Various ‎– YDLMIER 050 Compilation

YDLMIER ‎– 050
3 × Cassette, Compilation, C92

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A1 Matt Krefting Spying On The Mailman 6:03
A2 Abdul Hamid Sherzai* Vacuum Granma 5:48
A3 Morgan Evans-Weiler Untitled
Music By – Morgan Evans-Weiler
A4 Homeowner Super Absorber
Recorded By – Joe Bastardo*
A5 Michael Rosenstein Untitled
Performer [Amplified Objects] – Michael Rosenstein
A6 Cruudeuces Untied 3:43
A7 Sunk Heaven Memorexx 5:18
A8 Milk Toast (2) The Sacrificial Rights Of Spring 5:11
B1 Solid State Entity Ataxia 5:36
B2 Article Collection Graffiti Mark 4:39
B3 Isolde Touch JohnsonVT
Composed By, Recorded By – Asha Sheshadri
B4 Ghost In Salad Casino 4:58
B5 Life Partners Forget Me Not
Performer [Notes] – David Dougan*Performer [Stuff] – Michael Dupuy*
B6 Huff Daddy Pluot
Written-By – Joe Mygan
B7 Steve Norton An Uncomfortable Anomaly
Saxophone [Saxophones], Clarinet [Clarinets], Celesta – Steve Norton
B8 Taps What Are You After?
Written-By – Brendan Murray, Chris Strunk
B9 Limbs Bin Unanswered Questions
Vocals [Vox], Drum Machine, Electronics – J.Landes*
C1 Belarisk 2662 5:21
C2 Alex W. Black YLN74x 3:56
C3 Malcriado The Quell 3:44
C4 TVE Environmeffer 6:55
C5 Channeler Dripping Urn 5:38
C6 LolCat Gravel Wave
Written-By – AJ Durham, Nick Neuberg
C7 Matt Samolis Pulp Flution
Flute – Matt Samolis
C8 Greg Kelley Why The Hell Am I Here? 7:32
D1 w00dy Middle Woman 6:57
D2 Jake Meginsky Spasmqquilt
Timpani [Typmani], Cymbal [Cymbals], Performer [Home-forged Vibrating Metal Objects], Performer [Tape Decks] – Jake Meginsky
D3 Luke Moldof Relaxin' At Camarillo 4:48
D4 Los Greys Night Sweats 4:53
D5 Party Waters & The College Tour Our First Show
Clarinet – Ethan Parcell*Electronics – Angela SawyerPercussion – Nick Neuberg
D6 Vic Rawlings Untitled 6:05
D7 Jesse Kenas-Collins & Billy Sims (2) Untitled
Performer [Reel to Reel], Tape [1/4th Tape Loop], Performer [DJ Mixer], Performer [Mic], Cornet, Performer [Tuning Forks] – Billy Sims (2), Jesse Kenas-Collins
D8 Oklo Audio 130620-000
Recorded By – Al Deaderick
D9 Mares Laig Deroisers 3:21
E1 Scald Hymn Untitled 5:28
E2 Linda Aubry Bullock All Of The Crowns
Synthesizer [Modular Synthesizer] – Linda Aubry Bullock
E3 Foam* / Foom Chirps Chops
Tape [Tape Players] – Foam*Turntables, Sampler [Samplers] – Foom
E4 LN Foster Untitled
Recorded By [Recording], Mixed By [Mixing] – Jason Martin (9)Violin [Violin Through Effects], Vocals [Vox] – LN Foster
E5 pitch (15) Sarah 5:05
E6 Teeth Like Operas Red-Painted Right Hand
Written-By – Kris Hatch (2)
E7 Mike Bullock Critique In Stereo 3:52
E8 Keysus Your King Picked You 6:55
F1 Belltone Suicide Be Not Deceived
Electronics, Performer [Stapler] – M. Barrett*
F2 Goat Lightning Beauty From The Television 1:41
F3 Jules Vasylenko Freight
Alto Saxophone [Alto Sax] – Jules VasylenkoRecorded By – Howard Martin
F4 Arian Shafiee Relieves Like No Other
Guitar, Tape [Tape Echo] – Arian Shafiee
F5 Via App Quarter 0:43
F6 Howard Martin At Killian Hall 9:38
F7 A. Campbell Payne Hurricane (Excerpt) 5:42
F8 BBJ,,>>AJ-GJ(JP) Areom 5:34



A2: Recorded live on WCUW.
A3: Recorded at home, spring 2014.
A4: Recorded at Moss Archive.
A6: Taped live at 34 Hall St. No. Adams, MA.
A7: Self-recorded.
B2: Recorded in the Christian Sci-Fi Reading Room.
B3: Music compsed and recorded in Johnson, VT. 2013.
B4: Recorded Oct. 2013 in Philadelphia @ Castle Corbenic.
B7: Recorded: Medford, MA. May 2014.
B8: Recorded 2014.
B9: No Lyrics. Recorded winter 2013 at Valley Free Radio, Florence, MA. Mixed spring 2014 at The Compound, Ridgewood, NY.
Thanks to MT, EB, CH, NB, DS, MG, BK, SR, SL, CC and M&H. Special thanks to Greenwood Electronics.
C1: Recorded at Golden Cliffs, Providence, RI. VI, X, MMXIV. All is Negi. No inspection necessary.
C4: Recorded in Worcester.
C7: 2014. Generated from flute tracks created for Noah Creshevsky's composition 'Pulp Fiction'.
C8: Voice(s)/Intro: recorded 4/10/14 in Somerville, MA. Trumpet: recorded 6/16/14 in Seattle, WA. Dedicated to New England. Thanks Leah & Sam.
D2: A second sesh of solo orchestral percussion in Greenwall through lib. of congress tape decks with some subtle speed switching and hand pressure.
D3: Recorded May 29, 2014 Providence, RI. Shotgun mic facing out onto the landing outside my studio window. Sennheiser MKH416>Motu 828mk3>Computer. Mono. No edits.
D5: Recorded May 30, 2014 at the 119 gallery in Lowell.
D7: May 9, 2014
D8: Recorded at home in 2013.
D9: Providence, RI.
E2: Performed Live.
E3: Recorded live to 4-track at Whitehaus.
E5: Self-recorded at Classix Den.
E6: 2014
E7: Created at The Circular Ruins, 2014.
E8: Keysus would like to thank Jesus, all the credit and glory is His.
F3: recorded in a freight elevator in Cambridge, first take, pure and simple...
F4: (winter 2014)
F5: Recorded in 2012.
F8: W 2012.

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