Various ‎– Thunderdome XIX - Cursed By Evil Sickness



The Horrorist Flesh Is The Fever (Original Mix) 4:51
OG 's* Tik Tak 3:48
DJ Buzz Fuzz* Fuck Happy (It's Bullshit!) 4:03
The Bellini Bros* Samba De Janeiro 3:31
DJ E-Rick & Tactic* Listen To Da Beat 3:58
Dark Syndicate The Unknown 3:45
The Prophet Mayhem M.F. 3:54
B.S.E. Motherf**ker 3:05
Neophyte None Of Ya Left 3:11
DJ Buzz Fuzz* Dreamgirl (Original) 2:51
Omar* & The Prophet Old To Da New (Oh Oh Omar Mix) 3:23
The Hardcore Brothers* Can You Thrill Me? 3:36
Mystic* Photonic Style 3:36
Underground Warriors Progressive Hardcore 3:39
Mindcrimers Throat 3:50
Baba Nation Brain Pumpin' 3:56
Darrien Kelly The Number 4:13
Disruptor vs. Chronotrigger The Higher Power 3:48
DJ Waxweazle Hardcore Power '97 (Waxweazle Feat. MC Mouth Of Madness Mix) 4:04
Various Megamix Thunderdome 18 3:44
DJ Promo* Feel The Thunder 4:02
O.G's* Kings Are Coming 3:33
Omar Santana Step The Fuck Back (Oh Oh Omar Mix) 4:20
Sound Enhancers The Strong Survive 3:31
Tschabos Gib Mir Die Bass (Noch Korrekter) 3:55
3 Steps Ahead Good Time 4:11
DJ Isaac & The Viper The Real Shit 3:39
DJ Paul* & Teenage Warning Rockin' Beats (This One's For Rotterdam) 3:56
Cixx & The Vinyl Junk The Latest 4:23
DJ Asecone (Dorpzicht)* Tina (Was Kosten Die Kondome?) 3:00
Razzle Dazzle Trax Rattle Brain (DJ Isaac's Overdrive Remix) 3:58
Doctor Doom I'll Break Your Head 3:55
DJ Arjuna You're Ready To Start 3:12
DJ Delirium & Nico Rock This M.F. 5:26
Liberation (2) Final Cravings 3:44
1st Offence Wreck This Place 3:45
Army Of Darkness This Is The Future 3:28
Simtec Power Squad Simmerstyle 3:35
The Horrorist In The Year Of 1999 4:01
Count Negative & MC Drokz* We've Killed The Pengo 2:04

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November 9, 2017
referencing Thunderdome XIX - Cursed By Evil Sickness, 2xCD, Comp, 9902333

1997 was a turning point for hardcore music. I remember the latter collections being softer and more techno orientated, as some songs were slower. This phenomenon was more intense in the next episodes of the series, although enough songs were hardcore enough. Nevertheless you could sense the difference in music. This collection retains the mood of previous Thunderdome, although the rhythm has somehow changed from the episodes e.g. 11-16 and you can see it in some songs like The Horrorist - Flesh is the fever, Dj Isaac & The Viper - The Real Shit and Cixx Vs The Vinyl ´Junk - The Latest or even Razzle Dazzle Trax - Rattle Brain (Rmx) and Doctor Doom - I´ll Break Your Head. By the way this sound was in abundant in the next episodes. The rest of the songs are pure Thunderdome tracks ready to make you go up and down. All the big names are here and most of the songs are melodic with bouncing melodies and drum patterns.

Some people may not like the years to come in hardcore music. In fact there had been collections whose the majority of songs were these ones i've mentioned before. Of course music is changing, try for example the modern hardcore sounds. They are totally different from the sound of the 90's.

One can listen whatever he likes and this chapter is awesome. Give it a try. Pure Thunderdome


March 25, 2008
referencing Thunderdome XIX - Cursed By Evil Sickness, 2xCD, Comp, 9902333
I really cannot disagree more with the other review here. In my oppinion, Thunderdomes 17, 18, 19 and 21 are the best ever made. This one certainly is part of that shortlist. It maybe isn't quite the same style as the others, but, I can remember being very happy to hear this CD for the first time, and till this day, this CD still makes me happy and remind me of the good old days!
Personal favorites: In The Year Of 1999, Feel The Thunder, Can You Thrill Me?, I'll Break Your Head and ofcourse Buzzy's Fuck Happy and Dremgirl!


August 11, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
referencing Thunderdome XIX - Cursed By Evil Sickness, 2xCD, Comp, 9902333

For some reason this is the least favourite from all the Thunderdome collection. Honestly, I don’t find big tracks in it really. Except the following – Fuck Happy, Adess Se Qui, and Hardcore Power 97 there is no track I would give more than 3/5.
And the strange thing is that all the usual Thunderdome artists are here; there is no big line-up change. Right, there could be DJ Paul’s famous Rockin’ Beats and the popular newstyle Hardcore track Flesh Is The Fever by Oliver Chesler, but still I think there are no big rocking tunes here;-(

Really, if it wasn’t for the collection reason (ie to have them all) I would do without!
Others will certainly disagree, but i.m.o this Thunderdome isn’t to the standard – just listen parts 18 and 20 and compare with this….