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Created from 4 different EPs recorded by Vasyl Ko
Most tracks are improvised at time of recording, some written, recorded and mixed but all material is only Vasyl Ko except Sxa Ormbjument is from a poem by Ronan McGrath and Ammysia features vocals from Ammy Zzzzzzzzz

A// Once in a Blue Moon (2010)
Recorded : January 1,2010 (a blue moon)
Bettybluemoon Studio, Mundare, Alberta, Canada

B// Clearwater, Irish Columbia (2008)
Recorded: August 2007 - June 2008
Maltby Lake, Highlands, BC

C// Loggers (2007)
Recorded in one day in Fall 2007
Le Cabin Studios, Mill Creek Ravine, Alberta

D// Crane Lake (2006)
Recorded over two summers while i worked an Water Quality Job
Crane Lake, Boreal Forest, Alberta

It is raw Vasyl Ko emotion....
Not listening music for tough guys.

Most of the tracks are marginally recorded sometimes with the crudest method of audio collection. However, these recording act to me as dusty photographs, faded, coffee stained but pulled from the box under the crawlspace and put in a frame on your livingroom wall.

Each EP is from a different time in my life and sum what instruments i leaned on, the cadence and emotional space of my vocals, most of them improvised at time of recording.

In all: if your iPod was on Shuffle at a party that i was at and if some of these tracks flowed over the speakers to the ears of some unsuspecting passer-partier-by completely out of context, i would have to run for the hills...but i do think a party hit would be A4//Heimablue

Hope you enjoy....
Keep it to yerslef will ya.

With love , much much love,
VasyL Ko