Various ‎– Toodaloo Kangaroo

Hodder And Stoughton ‎– BR12, Brunswick Recordings ‎– BR12


A1 Ladies And Gentlemen
A2 Sweet Sweet Baby
A3 Dr Knickerbocker
A4 Why Isn't Your Nose
A5 What Did One Tonsil
A6 Why Was The Teacher
A7 Why Did The Boy
A8 In Jail They Give You Coffee
A9 Teacher Teacher
A10 My Mother Told Me
A11 My Boyfriend
A12 Each Peach
A13 Why Was Cinderella
A14 Don't Throw Your Junk
A15 Oh Jemima
A16 Old Mother Hubbard
A17 Ah Mella, Mortadella
A18 We Three Kings
A19 It Was Spring In The Rockies
A20 The Night Was Dark
A21 You Remind Me Of A Man
A22 What Is A Vampire
A23 A Friendly And Handsome Monster
A24 I'm Popeye The Sailorman
A25 The Boy Stood On The Burning Deck
A26 Row Row Row Your Boat
A27 Giant Snails
A28 Down By The Banks Of The Hanky Panky
A29 Nothing To Do
A30 It's Raining It's Pouring
B1 Ha Ha Plonk
B2 Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be
B3 Mary Had A Little Lamb
B4 Ding Dong Dell
B5 Blue Bells, Cockle Shells
B6 Where Would You Go
B7 Ronald McDonald
B8 What Did The Baby Corn
B9 Good King Wenceslas
B10 Queen Queen Caroline
B11 Skinny Molinks Malojelegs
B12 I Went To The Movies
B13 Hi Jack
B14 Mother Mother I Feel Sick
B15 Betty Botter
B16 Humpty Dumpty
B17 Captain Cook
B18 My Name Is Ooly Ooly
B19 Why Did The Punk
B20 Why Did The Dinosaur
B21 A Little Birdy
B22 Why Did The Cow
B23 When You Pour Hot Water
B24 When You Cross An Elephant
B25 Way Down South
B26 What Do Cannibals
B27 You're A Nut
B28 A Peanut Sat
B29 Dictation Dictation Dictation
B30 A Girl Who Put Sausages
B31 While Shepherds
B32 What Did The Koala
B33 Kookaburra
B34 Lipstick
B35 What Lies On A Bed
B36 Elvis Presley
B37 See You Later Alligator
B38 A Mouse



Recorded at Kokomo Recorders.
Betty Botter, Ding Dong Dell and Queen Queen Caroline recorded by Valencia Creek Audio, at Wombat Studios.

© Brunswick Recordings
© Illustration Copyright Ewan Cameron 1990

Manufactured by Dex Audio for Hodder and Stoughton (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Toodaloo Kangaroo was recorded by Brunswick Recordings as a part of the City of Brunswick's Community Arts Programme.