Various ‎– To Our Friends (Di Mario L. F. Russo)

Campi-Editore Recording ‎– CLP 100-004
Vinyl, LP, Promo, Mono

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A1 Berardo Rossi Buon Natale Ai Bambini Del Mondo
Directed By [Boys Chours Directed By] – Berardo RossiWords By, Music By – Berardo Rossi
A2 Ungaretti* Some Words For Christmas
Read By [Recited By] – Ungaretti*
A3 Consuelo Arany / Catherine Spaak Daddy's Fatherland (Hungarian Song For Christmas)
Performer – Consuelo AranyRead By [Words Recited By] – Catherine Spaak
A4 Ingrid Bergman A Souvenir Of Swedish Christmas (Sweedish Christmas Song)
Performer [Performed By] – Ingrid BergmanRead By [Recited By] – Ingrid Bergman
A5 Nino Manfredi / Mario L. F. Russo «The Nativity» Of Nino Manfredi
Script By – Mario L. F. RussoVoice [Other Voices] – Mario L. F. RussoVoice [Voices Of The 3 Wise Men] – Nino Manfredi
A6 Catherine Spaak A Tender French Popular Song By .....
Performer, Read By [Recited By] – Catherine Spaak
A7 Sophia Loren Lettera Malinconica (A Poem By Salvatore Di Giacomo)
Music By – Carlo RustichelliRead By [Recited By] – Sophia LorenWords By [Poem By] – Salvatore Di Giacomo
A8 Vittorio De Sica Lettera Amirosa (A Poem By Salvatore Di Giacomo)
Read By [Recited By] – Vittorio De SicaWords By [Poem By] – Salvatore Di Giacomo
A9 Lea Massari My Christmas Trips (Two Brazilian «Mood Songs»)
Performer [Performed By] – Lea MassariRead By [Recited By] – Lea MassariWords By – Lea Massari
A10 Alberto Sordi Alberto Sordi's - Version Of A Christmas Carol
Composed By – A. Trovajoli*Performer [Performed By], Read By [Recited By] – Alberto SordiWords By – Garinei*, Giovannini*
A11 Silvana Mangano Silvana Mangano's Greetings
Composed By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Silvana Mangano
A12 Riz Ortolani / Katyna Ranieri More And More Music
Composed By [The Song More] – Riz OrtolaniLyrics By [Lirics By, The Song More] – Newell*Performer [Performed By] – Katyna RanieriRead By [Recited By] – Riz Ortolani
A13 Cobelli's Company Christmas «Can-Can»
Music By – Proietti*Read By [Recited By], Performer [Performed By] – Cobelli's CompanyWords By [Book By], Lyrics By – Giancarlo Badessi, Giancarlo Cobelli
A14 Alida Valli A Letter To Carlo
Arranged By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Alida ValliWords By – A. Zagni
A15 Antonella Lualdi Greek Christmas (A Greek Christmas Song)
Performer [Preformed By] – Antonella Lualdi
A16 Ava Gardner / Peter O'Toole (2) / George C. Scott / Richard Harris The Bible
Composed By – Riz OrtolaniDirected By – John HustonProducer [Produced By] – Dino De LaurentiisScript By [Few Lines From] – Christopher Fry (3)Voice – John Huston, Peppino RotunnoVoice Actor [Abraham] – George C. ScottVoice Actor [Cain] – Richard HarrisVoice Actor [Sarah] – Ava GardnerVoice Actor [The Angel] – Peter O'Toole (2)
A17 Mario Chiari Mario Chiari - Art Director Of The Bible Welcomes The Holy Child.
Composed By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Mario Chiari
A18 Anna Maria Ferrero Hullo! Paradise 60-60 - Yes!
Read By [Recited By] – Anna Maria Ferrero
A19 Jean Sorel An English Proverb
Read By [Recited By] – Jean Sorel
A20 Rossana Podesta'* My First Child Was Born On Christmas's Eve (A Statement By Rossana Podesta')
Read By [Recited By] – Rossana Podesta'*
A21 Alida Chelli / Liliana Terry* / Virna Lisi I Remember Christmas
Arranged By [Arrangement By] – Ralph FerraroPerformer [Performed By, First Part] – Alida ChelliPerformer [Performed By, Second Part] – Liliana Terry*Read By [Recited By, Third Part's Lyrics] – Virna LisiWords By, Music By – Mario L. F. Russo, Thomas Byrne Mc Kernan*
A22 Enrico Maria Salerno Enrico Maria Salerno's - Though On Christmas
