Various ‎– What'd You Expect For Free? (Vol. 37)

Skratch Magazine ‎– SKRATCHV.37
CD, CD-ROM, Sampler, Mp3


1 The 4 Get Me Nots Am I
2 The 4 Get Me Nots Your Mum Instead Of You
3 10 13's I Hate This Place
4 Agression Grind Kings
5 Avidamore Frost
6 Avidamore Making My Getaway
7 Avidamore Party, My House, Be There
8 Blessed Le Strange St. Blessed
9 Bound By Silence Not My Will
10 Cutthroat (17) Live By The Blade
11 Cutthroat (17) Stand Up
12 Dancefloor Tragedy Arsonioholic
13 Dancefloor Tragedy Hooker With A Heart Of Gold
14 Darling You Should Be Ashamed Second Start To The Right And Straight On
15 Darling You Should Be Ashamed Shrapnel
16 D.I. On The Western Front
17 The Dirty Tricks (2) Freebumb Bomb
18 EFXR Hell Freezes
19 EFXR Memory
20 EFXR Reality
21 Ethanz Ride Shamed
22 Ethanz Ride Victoria
23 Everything Less 6 Year Hustle
24 Everything Less Last Week's Drama
25 Everything Less Poorly Aged
26 Exit Theory Dead Kisses
27 Exit Theory First Last
28 Exit Theory Hard Parts
29 Falling Down The Stairs Dictatorship
30 Hero Atlantic Tonight
31 Kill Your Brains Your Music Sucks
32 Last Rate Service Freedom From Religion
33 Last Rate Service Riot Cop
34 Lowlife (18) Dr. Adkins Still Lives In My Heart
35 Mean Dinosaur Workin Girl
36 Mr. Miyagi's Frogurt Machine Skank Religion
37 Mouths Of Lions The Welcoming Party
38 Non-Prophet Something To Prove
39 Non-Prophet Vigil
40 The Open Up And Bleeds Cigarettes & Guitars
41 Out Of State Carry The Flag
42 Out Of State Save Our Tommorrow
43 Nowhere Fast (3) Medicated Good-bye
44 The Ravens Court Bad Reputations
45 The Ravens Court Separations
46 The Ravens Court Speed Ball
47 Reason To Rebel Breathe Hard
48 The Red Devil Squadron Drink While We're Young
49 The Red Devil Squadron S.S. Boston
50 The Red Devil Squadron The Compass
51 Sacrificial Slaughter Aggressor Of Death
52 Sacrificial Slaughter Forced Incarceration
53 Sacrificial Slaughter Vile Demise
54 Schizophrenia (12) Hated
55 Schizophrenia (12) Only For The Hardcore
56 Sister Sin Hostile Violent (Demo)
57 Somber (6) A Thousand Rivers Of Gasoline
58 The Sinners (18) Cut If Off
59 The Sinners (18) Nothing New
60 Trike (6) Extinguish
61 Trike (6) Storm's A' Comin
62 Trike (6) Wallstreet Cocaine
63 Tyranny (12) Captains Log
64 Vaggie Skabs Frontbutt
65 Vaggie Skabs Streetlight Vasectomy
66 Vaggie Skabs You Need Dick
67 The Walking Toxins Danny Donaduce
68 Wane Carriers I Just Don't Belong


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