Various ‎– Visionaire No. 53: Sound

5 × Vinyl, 12", Picture Disc
2 × CD
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition

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A1 Alexander McQueen & John Gosling Supercali Pt1 1:41
A2 Ad Rock The Dog Park Mix 1:02
A3 David Byrne Polaroid Picture 1:07
A4 Lalo Schifrin Ein Kleine Jazz Musik 0:55
A5 Karl Bartos 0_1 1:02
A6 Cat Power (Newborn) Empty Shell 1:10
A7 Mario Testino Untitled 0:38
A8 Ryuichi Sakamoto Karesansui 1:02
A9 Pamelia Kurstin Off The Top Of My Head 1:06
A10 Mark Romanek Willow 1:02
A11 U2 Human Rights 1:37
B1 Nick Rhodes Control Freak 1:12
B2 Milla Jovovich Lady From Abbey 1:02
B3 Michael Stipe & Miguel Bosé Untitled 1:02
B4 Linda Evangelista I Don't Get Out Of Bed For Less Than $10,000 A Day 1:22
B5 Fergie (2) Untitled 1:19
B6 Antony And The Johnsons God With No Tear 1:38
B7 Ingrid Sischy & Sandra Brant Excerpts From Andy Warhol's Interview With Ginger Rogers 0:53
B8 Andrei Jewell* Holiwater: Blind Man's Bath 1:02
B9 Doug Aitken Sonic Table 1:13
B10 Liza Minnelli The Sound Of Broadway 1:20
B11 Yoko Ono Beat Piece 1:12
C1 Pet Shop Boys Transfer 1:05
C2 Courtney Love Sunset Marquis
Piano – Billy Corgan
C3 Magnetophone* Much Less Than A Day 1:01
C4 Spank Rock Disco Jet (String Quartet?) 1:02
C5 Towa Tei One Minute Of Love 1:02
C6 Dani Siciliano Inearvision 1:06
C7 Chris Watson Telegraph Cove At Night 1:03
C8 Vashti Bunyan Homesick 1972 Gibson From Los Angeles 1:02
C9 Robert Wilson (2) Dinner At 8 1:15
C10 Christian Marclay A Minute Of Your Time 1:03
C11 Miranda July Thea 1:06
C12 Patton Oswalt Laughtrack 1:05
D1 Littl'ans We Look Good Together 1:18
D2 Lou Doillon The Girl Is Gone 1:03
D3 Catherine Chalmers Fly And The Man 1:15
D4 The Fiery Furnaces Penelope 1:10
D5 Trevor Jackson Playgroup "Boombox" (Demo Sketch) 1:02
D6 Vito Acconci Monument To The Dead Children, 1978 1:00
D7 Dntel College 0:57
D8 Hayes Peebles Lamentations 1:06
D9 Maggie Cheung Morning 0:59
D10 Cassetteboy Inferno 1816 (Go On The Blue Dog) 1:00
D11 Steve Boeddeker & Randy Thom Score For A Brief Bad Dream 2:03
D12 Joan Jonas Song 1973/2007 1:03
E1 Fantastic Plastic Machine Sex 1:01
E2 UNKLE Tired Of Sleeping (Edit) 1:09
E3 Mai Ueda I Wanna Buy Some Clothes 0:19
E4 Sylvie Fleury High Heels (Detail) 1:00
E5 Fischerspooner Laertes Act IV, Scene VII 2:30
E6 Hiroshi Fujiwara Ravel Mix 1:21
E7 Ceryth Wyn Evans* & Ali Janka Untitled 1:00
E8 José González Train In Marfa 1:04
E9 Elizabeth Linden & Rirkrit Tiravanija & Matt Sheridan Smith Please Do Not Turn Off The Radio If You Would Like To Live Well Into The Next 15 Minutes (Excerpt) 1:10
E10 Helmut Lang Excerpts From The Long Island Diaries; 7 Ducks Telling Richard Prince A Dirty Joke In A Public Toilet 1:03
E11 Dave Eggers The Commercials Of Norway 1:34
E12 Sunn O))) Ultra Orthodox Caveman 1:45
F1 DJ Spooky & Mariko Mori Twilight Fugue 1:02
F2 John Gosling & Emre Ramazanoglu Singing Bowl 1:40
F3 Mark Mothersbaugh Granny's Last Solo Trip To The Grocery 1:17
F4 Kristin Oppenheim Untitled Excerpt (From A Work In Progress) 1:13
F5 Fennesz Ink 1:08
F6 Instituto & Fernandinho* Beatboxsamba 1:05
F7 Nigo & Teriyaki Boyz Tokyo 6am 1:24
F8 Christopher Knowles George Klauber 1:12
F9 Laurie Anderson Etherharp 1:02
F10 Hecker & Russell Haswell Acid For Franz Graf, Franz Graf Acid 1:16
