Various ‎– Touch Of Class N.1 Compilation

Tanga Music ‎– LP TN 2002
Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A1 Artiaco No Comment
A2 Ester (4) Edelweiss
A3 Sisma (4) Give Me A Dance
A4 Paul Devil Give Me Love
A5 Speed Streep Bosom Break
A6 Giusy Dej Walking In The Night
A7 Xeno* The Sun Rises Tonight
B1 Jan Demis Preludio
B2 Nobel Don't Cry For Me
B3 C.O.M.A. (5) Speed Up
B4 Laura Angel If You Want
B5 Dive (4) Voyage
B6 Arish Photo Of Dream
B7 Riccelli Don't Set Me Free



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September 4, 2020
edited about 1 month ago

It is the best Compilation ever With Wonderful Mix ; the result gives a perfect sequence between tracks


November 7, 2019
edited 12 months ago

I'm not sure if Nobel is the same one, I think not - but, Don't Cry For Me is too good to be real!!
So stunning and I'm more than glad that they are giving 2m25s from it!!
Definitely 3-4 levels above all the rest.
After some calculations I ended up with 4 stars, overall. Artiaco is 3, etc etc...

edit: B2 has small glitch that seems to appear in several copies -or- in all of them.


September 15, 2018

Be it said this comp is the one and only medium where to find the fantastic original version "Give Me A Dance" (A3). The release on 2015 with Flashback Records is nothing but a re-arranged version plus a bonus and is much less exquisite.
This said it is really a pity indeed this production mutilated all these sparkling gems this way.
To top it all A7 and B7 play more an "outro" part here with their very short duration than each "normal" 2'30 track. And if you plan to order Riccelli when available, well, start saving money right now!...


July 6, 2018
It's not a compilation, more like a mix record. Mixed very poorly.
So shame the tracks have been shortened. :(
Fantastic tracklist though. Ester's "Edelweiss" is a stunning track. Hell, we need the full version!!!


January 27, 2016
edited over 3 years ago

This record is an absolute treasure. A few of unreleased tracks on this one rip just as hard as Riccelli, Laura Angel & Giusy Dej, and all the tracks stand on their own as excellent, underground Italo Disco. I'll go over the exclusive tracks in order:
A2 kicks the record into dance mode and features upbeat, anthemic female vocals which are very nicely layered. This is one of the standout tracks on the record.
A5 is a strangely-arpeggiated fusion of minimal techno and Italo with downright filthy vocoded vocals chanting "this is a bosom break" over and over again.
A7 is the same track as the B-side on Fabio Xeno's 7".
B2 is probably my favorite of the unreleased material. It's a beautiful, slow-burning, falsetto-laden ballad that has a lot more in common with Diux's 'Comet' (albeit with a much lower production value) than it does with Nobel's other work. It's a major drag that there is no known full version of this song, and crafting an extended edit of the material contained here seems quite difficult.
B5 is a new-wave track with a nice break containing live bass. However, I'd argue that it's the weakest track on the album.
B6 was apparently released as a 7" but this was the first time I'd heard it. It has a sound very similar to A1 and B1 but a bit faster. I'd guess that the same people were responsible for all three songs.

Overall this is an excellent album. While a 1:1 repress would probably not be the best idea (the tracks are all cut off after 2 minutes or so), I'd strongly support a tasteful remixing of A2 and B2 pressed alongside extended edits of B3 and B7. Let's make it happen, people!


July 3, 2014

one of the better compilations with obscure and amazing tracks! Italo forever! :)


June 18, 2014

As mentioned, an amazing and very special record due to the super obscure and high quality italo-disco pieces contained.
Some you can see on discogs exist as individual records such as Jan Demis, Xeno, Laura Angel... all on 'Disco In' catalog.
The others are still to be discovered, were never released, or simply lost to the sands of time.
It should be said, each track only plays approx 2.5 minutes and although not mixed, the tracks play continuously without interval.


May 9, 2014

10 stars out of 5...amazing!


February 1, 2014
This record is very special ,i Wanna thanks cris, peetneet ,Dennis thanks for sharing this one