Vas Deferens Organization ‎– Saturation

Aether Records ‎– aelp-001
Vinyl, LP


Taken from ( By Piero Scaruffi, Translated by babelfish.
Castille and Lumbleau compose all musics of Saturation (VDO, 1996 - Aether, 1997), credited to Vas Deferens Organization, and Jim Edgerton sound all the guitar parts and sitar. Improvised wildly, now with worthy intensity `free-jazz and important music and `of the Mahavishnu Orchestra (On The Threshold Of Loads Great Discovery, in a driven in one pullulare of noises with a foundation left of sintetizzatore, or Beacon From To Future Nostalgic Past, a phrenetic improvisation chitarristica on a minimalismo of the keyboards to the Terry Riley) and with typical foga now raga-psichedelica (Lazy Eyed Locusts In Defocused Landscapes, between complains funny of electronics and pelts of raga and gusts of guitar distortions). Good part of the disc and ``still more audacious, still more `experiences them. Purple open and closed Aerosol and `from a epico topic of the guitar, but in means c' and `space for a voice orrendamente deturpata dall' electronics and for left bands of keyboards. The sketch irriverente of Amon Doo & Popol Poo lambisce the musique concrete (toilette, crackle of door, tam-tam Africans, cinguettii and cornamuse). The pastiche surrealistic of Transmissions From The Pineal Bandwidth use only noises, thus `like the indecipherable end of Headlong Plunge. The Vas Deferens is pushed very beyond the rock psichedelico. This and `music d' vanguard, inspired from `the more radical experiences of the free-jazz and the dadaism. L' egg whites defect here and the `of naivete `, but the brace demonstrates an impressive talent.