F11 Lee Ranaldo Inside Out (I Love You/I Hate You) 0:59
F12 Brian Emrich & Psilonaut The End? 1:02
G1 Alexandre de Betak Fashion Traffic Control Part 1 1:16
G2 Bebel Gilberto White 1:03
G3 No Bra Fags In A Time Tunnel 1:08
G4 Anthony Roth Costanzo Lasciatemi Moire By Claudio Monteverdi 1:33
G5 Vijay Iyer Historicity (Excerpt) 1:02
G6 Duncan Laurie Plant And Rock 1:01
G7 Gary Hill The Little Death Ritual 1:01
G8 Jezebel Jade Jagger* Monkey Say Monkey Do 1:09
G9 Danger Mouse The Kyoto Vampire 1:02
G10 Ari Marcopoulos NYC Subway Drummers, 1992 1:02
G11 Nalepa* Flatlands 1:05
G12 Mike Skinner Honey Bee Money Bee, Buzz Buzz 1:00
H1 Miss Kittin Miss Kitten: Visiophone 0:07
H2 Malcolm McLaren Ride A Fashion Horse Part 1 1:07
H3 LZA (2) & BDG The Lead Hour 1:10
H4 Liars You Were My Warning 1:02
H5 Dan The Automator Chaos Theories 1:04
H6 Caural The Plain Silvery Side 1:04
H7 Tom Sachs We Choose To Go To The Moon In This Decade And Do The Other Things Not Because They Are Easy, But Because They Are Hard. 1:38
H8 Experimental Audio Research & Delia Derbyshire Synchrondipity Machine (From An Unfinished Dream) 0:55
H9 Monolake Excentric 06 V1 1:03
H10 Kaspar Astrup Schroeder On The Kids 1:03
H11 Marina Abramovic* The Professor 0:56
H12 Simon Rich Nature Sounds 0:49
I1 The Go! Team The Phantom Broadcast 1:22
I2 Brightblack Morning Light Potion Of Wilderness 1:08
I3 Karen O Oof 1:30
I4 Max Billions* Complete Collapse 1:02
I5 Cory Arcangel Check Ya Later 1:53
I6 The Knife Nedsvartning (Excerpt) 1:08
I7 Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon Intermittent Overload Of Electric Toothbrush And Hairdryer 1:01
I8 Chris Brenner Driving Around And Crying 1:03
I9 Jim White (2) The Oars 1:07
I10 The Hugsy Final Scream 1:02
I11 Carl Michael Von Hausswolff Two In Line Waiting With Patience 1:00
J1 Tasha Tilberg Enough 1:04
J2 Jamie Del Moon Silent Knight 1:03
J3 David Sylvian Before And Afterlife 2:06
J4 Michel Gaubert Fashion Traffic Control Part 2 1:18
J5 Ready Made FC* Grand Monde 1:05
J6 Robert Logan Mantis Eating Grasshopper 1:03
J7 Sabisha* There Will Be No One 1:20
J8 Gildas* & Masaya* Les Chandelles 1:04
J9 Stefano Pilati Untitled 1:20
J10 Panda Bear Untitled 1:08
J11 Andrew W.K. 62nd Sex Change 1:00


  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side A] – Nick Night
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side B] – Anne Blessman, Peter Saville
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side C] – Inez Van Larnsweerde, Vinoodh Matadin
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side D] – Ryan McGinley
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side E] – Cindy Sherman
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side F] – Mario Sorrenti
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side G] – Marcus Piggott, Mert Alas
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side H] – Wim Delvoye
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side I] – Robert Longo
  • Artwork By [Vinyl Side J] – Raymond Pettibon


Number 53 (ISBN 9781888645682) of Visionaire bookzine published by Visionaire Publishing, LLC.

CDs and LPs contain the same audio.
CD1 contains tracks from LP sides A-E
CD2 contains tracks from LP sides F-J

Limited numbered edition of 4000.
Packaged in a dome case (13.25 x 3.5) with an Austin Mini clubman "Vinyl killer" record player.