Various ‎– Zero

Audio Research Editions ‎– ARECD103
CD, Compilation, Limited Edition


2 Oliver Augst & Suspicion Breeds Confidence Bei Null
3 Steven Ball Stay Zero
4 Dusan Bauk Below Zero
5 Rene Beekman Vox Et Praeterea Nihil
6 Steve Bradley A Moment@Zero Degrees
7 Leif Brush Windribbon + DSP
8 Warren Burt Alterations Around Zero - Water
9 Max Eastley & Peter Cusack Zero Day To Zero Night
10 Loren Chasse A Pile Of Sticks Transferred One By One, To A Pond
11 Frank Coleman Cutting Halves Into Infinity
12 John Coutanche Hellzbellz
13 Richard Creed March Of The Mud Beetles
14 Tim Mark Didymus Self Erasing Archive
15 Diledadafish Z.E.R.O.
16 Nigel Helyer Fat Zero
17 Max Eastley & Peter Cusack Zero Day To Zero Night
18 Egghatcher Zero: The Empty Frame
19 FON Middle C 261.63hz
20 Kevin Furlong Barobsolete
21 William Furlong Timeless
22 Andrew Garton Between Zero
23 Martin Greil* N.U.L.L.
24 Greyworld Musak
25 The Groceries The Oth Harmonic
26 Aidan Mark Humphreys Basit
27 Noel Jones 00/00/00 Dragon
28 Petri Kuljuntausta There Was Nothing In The Room
29 Brandon LaBelle Sounding Degree Zero
30 The Land Of Nod Drop
31 The Leck Collective Talking Of Zero
32 Longstone LSB (Least Significant Bit)
33 Danny McCarthy Zero Mind
34 Russell Mills & Undark Time Being
35 90° South 0° Centigrade
36 Random Play 1'00''
37 Steve Roden Sunya
38 Rob Rowlands 0+°4
39 Semiconductor Puffedrice
40 Will Sergeant Zero-g
41 Vergil Sharkya zen.0
42 Dallas Simpson Transcending Realms
43 Skyray Coleman's Fireproof Depository
44 Stylus (2) Zero
45 Riou Tomita Zero
46 Aleksandar Vasiljevic* Vertex



'Zero' is a limited edition collection of soundworks by international sound artists, experimental composers, noise makers and other audio creators. Contributors were invited to create recordings for the CD in response to the theme of' The Other Side of Zero'.

'The Other Side of Zero' creates an opportunity for an international selection of sound artists to work thematically in chance juxtaposition, as well as providing listeners with further insight into the artists work. The CD aims to stimulate further interest in the practice, debate and dialogue surrounding sound art.

'Zero' CD project was part of the Video Positive 2000 festival in Liverpool, UK.