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June 1, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
referencing Trax Records (Rarities & B-Sides From The Vaults Of Trax Records), CD, Comp, CTX-CD-5005, CTXCD 5005
Being polite usually pays back, right? Well, as much as I want to believe in it there’s no way denying it that this compilation is a complete rip off. Larry Sherman, the true master of rip-offs, how do you do it?! You have ripped people off in the 80s, you most likely did it in the 90s and, and as I can witness it, in the new millennium. This compact disc is, if not utter, mostly shit. B-sides and rareties? Fuck me. They’re B-sides because they deserved to be. Rare? Because no one wanted to hear them. So, okay there’s one decent song here and that’s the Mike Dunn song but even that one is remixed (and yeah, mind you, that part is not mentioned anywhere). But in any case this compilation is full of bad sound quality rip offs taken from B-sides that no one can remember. Larry, you piece of scheisse, you have screwed people over two, no, three decades and now you have screwed me. Luckily it cost me only some three pounds, but still, how dare you?! But I suppose you’re the master of it all since you’re able to do it after all that has been written and well known. It's just shame on me.