Vilently Ill ‎– Primitive Sounds 1993-2003

Bathroom Renovations ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation


50 Mostly Unreleased Songs, 1993-2003
A1 People Person
A2 Ritalin Kid
A3 Rejex
A4 I Don't Fit In
A5 Polluted
A6 You Gimme A Headache
A7 Wiccan Militia
A8 Emo Kid Pigpile
A9 Riverbed
A10 If Looks Could Kill
A11 End Of The Road
A12 Cat 'N Mouse
A13 I Don't Like People
A14 Death Metal Weenie
A15 Ex Hippie
A16 Cheerleading USA
A17 Emo Ska Suicide
A18 Zombie X
A19 Fight Off The Trends
A20 Burnin and Drinkin
A21 I Wanna Get Even With You
A22 Red Flag City
A23 Strongest Survive
A24 Fashion Disco (Extended All Night Dance Mix)
A25 Alert And Alive
A26 P.C. Or Fascist?
A27 It Can't Happen Here
A28 Soldier
A29 Social Retard
A30 Utter Desolation
A31 Watch Your Back
A32 True To The Crew
A33 Stay Positive
A34 Braindead
A35 Aimless And Generic
A36 Break A String
A37 Kill The People
A38 Hate Crimes
A39 F.Y.R.
A40 Dead In The Head
A41 Dr. Death
A42 We Got Problems
A43 It's My Day Off
A44 Black Klan
A45 History Repeats
A46 Who Cares?
A47 Power From Above
A48 Collapse Of Society
A49 System Of Fucking Bullshit
A50 Disorder Violation
Long Outta Print Vinyl '94-'99
1. s/t 7" '94
B1 Bodybags And Flags
B2 Brainwashed
B3 Do The Kurt Cobain
B4 Demoralized
B5 Glass Ceiling
B6 Back Off
B7 Left For Dead
B8 Military Power
B9 Woodstock 94
B10 Nature Punks
B11 Self Help
B12 Exist To Resist
B13 Drugged America
2. Split 7" - '95
B14 Viet Nam Vet
B15 Kill For Fun
B16 Fashion Sucks
B17 Hidden Agenda
B18 Your Profits, Our Death
B19 Chained
B20 Government Sponsored
B21 Devastation
B22 Refuse To Fight
B23 In The Name Of Christ
B24 Vilently Ill
3. 2nd 7" - '96
B25 Wounded
B26 Quit While You're Ahead
B27 Weed You Out
B28 Hardore Til I'm Not
B29 Rabid Explosion
B30 Sex Is War
B31 Poet
B32 Plastic Society
B33 In Style
4. 2 Comptrax - '96
B34 I Don't Give A Fuck
B35 Force Fed Lies
B36 What About The Music?
5. 3rd 7" - '98
B37 Settle For Shit
B38 Sacrificed
B39 Pull The Plug
B40 Embalmed Alive
B41 Repudiate
B42 Riot Kids
B43 Cremate Me
B44 Blame Yourself
B45 Fake Life
B46 Bald And Proud
B47 Smiles Through Lies
B48 Even The Score
6. 4Th 7" - '99
B49 Tool Of The System
B50 DIY Nation
B51 Drink To Forget
B52 Wage Slave
B53 Free To Be Stupid
B54 Straight Down
B55 Parasite
B56 Stubborn
B57 Brain Cancer
B58 Why Even Try?
B59 Clench Yr. Mind
B60 Rotted Through
B61 Path Of Destruction
B62 Dead End