Various ‎– Untitled

Public Guilt ‎– PG007, UndeRadar ‎– UR10, Epicene Sound Systems ‎– ESS010, Epicene Sound Replica ‎– ESR050
3 × CD, Album, Compilation
Box Set

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CD1.1 Black Meat Writers Block 3:36
CD1.2 Door Tree Fort (No Leaves) 3:07
CD1.3 Noveller Vibric 3:40
CD1.4 Jason Zeh Scant 5:01
CD1.5 Teeth Collection 1 Untitled Track 3:47
CD1.6 Earwicker Hyper-Abyssic 4:33
CD1.7 tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE 61 Sequences Sampled #01 4:10
CD1.8 Gerritt Untitled 1:57
CD1.9 Thurston Moore Dickraymakerz 5:18
CD1.10 Wzt Hearts Small Den 5:10
CD1.11 Skullcaster Bone Conduction 4:55
CD1.12 Steve Bradley Forces In 2 Dimension 1:16
CD1.13 Wether Sting & Sweat 2:35
CD1.14 Mermaids Sleeves Are Evil 4:51
CD1.15 Strotter Inst. Treibjagd 5:44
CD1.16 Mike Shiflet Competing Clouds And Nooses 4:26
CD1.17 Leslie Keffer Lord Norbert 5:09
CD1.18 Magicicada IsWas 5:05
CD2.1 Burning Star Core Let's NameHer Snowy Cuz It's Snowy Outside 3:43
CD2.2 Oblong Box Black Needles 4:59
CD2.3 Aughra FRANCOJ 2:04
CD2.2: Travis Ryan Miserability 5:25
CD2.5 Donna Parker Fresh Curtains, Summer Day 2:46
CD2.6 Robert Inhuman Savage Groping Until Dizzy & Euphorically Cumming 0:28
CD2.7 Yellow Tears Choked At Last 4:19
CD2.8 1thousand holy shards Longest War 5:22
CD2.9 Back From Iraq Yarg 2:30
CD2.10 Sick Ill Cell Unseen 4:18
CD2.11 Dead Machines Hostel Hemlock 3:28
CD2.12 Herpes Ö DeLuxe Unerwuenschte Schwellung 3:06
CD2.13 The Cherry Point Above 2:58
CD2.14 scutopus Occupation Of Uninhabited Space 3:07
CD2.15 Ben S. Jacob Invocation 1:58
CD2.16 Blango rGalle 1/6 fP * rs Splarge (rm)
Fake Noise – Un-credited*Noises – Un-credited*Tape Drums – Un-credited*
CD2.17 Decimation Blvd Closed Wound 2:36
CD2.18 Ultral/Vires Vapor 4:58
CD2.19 Subterrane (2) Mouthful Of Metal 2:49
CD2.20 Destructo Swarmbots I'll Have Three Of Them Barbarian Cremes 4:48
CD2.21 Darsombra Nymphaea 6:21
CD3.1 Panicsville A Dragonfly For Each Corpse 4:50
CD3.2 OP Rechts Passiv Negativ 5:26
CD3.3 Bet Hell Dreaming In A Mausoleum 1:54
CD3.4 Gerritt & John Wiese Fireball 0:28
CD3.5 Josh Lay Endless Black Void 5:00
CD3.6 Cotton Museum Brown Boil 4:27
CD3.7 Big China & Little Trouble Gunsham 4:22
CD3.8 Forbes Graham Day 4 5:29
CD3.9 Small life Patience 4:45
CD3.10 Iovae Saturn Plunge 5:21
CD3.11 The Heirs of Rockefeller Space Rerun Continuum 4:34
CD3.12 Perfect Teeth Belinda 4:31
CD3.13 Hum Of The Druid Antler Caught In Storm Drain 5:50
CD3.14 Sword Heaven Skinned And Glued 5:24
CD3.15 Tonight Golden Curls* Foam Choke 4:16
CD3.16 Guilty Connector Howling At The Moon 39.2 As Emerges From The Depths Of Ikoma Yama First Ikoma Attack 7:22