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SUNCD06 Various Twist Dreams(CD, Comp) Suntrip Records SUNCD06 Belgium 2007 Sell This Version
SUNDD06 Various Twist Dreams(9xFile, MP3, Comp, RE, 320) Suntrip Records SUNDD06 Belgium 2009
SUNCD06 Various Twist Dreams(CD, Comp, RE) Suntrip Records SUNCD06 Belgium 2010 Sell This Version


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June 7, 2010
referencing Twist Dreams, CD, Comp, SUNCD06

The best new school goa trance compilation no doubt, no weak tracks, just perfection from the first note to the last.


July 20, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
referencing Twist Dreams, CD, Comp, SUNCD06
Twist Dreams is a trip back to the golden years of Goa trance, but with amazing production values! Every note is clear as crystal; the mastering is phenomenal.

However, Twist Dreams is not a relic from the past, you can hear the influence of modern psytrance throughout the tracks, especially in the bass-lines, which are more pronounced than classical Goa trance. This seems to give the sound of Twist Dreams a strong, driving rhythm, which was sometimes lacking in the golden era of Goa trance.

My favorite track is (4) Talpa - Til We Meet Again. The winding, and weaving melodies are to die for! It has an adventurous and perilous tone, perfect for that late-night drive to that party in the middle of no where.

The album carries out its purpose (old school goa trance) and does it exceedingly well, but Twist Dreams follows a safe path and dares not to explore away from the classic Goa sound to new sonic territories.


February 24, 2007
edited over 12 years ago
referencing Twist Dreams, CD, Comp, SUNCD06

In a nutshell. This is the album Suntrip has been embarking on from the outset. And the first Suntrip release, I feel, where Mars and Fabien truly succeeds with their rendezvous of mid nineties Goa and modern production techniques. This is every bit the old skool vibe you could ask for and totally up to par soundwise with nowadays releases.

Add to this most of the artists here being debutants. Whoever said Goa was going smithereens needs to check out this party baby before repeating that verdict.

Of course, there are personal favourites. Cosmic Silence flags the warning, Aerosis starts party subconscious, and Red Gravity together with Afgin delivers two instant Goa classics if there ever was two. Even Filteria under the K.O.B. moniker comes through better than ever with a less-in-the-face attitude that suits him like a fist. To think I’ve had my hesitations with him in the past. Damnit, Jannis, well done :o)

And the rest is fillers? The rest is modern Goa history in the making. And brings me to ask: With dance floor adventures this challenging for feet AND mind why bother with Yabba-Dabba-Trance No. 1 mio. releases?! Sure, if you’re used to M.o.S. this can welcome you like a hurricane. Too much is going on! Well, focus on one layer and let the melody take you. Then let the next one grab you ... and the next one ...

Then try taking it all in at one time +_+

Congrats, Suntrip! I always knew the wait would be worthwhile.

Now we just need to spread the word ... °-°


February 5, 2007
edited over 4 years ago
referencing Twist Dreams, CD, Comp, SUNCD06
Celebrating the marriage of the moon with the sun…

Twist Dreams is the 6th release by spawned nu-school goa trance label Suntrip Records. Operated from Ghent, Belgium (Anoebis) and Paris, France (Mars) this dedicated label has graced us with magnificent albums by Filteria, Ka-Sol and Khetzal. This is the second compilation, following the lush Apsara from 2005. Once again the guys have scoured the underground goa trance communities in their quest to bring high quality trance to the masses. Let’s find out what they hand-picked for us this time…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit [140 BPM]
First up is a track up from upcoming German producer Michael Nadj. In essence, this is melodic morning trance in the shape of deeply melodic and progressive goa trance… Cascading synth melodies fused with galloping arpeggios and floating, atmospheric pads… The sheer magnitude, the tempo and the lush rhythm section steers the track clear of the most obvious cheese-pitfalls – and without being revolutionary in any way, this track accomplishes exactly what it set out to do: Delivers a psychedelic spirit. The build-up/break part is pure bliss and I'm totally digging the layered melodies + the subtle vox. Great.

#02: Aerosis – Contorsion [146 BPM]
The Aerosis outfit is the goa trance moniker of young Americans Bobby Ognyanov (Synogen) and Jeremy Green (Tempestuous G). These guys have been causing quite a stir on the internet with their infectious sound. Suntrip acted on that – and here is their first commercial release. This is fast-paced, complex-melodic, multi-layered goa trance with a frantic feel to it… Rich in pounding SST-like basslines and flaring, twirling melodies… Maybe a tad too fast for home listening, but for the floor this is pure napalm… I can't help shake the feeling though, that this track lacks something that I can't quite put my finger on. It's nice for sure – it even grabs me, but it doesn't catapult me nearly as much as I could have wished for.

