Various ‎– We Worship... - Underground Black Metal Compilation Vol. 3

A.M.F. Productions ‎– A.M.F. 030
2 × CDr, Compilation


1-1 Funeral Forest Hateful Visions
1-2 Seges Findere Evil Harvester
1-3 Horns (3) Unholy Pagan Fire
1-4 Stella Arja Рождая Собой Звезду
1-5 Khaoshorde Selbstzerstoerung
1-6 Hrefnesholt Feuertaufe
1-7 Raggradarh Black Blood
1-8 Dictator The Light Of Lost Souls
1-9 Mørke Pt. II
1-10 Calth Reborn
1-11 Багатур Сказание За Древнобългарского Величие-часг II
1-12 Krimpartùrr Bürzum' Shi-Hai Nameless Goat Horror
1-13 Nocturnal Supremacy Жизнь После Смерти
1-14 Paganblut Die Braune Kompanie
1-15 Abstract Satan The Return
1-16 Nargothrond Uruk-Hai
1-17 Winterkrieg Wintersturm
1-18 Abandoned (2) Вечерни Размисли
2-1 Moloch (4) Сквозь Зарево Углей
2-2 Raven's Blut Der Stürmer The Greek Gays - Fuck Off!
2-3 88 Our War Is Our Future
2-4 Anchoreth Ночь Возмездия
2-5 Silva Nigra Sociopat - Lidstvim Télo Trpici
2-6 Cultus Fire Of Hate
2-7 Pagan Obsession В Черни Съновидения
2-8 Masochrist To Exterminate The Pure Soul
2-9 Caratsch AG Untitled Track
2-10 Heidentum Heil Den Uralten
2-11 Pantokrator (2) Pathological Paralysis Of The Mind
2-12 Oak (3) Under The Sunwheel Banner
2-13 Hass (2) Broken Wings
2-14 Korium Hradby Samoty
2-15 Fiendish When The Hate Shine In My Eyes
2-16 Седар Арийска Гордост
2-17 Mankindend Winds Holocausts...


"This is the third and final part of this compilation. I have lost interest to make it right after the second part and I'm doing this volume only because of the bands and labels that were already invited... If someone have interest to continue this compilation in the future, feel free to do so... just contact me. Alexander Ivanov"