Various ‎– Video Games Of The Twelfth Century (A Compilation CD)

Burping Turds Musick ‎– BT124
CD, Compilation

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1 Your Possessed Toilet Effectiveness 0:12
Unknown Artist Mystery Track 0:01
2 Eeyore Fiend Magnet* A Trembling Spirit 2:04
3 Linoleum Scrounge Elvis Annoys Me 0:47
4 The Brown Cuts Neighbors* Starry Cellophane 1:39
5 Pope Paul Pot Acid T.V. Land On Plastic
Producer – Mel Cheplowitz
6 Rancid Hell Spawn Sex In A Butcher's Shop 1:06
7 You Can't Have A Dinosaur Helga 0:50
8 Faxed Head Ragnarok (Of The Rock) 7:45
9 Kuo Yi Nih Dragons Crossing A River 0:50
10 Unknown Artist You 0:47
11 Dave Phillips / Schimpfluch Gruppe* Furz 4:05
12 MSBR #1 Flash (Excerpt) 2:33
13 Krikë (Plus One) Stew And/Or Spoons 1:44
14 Joe Hayman Cohen Listens In On The Radio 2:55
15 Baloney Bong The Stuffed Dog Company 3:41
16 Unknown Artist Keyboard Control; Ditone (4 Real Octaves Played In Keyboard Range Of One Octave) 0:33
17 Trumans Water Claymen Cometh (To Take Your Moustache)
Performer – Kevin Branstetter
18 Dead Person Filthy 0:42
19 Tape Beatles* Earlids 1:24
20 Bad Day Slab Oh Wait A Minute, That's M(The Glottal Stop)e... 1:29
21 + - 1 The Coming Of The Sphere (Flatland)
Producer – Doug Harrison
22 Boy In Love; Food 1:27
23 Post Mortem (5) Big, Small, Not At All 1:34
24 Ford Prefect (2) Interstellar Fax Machine (Excerpt) 2:24
25 Bad Day Slab The All-Time Best S.W.S. Song And Plus No One Even Knew It Existed 0:54
26 Chief Disinformation Officer Betwixt The Dying Junkyard Ferns 1:11
27 Dreamstalker From The Negaverse 2:32
28 You Can't Have A Dinosaur Spinach 0:24
29 Atta (2) (Title Unknown) 1:29
30 Gang Of Pork Weirdness On The Edge Of Town 1:11
31 Unknown Artist White Sound - Tuned Filters; Sharp 0:26
32 Sockeye I Gotta Ball 0:36
33 Unknown Artist Toadfish 0:56
34 Dramatics* Come On Asshole Goody 1:34
35 Incontinence Bob Radar Bob Destroys Earth 0:37
36 Mr. K-Lean Mom 1:41
37 Stomach Contents Throat Scrapings 1:12
38 Bad Day Slab Graveyard Factory 0:57
39 You Can't Have A Dinosaur Buy Wise Special 0:10
40 Unknown Artist White Sound Composition 0:16
41 Unknown Artist Tardacious Medley II 3:24
42 Teenage Car Upholstery-Q From Newbraska #Petrasobinacliusiulfazikompaktch4(*+-//!!!@)
Featuring [Appears On Track 42] – Alice Morrison
43 Unknown Artist Untitled 0:14


Comes in a cardboard slipcase with handmade artwork. Includes a folded 2-sided A4 info-sheet.
Tracks 7, 8, 11-13, 17, 21, 26, 28, 37, 39, 41 and 42 are previously unreleased.
Special Thanks to Doug Harrison, Ethan Marion, Mike Kemp and Dave Schall. This CD is dedicated to Alice Morrison, who appears on track 42.


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April 20, 2014

This is a really weird and diverse comp that ranges from awesome to unlistenable. The covers are all handmade and unique. A lot of the pictures on the cover are random and/or odd magazine clippings. It was released approximately 15 years ago by an anomalous label which is now defunct. The label was more or less a sister, cousin, or amputated limb of Wheelchair Full of Old Men and Eerie Materials. It began in the Southwestern United States and eventually relocated to Lancaster, New Hampshire. The songs by Browns Cuts Neighbors, Krike, and Dead Person are all very good. I could certainly have done without Linoleum Scrounge and You Can't Have a Dinosaur. Overall, I wouldn't consider it to be a tumor in my collection of audio.