Various ‎– XIII Year Anniversary Compilation

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13 × File, MP3, Compilation, 128 kbps


1 Bong-Ra Fornication Of The Horned 8:37
2 Valav Svetpera 5:05
3 Dimentia Tentacle Dreams 4:36
4 Uterozzzaaa* Bad Messiah 5:15
5 NFX* Bones Decay 6:13
6 Bulkrate Awaiss 4:06
7 Tomoroh Hidari And The Moon Sends Out Her Skullkrushrays 16:43
8 Ratbag vs Hecate Trial 4:56
9 Cannibal Brothers Exzema 4:37
10 S/M* Codeine 4:33
11 Melanchoholics Opium Beach Party 5:16
12 Nommo Ogo Wereeel 12:03
13 Kanopic Descent Hymn Of Ayin 13:51


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August 10, 2010
edited over 10 years ago
Some very nice contributions, here: Bong-Ra in satanic mode, ValaV with one of the most interesting pieces of the compilation, Dementia a little too noisy and ends in a very abrupt fashion, Uterozzzaaa provides carnival material, NFX moody and metallic, Bulkrate sounds like a night at the cemetary, chased by killer wasps, Hidari for minimal dark ambient action, leading into rhythmic goodies, Ratbag and Hecate with interesting sounds and pesky, distorted vocals, Cannibal Brothers, (high) above the lot, provide an industriclassical number of extremely high quality with a few interesting vocal samples, Slutmachine in melodic mechanicore mode, Melanchoholics with weird Indochinese soundscapes, Nommo Ogo sporting a Tibetan hat, while Kanoptic Descent offers the mystical atmosphere of a dark-forest walk.

Why release this as MP3 only, though? And more importantly: at such a low bitrate? The crunchiness is really irritating on some tracks -- Hymn Of Ayin comes to mind. Sure, the fact it was downloadable for free was nice; it still seems like a teaser. If it is and a physical release is coming out later, then fine. If it is not and this is all the public will get (surely, some of the tracks on here would not justify investing in a physical pressing), then 128kbps-MP3 files were a terrible idea, especially in 2009: not as if bandwidth and storage capacity were issues any longer.