Various ‎– Thee Book

Graf Haufen Tapes ‎– GHT-34 / GHT-35
2 × Cassette, Limited Edition, Compilation, C90

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Chapter: Movements
A1 Smersh That's Armageddon 3:08
A2 Gerechtigkeits-Liga* Absalom
Music By – Thomas Furch, Till Brüggemann
A3 Bande Berne Crematoire Jeddah 4:15
A4 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe From The Diaries Of A Syringe 4:13
A5 The Horse He's Sick Abomination 3:04
A6 A.I.Z Endstation (To The Death Camps) 2:58
A7 Bogart, Massen-TransPort* Untitled 3:11
A8 Disturbed Life In Trance 3:33
A9 Abnorme Wahrnehmungsstrukturen Eb. C Prellball 1:28
A10 Louis Pasteur Wir Lesen Vor 2:57
A11 Minamata Genji 2:48
A12 Arthur Berkhoff Le Createur D'Oryctologie Moderne 5:45
A13 Klang Cyberiad 3:05
A14 Artless Time Talk-Book-Beat 2:55
Chapter: Crimes
B1 Non Toxique Lost Fragile 3:07
B2 L'Akstremauncio* V.I.V.O 2:24
B3 Chazev Untitled 3:52
B4 MTVS What's Real? Never Trust Pictures 3:45
B5 Unit 6 Huub 9ad 2:33
B6 Mauthausen Orchestra Fuck Mastery 3:09
B7 Bruno Cossano Le Grande Supplice 3:41
B8 Ästhetik Der Gewalt Praise The Lord 0:59
B9 Le Syndicat Le Statent Du Lepreux 2:50
B10 Linea Tactica Ambient Music For Empty Rooms 3:21
B11 Kapotte Muziek Boekverbranding 1:54
B12 The Peculiarity Of Everyday Motion Der Dritte (Geschaendet; Sich Freuend) 1:51
B13 Ritus Ein Toter Indianer Ist Ein Guter Indianer! 2:46
B14 Skjit-Lars Den Siste Viking 2:45
B15 Naufragio Klmmir 1:29
B16 Les Trois Phallus* Le Pavillon Des Cancereux 5:01
Chapter: Rituals
C1 P16.D4 Vacuum Head 0:20
C2 Mario Marzidovsek Lager 5:37
C3 A.O.T.*, 418 The Crucifiction 3:05
C4 Vox Nihil Untitled 3:06
C5 Eligio's Hallucinogenetic Plans Double 5:10
C6 Friends In Low Places Darkness Visible 3:28
C7 Pacific 231 (2) Drums Of Hell 3:22
C8 Hessel*, Nick Nicole (2) & Alvin* In Biberach 5:58
C9 No Unauthorized Not Bible 3:14
C10 FâLX çèrêbRi Liber Al 1:56
C11 Club Moral Dedicated To: 3:29
C12 Guerra Pagan Agape 5:03
Chapter: Difficulties
D1 The Haters Firash 5:25
D2 Het Zweet The Ice 3:33
D3 Der 7. Versuch Beruf Aktuell 3:12
D4 Der Akteur In Heaven Der Papst Is Laughing 3:18
D5 S.B.O.T.H.I. Fal Irin Gom Bosh OK Elves 1:01
D6 The New Blockaders History Of Nothing / Part 2 0:38
D7 Berserker Man Könnte Meinen Es Sei Ein Scherz! 2:02
D8 Z.d.L. Herren Blättern In Der Küche 2:09
D9 De Fabriek The Book Of Joy 3:10
D10 Comando Bruno Oscura Est Ancia 2:51
D11 Architects Office Codex Coda 3:11
D12 DDAA Fonderie, Sablage, Graissage 3:29
D13 Craig Burk Happy To Be Serving 1:07
D14 Craig Burk Fawn Mouth 0:46
D15 Craig Burk The Bullet Train 1:10
D16 Hapunkt Fix Der Flop Zum Buch By Hapunkt Fix 1:47
D17 Vittore Baroni The Record-Ready-Made 2:15


Packaged with 1"x3"x1/2" booklet (two pages for each track) housed in a plastic video box with attached die-cut sticker.
Limited to 250 copies.