Various ‎– This Is Music: For Kindergarten And Nursery School

Alpha Records (12) ‎– SR3M-1786-1789
2 × Vinyl, LP


A1 Great Big Dog
A2 Hi! Mr. Electric Man
A3 What'll I Do With The Baby-O
A4 Hush Little Baby
A5 Who Built The Ark? Noah, Noah
A6 The Old Gray Horse
A7 The Cat Who Wore A Hat
A8 I Bought A Rooster
A9 The Doll
A10 Peter's Lion House
A11 I Am A Cowboy
A12 Good-bye, Old Paint
A13 Hi-Yo-Witzi
A14 The Train Is A-Coming
B1 Sky Ride
B2 My Rocket Ship
B3 Donkey Riding
B4 Fire! Fire!
B5 Roll On The Ground
B6 Jumping And Flopping
B7 The Big Sunflower
B8 Walking On Your Tiptoes
B9 Our Old Horse
B10 Turn, Cinnamon, Turn
B11 Fly, Little Bluebird
B12 Autumn Leaves
B13 It Rained A Mist
B14 Halloween Night
B15 Hanukah Hayom
B16 Children's Song Of The Nativity (Vaughn Williams)
C1 Jingle, Jingle, Jingle
C1 Rocking
C3 Holy Day Holly Carol
C4 Whirling Snowflakes
C5 Valentine Song
C6 The Easter Bunny
C7 Easter Bells
C8 'Twas May Day In The Morning
C9 Merry Green Fields
C10 Raccoon Up In The 'Simmon Tree
C11 Oh, Oh, The Sunshine
C12 Birdie, Birdie, Where Is Your Nest?
C13 Tell Me, My Little Children
C14 Old Napper
C15 The Tree In The Hole In The Ground
D1 Who's That
D2 Who Will Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?
D3 Allegro In B Flat
D4 The Canary
D5 German DAnce
D6 The Old Lady Who Lived In A Vinegar Bottle
D7 The French Shepherd Girl
D8 Happy Song
D9 Bongo Joe
D10 Theme From Seventh Shmphony (Beethoven)
D11 Balzamina
D12 Caprico From Alcesta (Gluck)
D13 La Cuna
D14 French Dance
D15 The Birdkeeper From The Magic Flute (Mozart)



Recorded for Allyn and Bacon, Inc.
By RCA custom record division.