Composed By – Carlo RustichelliRead By [Recited By] – Enrico Maria Salerno
A23 Eleonora Rossi Drago / Consuelo Arany «Once Upon A Time» - But It Is Not A Fairy Tale
Featuring [Bruthers Bruthers] – The Chorus Of Student Of BolzanMusic By [Music] – PastorokPerformer [Performed By] – Consuelo AranyRead By [Recited By] – Eleonora Rossi DragoWritten-By [By] – Mario L. F. Russo
A24 Renato Rascel / Delia Scala / The Chorus Of The Company High Lights From «Il Giorno Della Tartaruga» (A Musical Comedy By Garinei And Giovannini)
Composed By – Renato RascelLyrics By – Garinei*, Giovannini*Performer [Performed By, The Song «Aspettando Che Spiova»] – Renato RascelPerformer [Performed By, The Song «Tartaruga Tartaruga»] – The Chorus Of The CompanyRead By [Recited By, Japanese Greetings] – Delia ScalaRead By [Recited By, Mr. Renato Rascel's Greetings] – Renato RascelWritten-By [Musical Comedy By] – Garinei*, Giovannini*Written-By [Written With] – Magni*, Franciosa*
B1 Gina Lollobrigida Gina Lollobrigida Sings «Vissi D'Arte» From Verdi's Tosca (Original Sound-Track Of The Picture «La Donna Più Bella Del Mondo»
Composed By – Verdi*Performer [Performed By] – Gina LollobrigidaProducer [Produced By] – Maleno MalenottiRead By [Recited By, Gina Lollobrigida's Greetings] – Gina Lollobrigida
B2 Carla Fracci Carla Fracci Returns To «La Scala» Of Milan
Composed By [Gran Valzer], Arranged By [Gran Valzer] – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Carla Fracci
B3 Anna Moffo .....A Very Special Christmas («Silent Night» And «The Song Of The Bells»)
Performer [Performed By] – Anna MoffoRead By [Recited By] – Anna Moffo
B4 Monica Vitti And Giorgio Albertazzi / Michelangelo Antonioni Few Lines From The Italian Procution Of «After The Fall» By Arthur Miller
Composed By [The Song «Amore»] – Gino NegriPerformer [Performed By, Few Lines From The Italian Procution Of «After The Fall» By Arthur Miller] – Giorgio Albertazzi, Monica VittiPerformer [Performed By, The Song «Amore»] – Monica VittiRead By [Recited By, Michelangelo Antonio's Greetings] – Michelangelo Antonioni
B5 Giulietta Masina Giulietta Masina's Greetings
Composed By [The Teme Of «La Strada»] – Nino RotaRead By [Recited By] – Giulietta Masina
B6 Federico Fellini Federico Fellini's To All Of You
Composed By [The Teme Of «La Strada»] – Nino RotaRead By [Recited By] – Federico Fellini
B7 Sandra Milo Sandra Milo And Her White Christmas
Composed By [The Teme Of 8½] – Nino RotaRead By [Recited By] – Sandra MiloText By – Mario L. F. Russo
B8 Ennio Flaiano Surprised By This Surprise
Arranged By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Ennio Flaiano
B9 Valentina Cortese Valentina Cortese Meets Fellini
Arranged By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By, Classical Christmas Songs] – Valentina CorteseRead By [Recited By, Valentina Cortese Meets Fellini] – Valentina CorteseText By [Rome Open City's Christmas] – Mario L. F. RussoText By [Valentina Cortese Meets Fellini] – Mario L. F. Russo
B10 Raphael Alberti* Raphael Alberti's Poem For - Tio Vicente's Christmas
Arranged By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Raphael Alberti*
B11 Maria Teresa Leon Maria Teresa Leon's - Ojala'! No Veis El Cielo? Amanece
Composed By – Carlo RustichelliRead By [Recited By] – Maria Teresa Leon
B12 Elena Clementelli Elena Clementelli's White Red And Green Christmas
Composed By, Arranged By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Elena Clementelli
B13 Milly (3) Milly's My Wish To You Singing «Jenny Dei Pirati»
Composed By – Kurt Weil*Performer, Read By [Recited By] – Milly (3)
B14 Folco* And Laura Quilici Folco And Laura Quilici's Polynesian Christmas
Composed By, Arranged By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Folco*, Laura Quilici
