V. Tormis* ‎– Grandfather's Chest Of Tunes

Мелодия ‎– C50 27371 007
Vinyl, LP


A1 Pussycat On A Tree Stump 1
A2 Children Come Indoors
A3 Let's File Off Boys
A4 Left, Right, Keep Step
A5 A Shrovetide Song
A6 Riding A Horse
A7 Merry Spring
A8 The Shepherd's Morning Song
A9 The Horn Is Sounding
A10 A Shepherd Is A King
A11 Pit-A-Pat, Little Un
A12 A Spinning Song
A13 Fair Tiiu, Maiden Of The Farm
A14 O I Am A Little Lad
A15 Kalevipoeg Singing
B1 Pussycat On A Tree Stump 2
B2 Up We Go, Dear Fellows
B3 The Boat Is A-Rolling
B4 Lake Glitters In The Evening Glow
B5 An Evening Song
B6 Little Birdie Has No Worries
B7 Spring Is Here
B8 Tew, Tew, Tiny Tit
B9 The Swallow And The Lark
B10 Cukoo, Cuckoo!
B11 A Cuckoo Song
B12 The Crow Is A Prankster
B13 Tsa-Tsa, Ra Ra
B14 Uppity-Uppity-Up
B15 Where Have You Been, My Little Buckie!
B16 Pussycat On A Tree Stump 3 (vocalise)
B17 The Ellerhein


Veljo Tormis: Vanavanemate viisivakk (Grandfather's Chest Of Tunes). Melodiya C50 27371 007 (1988 Russia/Estonia only release) Ellerhein Children's Choir / Heino Kaljuste