#03: Red Gravity – Momentary 29 [143 BPM]
Remember the Speech Module track off Filteria's second album Heliopolis? On that track Jannis was joined by Leo Petrus aka. Red Gravity. This track is very similar and immediately sends your mind wandering back to epic goa trance moments by the likes of Transwave, Prana and Astral Projection… Hugely melodic, hard-hitting and totally psychedelic trance with tons and tons of layering, flaring 303s and of course the ever-important acid-lines… All that + much more is present in this amazing track which is literally a walk down memory lane for a nostalgic old trancer as me… Amazing track!

#04: Talpa – Till We Meet Again [145 BPM]
After Serbian producer Goran Juric released his brilliant debut album The Art Of Being Non (Sundance Records/2004) we have only heard a couple of scattered tracks from his hand. But what he lacks in release frequency, he makes up for in sheer production talent. Everything he touches turns into gold and he has yet to disappoint me with his hypnotic style. This new track is no exception. What we get here is über well-produced psychedelic trance which crosses over into both spugeadelic and full-on… The violins and the high-pitched synth explorations fit each other perfectly and help Goran paint a very lovely sound picture… Very different from everything else here, but equally entrancing… Go go Goran!

#05: Merr0w – Utopian Society [146 BPM]
Merr0w is Brice Fruyt from France – another talented upcoming producer. Once again, we're galloping away at an incredible pace, but unlike the previous 146 BPM track this one really hits the spot… This is mesmerizing, pulverizing, mind-expanding, Mad Hatter goa trance… Constantly spiralling melodies seasoned with tons of trippy twists, turns and quirks… I'm very impressed by the energy level which never seems to fade – as well as the progression which is up to par with some of the legendary goa trance tracks of the past… Stellar track!

#06: Khetzal – Trancefuzion [143 BPM]
"Our next guest has been called Uncle Tim, the guru of psychedelic utopia!" French old-school producer Matthieu Chamoux released his debut album Corolle on Suntrip in 2005. A very uplifting and highly Eastern-influenced morning trance album. This track has some of the same uplifting qualities, though it has enough edge to stand out from the crowd. That's right, Chamoux' sound has evolved into something even better than what he gave us on the album… This is a tightly-knitted, refined piece of dancefloor-friendly goa trance… I totally love the squelching sounds and the advanced melodies… This track has soul and it's one of the best Khetzal tracks I've heard thus far. Brilliant.

#07: K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner – Weight Of Oblivion [144 BPM]
KOB is an alias for Greek-born, Sweden-based producer Jannis Tzakis. Under his Filteria moniker he has released the amazing and genre-defining nu-school goa trance albums Sky Input (2004) and Heliopolis (2006). Both albums spearheaded and helped define the sound of Suntrip Records in at the time of their release. K.O.B. is different from Filteria in several ways. This is more psychedelic, less in-your-face climactic… This is full-on psytrance bordering on goa trance. Don't get me wrong, this is still miles beyond your usual formulated neo full-on. This is super-ripe, bursting with energy, twirling stuff… Spiralling synths, analogue pads and some real funky percussion thrown in for good measure. Very Hallucinogen-like really – oh yes! The angelic voice of Klara Steiner fits nicely and all in all, this is a very lush piece of melodic psytrance.

#08: Afgin – Dimensional [135 BPM]
Elad Afgin from Israel had his first commercial release on the digital Pyramidal Trancendence (Metapsychic Records 2006) release… His Israeli roots does not go by unnoticed on this epic goa trance track which has evident similarities to those amazing Israeli morning trance tracks echoing in the past… What we get here is 100% pure, unfiltered morning trance from the Holy Land not unlike California Sunshine, Indoor or MFG… Add some 2007 know-how and studio trickery and you've got a pretty good idea how this track sounds… Totally danceable, despite a couple of somewhat fluffy passages. But all in all, this is tasty stuff!

#09: Ra – Gates Of Triphareth [112 BPM]
The final track marks the biggest surprise on the compilation. I'll be damned if Suntrip didn't manage to dig up and dust off legendary goa trance act Ra. Christer Borge-Lunde of Dimension 5 fame has resurrected the old project and is joined by Christian V. Arvesen. This is a trippy downbeat track lingering somewhere in between melodic morning goa trance and atmospheric ambient. Floating, epic stuff which instantly sends your mind wandering off… Dreamy, lush and totally trippy. What a great way to end another fine Suntrip journey.

Once again the Suntrippers have outdone themselves. This is a fantastic compilation – even better than the already classic Apsara released in 2005. There are no bad tracks here, and with the exception of one single track, I was taken in by every single track… It’s one sure-fit blast after another - which is getting rarer nowadays. Hats off to Mars and Anoebis for their never-ending, arduous task of bringing high-quality goa trance to the hungry masses… This is a lush, plush and totally twisted dream come true.

The dot-paint art by Margot Schaefer (Anoebis’ mother) is breath-taking and everything about this release just reeks quality. A very important release in the resurrection of goa trance – and an essential purchase for any dedicated follower of melodic trance. Go get it and a prepare yourself to be blown away… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 3(!!), 4(!), 5(!!), 6(!), 7, 8, 9