B15 Alberto Lattuada And Carla Del Poggio Alberto Lattuada And Carla Del Poggio's Greetings To Unknown People - Tribes Song From The Picture «Magic Malay»
Read By [Recited By] – Alberto Lattuada, Carla Del Poggio
B16 Rossano Brazzi / Renato Rascel Rossano Brazzi's Nostalgia For A Christmas Home And One Abroad.
Composed By [The Song «Arrivederci Roma»] – Renato RascelPerformer [Performed By, The Song «Arrivederci Roma»] – Renato RascelRead By [Recited By] – Rossano BrazziWords By [The Song «Arrivederci Roma»] – Garinei*, Giovannini*
B17 Irene Brin / Dino (7) Irene Birin And Her Christmas In «Sasso Di Bordighera»
Composed By [The Song «Te Lo Leggo Negli Occhi»] – S. Endrigo*Performer [Performed By, The Song «Te Lo Leggo Negli Occhi»] – Dino (7)Read By [Recited By] – Irene BrinWords By [The Song «Te Lo Leggo Negli Occhi»] – S. Bardotti*
B18 Franco Brusati ...As A Man To Man.
Read By [Recited By] – Franco Brusati
B19 Anouk Aime'* ...Pour Moi Noel...
Read By [Recited By] – Anouk Aime'*
B20 Paolo Ferrari (4) ...My Private Christmas
Read By [Recited By] – Paolo Ferrari (4)
B21 Pia Lindstrom* A Sweedish Porridge For Christmas
Read By [Recited By] – Pia Lindstrom*
B22 Gabriele Ferzetti Gabriele Ferzetti Wonders On Some Russo's Words
Read By [Recited By] – Gabriele Ferzetti
B23 Raffaella Carra'* I Looked For You In All The Christmas Of My Life
Lyrics By – M. L. F. Russo*, Thomas Byrne Mc Kernan*Read By [Recited By] – Raffaella Carra'*
B24 Amedeo Nazzari 142 Pictures And The Picture Of His Life
Read By [Recited By] – Amedeo Nazzari
B25 Vittorio Gasman* Invites You To Take You Myrr, Your Incense And... Your Gold To The House (From No. 19 20 21 22 23 24 And Part Of The 25)
Arranged By [From The Second Part Of No. 25 Till No. 29] – Riz OrtolaniComposed By [The Debs], Arranged By [The Debs] – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Vittorio Gasman*
B26 Mario Cecchi Gori Mario Cecchi Gori And The «Easy Life»
Read By [Well... Let's Say Recited By] – Mario Cecchi Gori
B27 Dino Risi Easy With Risi
Read By [Recited By] – Dino Risi
B28 Nino Castelnuovo An Ambitious Young Actor
Voice [Who's Talking About Himself Is] – Nino Castelnuovo
B29 Dante Posani Dante Who?
Performer [...By] – Dante Posani
B30 Franca Valeri - Vittorio Caprioli Some Dates Of Their Last Succesfull Years
B31 Claudia Cardinale Claudia Cardinale's Short And Long Trip
Composed By – Nino Rota
B32 Angelo Rizzoli Angelo Rizzoli's Greetings From Milano
Composed By – Nino RotaVoice [Greetings] – Angelo Rizzoli
B33 Anna Magnani Anna Magnani - Her Voice From Paris
Composed By – Nino RotaVoice – Anna Magnani
B34 Vanni De Maigret Vanni De Maigret The Boy Of «Arthur Island's» Is Gone To London
Composed By – Nino Rota
B35 Annie Girardot «À Tous Les Amis...» From Paris
Composed By – Nino Rota
B36 Luchino Visconti ...From Paris To...
Composed By – Nino Rota
B37 Isa Miranda «Yes It's Me Isa»... From London
Composed By – Nino Rota
B38 Franco Rossi (4) Wishes Used By The Use
Arranged By – Riz OrtolaniRead By [Recited By] – Franco Rossi (4)
B39 Kawakita Kawakita A Dear Friend From Japan
Arranged By – Riz Ortolani
B40 Salah Kamel Christmas On The Nile
B41 Laura Betti And Severino Gazzelloni Laura Betti ...Softly... And Charmingly While Severino Gazzelloni (The Golden Flute) Gives Us A Few Hints Of His Magic Flute
Flute [Recited By, With The Flute Only] – Severino GazzelloniRead By [Recited By] – Laura Betti
B42 The Chorus Of The Show / Renato Castellani / Virna Lisi / Jose' Villalonga* / Mauro Bolognini / Mario Monicelli / Paola Pitagora, Franco Zeffirelli And And And: Marcello Mastroianni The Can-Can From The TV Show «Gianburrasca»
Composed By – Nino RotaRead By [Recited By] – Lina Wertmuller*Words By [Book By], Lyrics By – Lina Wertmuller*

