Various ‎– Voices Of Mississippi (Artists And Musicians Documented By William Ferris)



James "Son Ford" Thomas* 44 Blues 3:45
Lovey Williams (3) I Feel So Good 2:06
Wallace "Pine-Top" Johnson* & Maudie Shirley With Jasper Love (2) Stackalee And Billy Lyons 2:45
Scott Dunbar Lil’ Liza Jane 2:59
Mississippi Fred McDowell* Big Fat Mama 2:28
Louis Dotson Bottle Blowing 0:52
Sonny Boy Watson Bring Me My Shotgun 3:08
Sam Myers Eyesight To The Blind 2:25
James “Son Ford” Thomas* Cairo 2:49
Scott Dunbar Jaybird 8:35
Tom Dumas Cotton Eyed Joe 2:24
Lovey Williams (3) Coal Black Mare 2:37
Unknown Artist With Mississippi Fred McDowell* I Dreamed I Went To The U.N. 2:30
Walter Lee Hood Darling If You Must Leave 1:06
Mississippi Fred McDowell* I Got A Letter From Hot Springs 3:54
Wallace “Pine-Top” Johnson* & Maudie Shirley With Jasper Love (2) Baby Loves To Boogie 3:13
Wash Heron & “Big” Jack Johnson* Nothing 1:36
James “Son Ford” Thomas* Dust My Broom 2:31
Scott Dunbar The Memphis Mail 3:30
Sonny Boy Watson Have You Seen My Baby 3:48
James Hughes Instrumental Guitar Piece In A 1:37
Lovey Williams (3) Train I Ride 1:57
Unknown Artist With Mississippi Fred McDowell* Little Red Rooster 3:01
Unknown Artist Darlin’ Why You Treat Me So? 2:19
Unknown Artist Water Boy Drowned In The Mobile Bay 1:57
George Lee “Sun Bud” Spears* I Ain’t Gonna Live It No More 4:10
James “Son Ford” Thomas* With Sonny Boy Watson I Cannot Stay Here Baby 4:03
Mary Alice* & Alan McGowan (2) My Mother’s On That Train 1:36
The Southland Hummingbirds* You Don’t Know Like I Know 3:48
Lovey Williams I’m Standing In The Safety Zone 1:20
Reverend Smith And Family Children, Go Where I Send Thee 3:27
Liddle Hines What Could I Do? 3:23
Providence Missionary Baptist Church So Glad I Got Good Religion 3:21
Church Of God In Christ* I Know The Lord Will Make A Way (Yes He Will) 2:08
Walter Lee Hood And Parchman Inmates* Home On High 2:28
Fannie Bell Chapman We’re So Glad To Be Here 3:52
Mary & Amanda Gordon Lord, I’m In Your Hand 2:59
Reverend Ott & Family* You Don’t Knock, You Just Walk On In 2:29
Walter Lee Hood They Tell Me Of An Uncloudy Day 1:33
Rose Hill Church Thanks For Bill Ferris 0:35
Rose Hill Church Over Yonder Where The Sun Will Never Shine 2:48
The Southland Hummingbirds* I’ve Been Born Again 3:18
Lovey Williams & Family* The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow 2:51
Providence Missionary Baptist Church How Did You Feel When You Come Out Of The Wilderness 4:10
Church Of God In Christ* I Don’t Have To Worry About Where I Spend Eternity 2:56
Fannie Bell Chapman & Family* He’s My Rock, My Sword, And Shield 3:58
Walter Lee Hood & Parchman Inmates* Thank You Jesus 2:23
Mary & Amanda Gordon Cross Of Calvary 2:50
The Church Of God In Christ* My Grave’s Gonna Be Decorated On That Day 2:55
The Southland Hummingbirds* There Are Days 2:58
The Church Of God In Christ* You Can’t Hide Sinner 2:43
Reverend Isaac Thomas & Rose Hill Church Lord, Remember Me 2:51
The Church Of God In Christ* Glory, Glory (Lay My Burden Down) 8:38
Barry Hannah On Bill 1:34
Alice Walker Regions Of The Mind And Heart 0:46
Alex Haley The South 1:46
Ray Lum (2) A Trader Is 1:18
Bobby Rush The Blues To Me 1:23
Barry Hannah On Son Thomas And Tradition 1:49
James "Son Ford" Thomas* I Know It’s Wrong To Be Playin’ The Blues 2:56
Sonny Boy Watson Jitterbug Comes To Town 2:06
James "Son Ford" Thomas* You Whistlin’ 2:19
Joe "Skeet" Skillet* Mule Toast And Pool Hall Toast 3:02
Joe Cooper (6) The Preacher 1:28
Wallace "Pine-Top" Johnson*, Jasper Love (2), Maudie Shirley Lyin’ 1:05
Shelby "Poppa Jazz" Brown* Two Brothers, Heaven And Hell 5:26
Shelby "Poppa Jazz" Brown* Creekman Killed Charlie Kirkland 3:26
B.B. King Lucille 3:20
Allen Ginsberg, James "Son Ford" Thomas*, Bill Ferris* On Blues Composition 4:41
Robert Penn Warren The Decline In Human Values 2:46
Pecolia Warner The Bible Salesman 5:06
Ray Lum (2) Fast Traders Disguising Mules 2:50
Ray Lum (2) Horses Too Tall To Drown 1:02
Ray Lum (2) The Ark And The Cats 1:55
Ray Lum (2) The Panther 1:33
Victor Bobb Fixing Charles Lindbergh's Engine 7:43
Barry Hannah Lying About Being From Mississippi 0:58
Pete Seeger We Shall Overcome 2:13
James "Son Ford" Thomas* Cemetery Conversations 6:50
William Ferris Gravel Springs Fife And Drum - Otha Turner 10:00
William Ferris Green Valley Grandparents 12:00
William Ferris Ray Lum: Mule Trader 18:00
William Ferris Fannie Bell Chapman: Gospel Singer 42:00
William Ferris Four Women Artists - Pecolia Warner, Eudora Welty, Ethel Mohamed, Theora Hamblett 24:00
William Ferris Hush Hoggies Hush: Tom Johnson's Praying Pigs 4:00
William Ferris Bottle Up And Go - Louis Dotson 18:00