Various ‎– What Is Punk ?

Generic Tapes ‎– Buzz-03
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Lunatic Fringe (2) The Enemy Within
A2 Fratricide The Failing
A3 Fratricide Scream Bloody Vengence
A4 A.P.P.L.E. Peace Is Possible
A5 A.P.P.L.E. Blowing In The Wind
A6 A.P.P.L.E. Fuck RCA (Do It Yourself)
A7 Social Decay Scared Youth
A8 Social Decay Dismal Whit
A9 Social Decay Too Young To Die
A10 System (22) We?
A11 Squandered Message Relevancy
A12 Squandered Message Kaja (Blunt Is Trump)
A13 Death Of Gods Love Vs. Hate
A14 Death Of Gods Insanity Plea
A15 Verdun L'Heure Du Chaos
A16 Verdun Les Geoles Republicanes
A17 Nunfuckers Movin' On
A18 Nunfuckers Snap
A19 Nunfuckers Up Your Ass With All Your Gossip
A20 Nunfuckers Social Butterfly
B1 Larm Complexity Of Life
B2 Lärm Disorder
B3 Lärm N.R.I.P. (Nazis Rot In Peace)
B4 Lärm Vivisection
B5 Lärm Boredom
B6 Lärm Too Old
B7 Deviated Instinct Distance
B8 Deviated Instinct War Machine
B9 Mass Appeal (4) Scream Of Desperation
B10 Mass Appeal (4) Fun Again
B11 Social Suicide (4) Who Knows
B12 Social Suicide (4) Sporthuntsmen
B13 Another Destructive System A Violation Of Human Rights
B14 Powerage (2) Eat Wheat Not Meat
B15 Chaos Sa I'm A Policeman
B16 Desecrators Ban On Impurity
B17 Compos Mentis (3) C.D.S.
B18 Compos Mentis (3) The Mighty Bomb
B19 Dioxin (3) America
B20 Rabid Defiance Organized Crime