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  • Recorded By [Live Recordings Captured], Mixed ByKarl Blau


Live recordings captured and mixed October/November 2003 across the U.S. with Burt (minidisc) and Bone (mic)
Track 1: Ciel and Karl trade off in a favorite pass time - vocal improvisation, a must for keeping spirits high on the long road.
Track 2: During load-in to Planet 505 club
Track 3: Karl's note to self reveals funny mental games.
Track 4: Sung to small gathering at Kilby court, Salt Lake City, UT
Track 5: Indigenous (mostly?) DeKalb group serenades home town, Illinois. Scratch And Sniff Records D.D. formerly known for Borra Nora.
Track 6: Dave shares his feelings of newfound wonder in the great attic space of “The House,” DeKalb, IL.
Track 7: What can you say of the lyric “King Kong come down quick.”—genius.
Track 8: Another great lyric by the young genius of States Rights Records. He would also sit on a ladder with acoustic guitar, belting out sweet and sour journies leaving minds reeling in thought.
Track 10: At Philadelphia’s famous Envy 13 collective art gallery/venue/studios. Birdie had 4 shows this night in Philly, then joined Dave and Karl for two more shows with Tiger Saw, the Weeds, Dennis Driscoll, (VVRSSNN), the Dirty Projectors.
Track 12: Denver, CO house show with CIel accompanying visually. From Nate’s The Darker Corners Of Your Heart—co-released by Knw-Yr-Own and Left-Handed Label.
Track 13: Distant with faint sounds of pizza consumption. 3 am.
Track 14: Native Gunison, CO, owner of the popular venue/café Firebrand Deli, Kate (of the Deer Totem) was begged for a rare performance to open hearts of friends and community.
Track 15: Ada Street house show in Boise, Idaho. Little room packed and steamy.
Track 16: Plum Island, Mass.
Track 17: New song from the artesian well of Ilwaco, WA? Recorded at CMJ in New York, NY.
Track 18: From the latest “Foggy Night Meteor Shower.” Amazing songs and hat. “The House” in DeKlab, IL is Andy’s abode, and the nest for Scratch And Sniff Records.
Track 19: House Called “Moustache” in Baltimore, MD.
Track 20: Late leaving New York “faster, faster” Babylonian mantra
Track 21: K Records showcase at CMJ in New York, NY. K band ♡
Track 22: Phil Elvrum has CMJ, NY audience wrapped around his words.
Track 23: Excerpt of “Dispatching Monsters.” Unger wrote a one act play to spice up this indie rock show at Ithaca’s See Spot.
Track 24: Fargo duo engages night life at Ralph’s Meanwhile Dave Matthies wins (loses) coin toss for the right to consume the free three Ranier pitchers.
Track 25: Planet 505, Syracuse, NY rocks out Olympia style as this mainstay K band lays it down steady. Later Arrington claims “Bit on the nape of the neck…I’m a vampire!”
Track 27: Bard College basement show forever in history, Bobby Birdman and Jona (Y.A.C.H.T.) show up at 11:30 and bust a fat dance party out of Karl’s jungle chanting.
Track 28: Excerpt from CMJ with crowd chanting “Let’s Get Out of the Romance”
Track 29: Adam Forkner is different every show, always heartwarming, though. “Salty Sea Water” sings Adam, then inspires crowd to sing too. Listen to the amazing chords that the audience sings. The ocean waves of Plum Island fit with this Portland sound artist nicely.
Track 30: Change your living room, office or anywhere instantly into the “after show vibe.”
Thank you contributors to making this very special collection.
Technology of laptops have caught on heavy in independent music. Many acts today incorporate laptop programs as their back-up band karaoke style i.e. Bobby Birdman and the Dirty Projectors. And others mix digital sounds live like Y.A.C.H.T. and (VVRSSNN). The Seawhores of Fargo take this a step further and show a video of their drummer and play along with video and audio.
Thanks again to all those bands and also Aaron Flint Jamison, Alex Mahan, Bleu Oyster, U.S. Postal, Nancy Stark, and a big huge thank you Dave Matthies.