Various ‎– Utom: Summoning The Spirit (Music In The T'boli Heartland)

Rykodisc ‎– RCD 10402


1 Call Of The Cicada (Utom Udel Kuleng Helef)
2 Flying Woodpecker (Utom K'letet Moyong)
3 Dance Tune (Utom Nadal)
4 Call Of The Cicada (Utom Udel Kuleng Helef)
5 Gongs Of The Lemlahak Man (Utom K'lintang Tau Lemlahak)
6 Reed Pipe (Utom Feu)
7 Song Of The Night Bird (Utom Udel Blila
8 Beat Of The Horses Hoofs (Utom Legendeg Kuda)
9 Call Of The Cicada (Utom Udel Kuleng Helef)
10 Cackling M'naul Bird (Utom T'kak M'naul)
11 Concealed Touch (Utom Semigot)
12 Mother Of Daddang (Utom Ye Daddang)
13 Lute Dance (Utom Hegelung Nadal)
14 Beating The Gongs Slowly (Utom S'magi Batul)
15 Beating The Gongs Criss (Utom S'magi Sefefay))
16 Sound Of The Wind (Utom Luk Lenos)
17 Hymn Of Lake Sebu (Lingon Tutul Sebu
18 Prized Banana (Soging Tundan)
19 Lute (Utom Hegelung
20 Child Yearns For Its Dead Mother (La Titilem La Tundan
21 Sendulug (Utom Sendulug)
22 Fast Tenintu (Utom Tenitu K'let)
23 Continuously (La Helos)
24 No Head (La Kulu)



This collection of field recordings (made by producer Manolete Mora in 1995) captures the music of the T'boli people, a group whose ancestrial heart is Lake Sebu on the Philippine Island of Mindanao.
"Utom", the translation and interprtation of the sounds of the natural world into musical composition, reflects the T'boli people's closeness to nature. The utom on this collection are performed on lute, bamboo zither, flute, fiddle, various forms of gongs, mouth harp, percussion, and voice.

360° Productions Ethnomusicology Consultant: Dr. Fredric Lieberman

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 014431040221