Quick Steps (1) 2:17
A1(a) Who Were You With Last Night?
A1(b) How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm?
A1(c) Robert E. Lee
Quick Steps (2) 2:00
A2(a) Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me
A2(b) I Ain't Got Nobody
A2(c) Indiana
Quick Steps (3) 2:20
A3(a) Back Home In Tennessee
A3(b) Road To Gundagai
A3(c) Tipperary
Fox Trots (1) 2:48
A4(a) Smiles
A4(b) After You've Gone
A4(c) I'm Always Chasin' Rainbows
Fox Trots (2) 3:23
A5(a) Poor Butterfly
A5(b) Pretty Baby
A5(c) Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
A5(d) Down Among The Sheltering Palms
A5(e) Rose Of No Man's Land
Waltzes (1) 1:30
A6(a) Memories
A6(b) Missouri Waltz
Waltzes (2) 1:24
A7 Till We Meet Again
Quick Steps (4) 1:56
B1(a) Where Did You Get That Girl?
B1(b) Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts For Soldiers
B1(c) When You Wore A Tullip
B1(d) Goodbye Dolly, I Must Leave You
Fox Trots (3) 2:36
B2(a) What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For
B2(b) Rose Room
B2(c) Somebody Stole My Gal
Barn Dance (1) 2:30
B3(a) Old Soldiers Never Die
B3(b) Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty
B3(c) Boys Of The Old Brigade
Barn Dance (2) 1:40
B4(a) Keep The Home Fires Burning
B4(b) Madamoiselle From Armentiers
B4(c) The Sunshine Of Your Smile
Barn Dance (3) 2:20
B5(a) Mickey
B5(b) On The Beach At Waikiki
B5(c) For Me And My Gal
Barn Dance (4) 1:52
B6(a) K-K-K-Katy
B6(b) Melancholy Baby
B6(c) Long, Long Trail
Barn Dance (5) 3:23
B7(a) Waltzing Matilda
B7(b) Roses Of Picardy
B7(c) Pack Up Your Troubles
B7(d) The Tickle Toe
B7(e) In The Army Now



Record title says "30 Hits" but on rear it says "43 Songs (The Bonus Record)"
The record (nor the sleeve) does NOT credit any artist with any particular track.
Recorded Melbourne, 7th April 1956
R.I.A.A. Equalization

The sleeve notes state the following:
"Marching down through the years comes a parade of evergreen Party-time songs that were the big hits during the First World War.
PLANET RECORDS take pride as an Australian company in presenting this album of tributes to the memory and the Legend of Anzac -- compiled for their enjoyment and the enjoyment of the generations their sacrifices made possible."