Various ‎– Umeå Hardcore -The Way It Is-

Umeå Hardcore Records ‎– NO. 8


A1 Step Forward Hide From Truth
A2 Step Forward Does It Make A Difference
A3 Step Forward Racial Hatred
A4 The Phlegms Teenage Suicide
A5 The Phlegms Gud Har Fel
A6 The Phlegms Gubbsjuk
A7 Brain Squashed Puppies* Brain Squashed Puppies
A8 Brain Squashed Puppies* The Pretenders
A9 Brain Squashed Puppies* Jack In The Box
A10 Nocturnal Rites Death Begins
A11 The Retards (6) I Don't Know Why?
A12 The Retards (6) Alla Bara Ber
A13 The Retards (6) Gunnar In The Sky
B1 Garbage Pailkids March Of The S.O.D.
B2 Garbage Pailkids Watch Out
B3 Garbage Pailkids Another Lovesong
B4 Kriminell Karamell Jihad
B5 Kriminell Karamell En Dag
B6 Kriminell Karamell Fyra Flingor
B7 Albatross (25) OOÄÖ
B8 Albatross (25) Månen Kan Se Dig, Tro Mig
B9 Pain (38) Raping The Dove
B10 Angelfeast Feel My Touch
B11 Angelfeast Dead By Dawn
B12 Angelfeast Some Kinda Hate


Contains live, rehearsal and demo recordings. Comes with an insert.

A3, A9, A13, B3, B6, B9, B12 - Recorded live
A6, A12 - Taken from Rehearsal demo
A10 - Taken from their first demo
B8 - Taken from their Greatest Hits demo