Venetian Snares ‎– printf<"shiver in eternal darkness/n">;

Isolate ‎– iso.03
CD, Album

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1 Salt 5:05
2 Hours 3:08
3 Intense Demonic Attacks 4:05
4 Cruel Whole 6:25
5 Suasive Chess Strategy 5:47
6 Aqap 5:59
7 Mouth 7:49
8 C8 Diversity 5:28
9 Fire Is The Devil 6:23
10 Molting 4:19
11 Punishing The Atoms 5:40
12 Stuck 9:27
13 Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix)
Remix – Abelcain



(c)(p) 2000 Venetian Snares.

Comes in a digipak.


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April 17, 2016
for trainspotters, the track 'punishing the atoms' samples the film 'the ninth configuration', a very fun, bizarre film starring jason miller from exorcist fame. really a good watch.


October 6, 2015
I know that the Isolate label passed with Optic :( but this album would be amazing as a 2x12" if there were some way to make that happen, in a legal sense.


March 11, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
Truly original and mindblowing. One of the only electronic records in the last few decades I've heard that I felt truly broke new ground. Absolutely off the wall and brutal lo-fi proto-breakcore. I heard it when it first came out and had some experience with DHR and Praxis etc. but wasn't at all prepared for the level of treachery found on this release (especially on 'mouth'). Inventive time sigs, sequencing and sound design. Pick it up immediately and listen. Your jaw will drop quicker than a compton hooker's.


February 22, 2011
This record reminds me still at the first Panacea/Position Chrome releases. Dark, Disturbing and LoFi, but cuts deep as bitch!

March 16, 2008
Just like their newer album "Doll Doll Doll", this release has the same breakcore sound that somehow constitutes music. It might work on a dancefloor by a long stretch, but listening to this at home is only possible if you are already deaf or live in hell. This kind of music is appropriate at a CIA torture chamber, not in your living room, and I definitely do not recommend putting yourself through an hour of this dreadful noise.


May 14, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
A note from a programmer's point of view - printf is the C standard library command to print a line of text on the monitor, BUT \n is the newline character, instead of /n. So this album would print shiver in eternal darkness/n :)


March 4, 2004

Dark, disturbing, and harsh! Some 'snares slower stuff.. incredibly well produced. Favourite tracks include: Intense Demonic Attacks (creepy intro, pulsing bass hook, spoken samples added to perfection, Come to Daddy style screaming over schizophrenic beats, just plain evil), Cruel Whole (star wars samples barely recognizable till the track picks up into a frenzy of lightsabers clashing and duel of fates chorus, chopped up into intense breakcore madness), Agap (harsh beats, chopped up, slowed down vocals that morph into dense breakcore and filtered scratching), and Punishing The Atoms (offbeat hardcore track w/ creepy sampled spoken words and a glitchy feel). Wonderful album! This is the one that got me hooked on Venetian Snares.