elves
D6 The New Blockaders History Of Nothing / Part 2
D7 Berserker Man Könnte Meinen Es Sei Ein Scherz!
D8 Z.d.L. Herren Blättern In Der Küche
D9 De Fabriek The Book Of Joy
D10 Comando Bruno Oscura Est Ancia
D11 Architects Office Codex Coda
D12 DDAA Fonderie, Sablage, Graissage
D13 Craig Burk Happy To Be Serving
D14 Craig Burk Fawn Mouth
D15 Craig Burk The Bullet Train
D16 Hapunkt Fix Der Flop Zum Buch By Hapunkt Fix
D17 Vittore Baroni The Record-Ready-Made


Packaged with 1"x3"x1/2" booklet (two pages for each track) housed in a plastic video box with attached die-cut sticker.
Limited to 250 copies.