Companies, etc.



Edizioni fuori commercio
Made in Italy
Record issued as a christmas/new years promotional item for the "friends" of the Campi Editor company.
Comes in a gatefold sleeve with an 18-page booklet.

On rear of sleeve: "This record (...) is not to be used commercialy"
In booklet: "This record is not for commercial use but it is meant to be for you, our friends a hullo.... a good bye.... [sic]"

Additional track notes:
A5: "Back ground music: «Tu scendi dalle stelle» «Gregorian Alleluia»"
A7: "Music by Carlo Rustichelli and the song «Vierno»"
A10: "The song: «Roma nun fa' la stupida stasera» (...) from the musical «Rugantino»"
A13: "[Performed] by the company of the musical comedy - «The Barrack of the Faries» [sic]"
A16: "A quick «listen-in» on the set where John Huston said «cut» and Peppino Rotunno, the director of photography said okey."
An uncredited role of "God's Voice" is also listed for this track.
B1: "The English title of the picture is: «Beautiful but Dangerous»
The sonud-track [sic] was kindly offered by Mr. Maleno Malenotti"
B17: "By special arrangement with Mr. Melis of RCA of Italy"
"ARC (RCA) Record 45 AN-4023"
B42: "Starring Rita Pavone
By special arrangement with Mr. Melis RCA Italy"
"Miss Wertmuller, she actually recited her lyrics but you just cant hear them because everybody was wildly happy that this record was over, at last
...So sorry..."

Thank you credits:
"Special note of gratitude is due to Federico Fellini, without whose initial colleboration the ball would have never been set rolling."
"Thanks (...) to De Laurentis for inestimable help and understanding."
"Thanks (...) to Mr. Ornato and Mr. Melis of R.C.A. italy for the kind offer of the two soundtracks «Te lo leggo negli occhi» (...) and the «Can-Can» composed (...) for the TV show «Giamburrasca»."
"And thanks, thanks to Ingrid Bergman"
"Et merci, merci beaucoup à Catherine Spaak and to Ricordi of Milan."
"[T]hanks to [Luigi Campi] too for the «loot»."
"(...) thanks to Feliciano [Campi] too."

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Rights Society: BIEM
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, Side A): A
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, Side B): A
  • Matrix / Runout (Label, Side A): CLP 100-004 A
  • Matrix / Runout (Label, Side B): CLP 100-004 B