Various ‎– This Box Kills Fascists Always

Relapse Records ‎– none
7 × Vinyl, 7", Compilation


A1 Agents Of Satan Joe Ryder (Doomryder)
A2 Agents Of Satan Rape 'Em All And Let God Sort 'Em Out
A3 Agents Of Satan Skrote Skin Mask
A4 Agents Of Satan Kill For Baloff
B1 Weekend Nachos Prioritize
B2 Weekend Nachos If You Come Near
B3 Weekend Nachos Scars
B4 Weekend Nachos Worthless Words
C1 Kill The Client False Flag Attack
C2 Kill The Client Triple Six Bastard
C3 Kill The Client Shithouse Lawyer
D1 Spoonful Of Vicodin Tottaly Brutal News Exposure
D2 Spoonful Of Vicodin Designer Track Marks
D3 Spoonful Of Vicodin I Dont Lift Weights Or Drive An SUV (Because I'm Comfy With My Genitalia)
D4 Spoonful Of Vicodin Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It
D5 Spoonful Of Vicodin Our Explanations Are Longer Than Our Songs
D6 Spoonful Of Vicodin Confession Booth Gloryhole
E1 Maruta Behind The Steel Curtain
E2 Maruta Chemical Tomb
F1 Insect Warfare Information Economy
F2 Insect Warfare Cellgraft
F3 Insect Warfare Disassembler
F4 Insect Warfare Cancer Of Oppression
G1 Shitstorm Paranoid Existence
G2 Shitstorm Burning Alive
G3 Shitstorm Brainwashed
G4 Shitstorm Victim
G5 Shitstorm Controlling
G6 Shitstorm Mince Meat Human
H1 Man Will Destroy Himself Fuse
H2 Man Will Destroy Himself Empty
I1 Total Fucking Destruction Human Is The Bastard
I2 Total Fucking Destruction In The Process Of Correcting Thinking Errors
I3 Total Fucking Destruction Welcome To The Fascist Corporate Wastlands Of America, Part One
J1 Chainsaw To The Face Hating Life
J2 Chainsaw To The Face Skewered
J3 Chainsaw To The Face Burnt To Death
J4 Chainsaw To The Face Ripped In Half
K1 Magrudergrind Inevitable Progression
K2 Magrudergrind Heavy Bombing
K3 Magrudergrind Burden
L1 Brutal Truth Forever In A Daze
L2 Brutal Truth You Should Know Better
L3 Brutal Truth Dogs Of War
L4 Brutal Truth Turmoil
M1 A.S.R.A. Chytridiomycosis
M2 A.S.R.A. Cancer
M3 A.S.R.A. Pig Squealer
N1 Wastoid Drink In Hand
N2 Wastoid Bangover
N3 Wastoid Handcuffed And Fucked


The box set contain a full color poster.

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