Various ‎– Trackhead Series Volume 4

Dark House Music ‎– DHM008
Trackhead Series – Volume 4
Vinyl, 12"



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February 8, 2011
Max Duley drops a competent tribal groover, which wouldn’t be half as memorable if it didn’t have the effective vocal play with the samples. The vocals are put to the forefront, and act as a hook. There’s a supplementary deep and dirty howl as well, not synched with the other ones, and it gives the tune a nice, odd ball feel. Nothing overly exciting though.
Ben Sims comes with the aptly titled Expired, which sounds just about as it reads. I mean, it’s a competent Theory-like tool, but not half as impressive as the remainder of Ben’s tribal output/utensils.
DJ Hazy, whose On Track is just about anywhere but there, as he applies some completely misplaced, wannabe Detroit techno synths which drain my patience way too soon. Melody work is attempted a few minutes deep, but everything on this track is on this track for the hell of being on this track. OK? No? Good. Because neither is this track.
Mark Williams’ Elevate will do anything but that (are all these guys oxymoron experts?), and it suffers the same destiny as A2. Sure, it’ll do its thing if it’s one of the 67 tracks you’ll be dropping in the set that night, but not even you will remember using it the following morning.
I have to say the same thing about this release. I vaguely remember hearing it prior to today.
Truth be said, it’s not bad, just mediocre beyond forgiveness. For Duley, Sims and Williams, what they have to offer here seems like left over material from last night’s session gone completely wrong at someone’s studio.