Various ‎– When The Sky Color Changes Ducks Automatically Escape

Ak Duck ‎– ADCD 009
CD, Compilation


1 Dex Turner Wish
2 Kalbata The War Of Base And Bass
3 Mule Driver Miss Ponsibility
4 Acute Made As You Wish
5 Spark O Summertime Blues
6 Binom Newton Take It Sleazy
7 Gelbart Junk #14
8 Or Burstein The Fictional Well Of The Red Blood Cells
9 Digital_Me Your God As A Metaphor
10 Strategic Friendships Rotem's Birthday Song
11 Rockstar Wannabe You're Fine
12 Poster Boys Electrfying Feeling
13 Ambidextrous Us Or Them


Quote from note in CD Case:
"The track list as it appears on the back of the CD is incorrect.

Tracks 9 and 10 switched places!



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July 16, 2008

Experimental\Intelligent music that is actually fun to listen to is a rarity not often found in commercial releases, and I have been searching for a little while. I stumbled upon this label in a CD shop in Tel-Aviv, when I was searching for Warp releases.
The sales assistant told me they have only one CD from Warp (which I bought) but they could supply me with idm fit for my taste with this label called "ak-duck".

Amazingly enough, this CD stands at my top 5 list for good music, of any genre. Greatly produced, good sounding and stupid fun tracks, composed to your listening leisure. This heavy dependence on synthesizers and machines really brings out the electronic goodness in all this wonderful mess.

Track 2 - I really love that alternating tb-303 line.
It's a sound that has escorted me from my acid youth.
Track 4 - Acute makes great use of audio processing and is a
great composer.
Track 8 - Soothing, fun and professional musical content,
intoxicated with great electronic sounds.
Track 13- Ambient\Chill influenced idm, melodically and
harmonically rich, professional production.