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July 31, 2017
referencing We All Live On Candy Green (Electric Sound Show Volume One), CD, Comp, SSRCD0201
Yes, further to JJMMWGDuPree's review (down there underneath somewhere). Bit of a muddle this particular set. I was going to add the Particles box set to Discogs but lost the will to live when I discovered that the 'copy to draft' function wasn't very helpful as none of the volumes here relate particularly to the Particles set (not w/o a lot of fiddling about anyway).
There's 5 volumes in the box and, although I normally don't approve of the Particles, Past & Present, Psychic Circle clan, whatever they call themselves this week - this is a good entertaining set. The sound quality isn't bad.... they seem to usually enjoy replicating the originals with either a lot of naff processing, dubs from cassette copies or worn-out vinyl. Some of their efforts sound like 56kps MP3 - the type of things that bootleggers issue when they press up rare stuff from Youtube.
Anyway, ho hum. Maybe I'll add this box one day, if I can be arsed.


September 25, 2014
referencing We All Live On Candy Green (Electric Sound Show Volume One), CD, Comp, SSRCD0201
The Elastic Cat version drops:-

Happy Vegetable - Light On The Wall
Gaslight - Move
The Exception - Woman Of The Green Lantern
Sundragon - Peacock Dress
Flower - Heart Teaser
Sons & Lovers - From Now The Sun Shines

In favour of:-

Downliners Sect - Spider
Downliners Sect - White Caterpillar
Downliners Sect - Lord Of The Rings
Gentry - Attempted Contact
Sons Of Man - My Life With You
Sandy In Motion - I'm Crying Without You

Just to confuse things further, Particles released an 'Electric Sound Show' 5CD box set supposedly based upon the original 5 vinyl albums but which seems, as far as the 'We All Live On Candy Green' album is concerned, to be based upon the Elastic Cat CD version, but with further tracks removed and replaced by other tracks, some of which are from the later volumes of the series.

One day I might find it in me to sort out what goes where but right now, if you're interested, this is the track listing from the Particles box version:-

1. TAPESTRY - Who Wants Happiness?
2. HIGH STREET EAST - Newcastle Brown
3. SHAKANE - Find The Lady
4. MATCHBOX - Run Much Faster
5. C.M.J. - I Can't Do It All By Myself
6. GAVIN HAMILTON - It Won't Be the Same
7. THE SCENERY - Thread of Time
8. GROBBERT & DUFF - I Am...I Think
9. CLEVEDONAIRES - Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire
10. GENTRY - Attempted Contact
11. THE MOTOWNS - My Kind of Loving
12. THE MOTIVES - God Save Our Gracious Cream
13. JOHN BRYANT - I Bring The Sun
14. RODNEY BEWES - Meter Maid
15. MAJORITY ONE - Friday Man
16. THE MOTIVES - Ice Woman
17. ELLI - Never Mind
18. KEN SAUL - Pictures Framed In My Mind
19. EMPTY VESSELS - Low Toby
20. MAJORITY - A Hard Day's Night
21. THE MOTIVES - I Can Hear Colours
22. THE NEWS It's A Long Time
23. THE MOTIVES Baby of the May
24. IZZY POUND Na, Na, Na, Na
25. BLUE ME Melinda Marie