Various ‎– We Are Trash And So Can You



Disc 1
Pollux (6) Kaoz I
Scientific Sunshine Mountain Tops
Chris Toast Ct 2
dngl* Mental Elevator (RIP DJ Screw)
Faction Disaster Social Network Of Retards
Bye-Product Break My Bank
Stiverson Sock
Swin Deorin Fiscal
A Beautiful Lotus Sagre Verde
Dental Work Detroit Concrete
RedSK Taken By Wolves
A Beautiful Lotus Softly
Zebra Mu One Shot
Jason "EVIL" Covelli Cocksucking Greedy Pig Fucker
Izfernor Ninety Seconds Of Trash
I Killed Techno! As Seen On TV
Hlo Ifuckinghateu
Lady Cumdumpster نهائي المحاضرات المفرغة
Magics Marker Return Of The Scene Suckers, Destroy All Vampires
Playing With Nuns I Lost The Pink Bus
Sakura Pups And The Man, Fading In His Bed, Pulled Me Close And Whispered, "All Love Dies" (Drone Noize Mix)
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Wet Goddess
Slopington Heights & Adam Zivojnovich Post-Nerdcore War-Wizard Battle Rap
The Circulatory System Black
Video Nasty (2) GutShank
Alcholic Cindy Harsh Noise Is A Thng That Need To Die
La Bruha Desi La Flashing A Depressed Down: Please Tell Me Who`s Dick Is This
Faction Disaster Parasite Hilton
Balogh* Frustration Due To The Lack Of Progression
OhmegaSir SnueGliffer
Dino Felipe Miczech
Endometrium Cuntplow Composition 121111A
Flat Affect Draining
Graffiti Mechanism /Rec1205-194813
Scientific Sunshine Untitled 1 (Fine)
Crochetcatpause Lioncoolman (Omega Punx Remix)
Mists Of Poveglia The Exquisite Views Under Stars & Smoke
Crochetcatpause Clevercats
Pollux (6) Kaoz II
Indonesian Punx Bathing In A Lake
Theater Of The Haunted Eyelid Wilted To Black
Igor Amokian Space Travel -IN
Dingle Impulsive
Halluciphile Poke Tom Account
Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot Under
Hardon Collider Rock Donalds I
DJ Blast Key Does Say Mixcola! & To Die Depresi (To Die Remix)
A Beautiful Lotus Phone Werx
Trans Atlantic Rage Angry And Mean
Scared Of Spiders __uck Whatedit
Arseterror Stick That Punk Rock Manifesto Up Your Ass
Syphilis Sauna Brokem Teeth (Short Release Mix)
Khrysalis Rancid Sky
DJ Scratchin' Don't Know What
Little Mack Computer As My Weapon
Tooth_eye* Korean Yaoi Cartoony Foot Fetish For Out Of Body Experiences
Disc 2
3bc & Dao De Noize 3d Souls
Born A Bastard Do The Noisecore Skat
Control-Z Kontrol Jet Manifesto Mix
Halluciphile Cutz Mah Sulf Onna Zurkle
I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Black Flag Cover)
Circuit Damage 1 Min Song 1
Playing With Nuns Pink Moose
Onion Juice Sores 7 Untitled Tracks (1)
I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua The Decapitation Of Cattle (Cattle Decapitation Cover)
Somthing Acid? Untitled 02
Yo Cats Take A Piss On A Spider
Zeron Unit Godda Makka
Spacefeces Spacefeces
Projekt666:Satanoise Trash Noise Straight To Your Face
Pollux (6) Kaoz III
RedSK Kush Consumer (Contact Version)
Sakura Pups You'll Never Truly Understand What This Track Used To Be
Army Of 2600 Stoners Lack Motivat
Amiotrofia No Kill, No Thrill
Hēnglìkùpòlǐyǎěr Fruityloops Noise Is Awful And Has No Effort In It What-so Ever (Edit)
Endometrium Cuntplow Composition 121111B
devin.jpeg Found On The Floor Of A Truck Stop Bathroom
Chris Toast Ct 3
Carving Jennifer Hell Has Chosen
Bitch Daddy 1.30
Spacefeces Chocolatey Alien Fart
Somthing Acid? Untitled 04
Abrokentomorrow Borederliner
Alfred Turner Dj 1
DEAD PICABIA The Hat Makes The Man
Flat Affect Time Passed Away
I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua The Decapitation Of Chihuahuas
Joby 2
Spacefeces Señora Munson
Yo Cats Bald Spots?
Spacefeces Rainbow Poo
Tardhole Bungwipe Dumpaload
To-Bo Tr4sh
Totally Pissed Off Life In Dungeon
Hardon Collider Rock Donalds II
devin.jpeg Piano Wire Teeth
Cumshot In Snow You Are Nothihng But Trash Fucker
I Hate Today Drinking So I Can Stand Family Time
Ganglion Cyst Oilman Topic
Somthing Acid? Untitled 01
Playing With Nuns Smoke Cloud
Mitä? Ähäkkieläimiä?
Joby 1
Unphegeetoh Elvis Impersonators Shooting Dope
Yo Cats I Don't Feel So Good, Guys
Personal:Killing:Agenda Rusty Bot
Onion Juice Sores 7 Untitled Tracks (2)
Circuit Damage 1 Min Song 2
Tardhole Bungwipe Goo Stew
I Killed Techno! Up Yours Cybergrind
Playing With Nuns Women At Home
Alfred Turner Dj 2
Pollux (6) Kaoz V
Amiotrofia Sound 4 (A Completar)
Patrick Wenzel Cum In Your Mouth
Predysipe Boosta Bati Bwoi
Proud Father Hikimodosu
Spacefeces Golden Poo
Marax & Bedawang Benzodiazepines
Froze.Hatech. Stormy Nights Ignite My Hatred
Massive Junk 4 [Gold] (Excerpt)
Problem Anderer Leute Schmutzfink
Chris Toast Ct 4
Sperm Swallower 1.30 Sticky
Satan's Dah-Doo-Doo Straining Turds
Unphegeetoh Does This Noise Make Me Look Fat?
Tardhole Bungwipe Slap A Sleep
Vonal-Ksz Johnny Lightning Saved My Life
Unholy Analog Noisemachine Crucified
Consistency Nature Waking Up In A Pit Of Ferocious Lions
Circuit Damage 1 Min Song 3
Playing With Nuns Your Fairy Tales
Pollux (6) Kaoz IV
Somthing Acid? Untitled 03
Spacefeces Señor Gato
Tardhole Bungwipe Fudgepack A Shitting Anus
Unphegeetoh ABC Song
RedSK Obnoxious Cake Destroyer

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TFRPROMO11 Various We Are Trash And So Can You(140xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) TrashFuck Net TFRPROMO11 US 2011